The 15 Weakest Superheroes to Have Ever Been Created

The 15 Weakest Superheroes to Have Ever Been Created
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Not all superheroes are created equally. Some superheroes are given tremendous power that enables them to do incredible things. These superheroes can walk through walls, fly at supersonic speeds, lift entire planets, and more. Their services are in high demand and, as a consequence, are often a part of the greatest teams in existence.

On the other side of the superhero spectrum are the weakest superheroes. Unlike their powerful counterparts, these heroes can’t do too much. In fact, most don’t have any sort of traditional superpower. Yet, for whatever reason, they were still created, and they still serve some sort of purpose. Who are they, you ask? Here are the weakest superheroes to have ever been created.

15. Eye-Boy

Eye Boy

Trevor Hawkins joined the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning to escape teasing in his public school. And the reason for this teasing turns out to be the fact that he has 57 eyes in total.

His numerous eyes allow him to see in every direction possible and he has almost all types of vision possible, for example, microscopic vision, telescopic vision, X-Ray vision, night vision, etc. It’s not that he’s powers are useless. It’s just that he would be far more suitable to be a scientist in a fight; there’s usually no real need for a superpower likes this.


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14. Bailey Hoskins

Bailey Hoskins

Bailey Hoskins was a student at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. He was a mutant with a pretty destructive power of self-detonation which was bound to bring his team an edge in almost any fight. The catch?

The self-detonation mutant gene never arrived with a healing factor or any other regenerative abilities, and this means that Bailey can only use his powers once, and he’s dead.

13. Zan


Zan is the other member of “Wonder Twins,” along with his sister Jayna. He hails from Exxor and is notable for having the so-called hydrophysiology. And although his water-controlling powers sound incredibly cool, just like Stone Boy whom you will meet further down the line, he can’t really move while he is frozen solid or transformed into a puddle.

12. Rainbow Girl

Rainbow Girl DC

Rainbow Girl, aka Dori Andraison, debuted in ‘Adventure Comics’ #309 back in 1963, and she is most notable for being a member of the Legion of Substitute Superheroes, yes indeed.

To be fair, her superpower can be summed up as the power of “Emotional Spectrum” and while it can work for some characters, it clearly hasn’t worked out for her.

11. Doorman


DeMarr Davis, aka Doorman, is a mutant with teleportation abilities. He joined the Great Lakes Avengers after responding to Mr. Immortal’s newspaper ad. His unique power allowed the team to make stealthy entrances and surprise attacks, making him a valuable member of the original lineup.

However, besides having incredibly lame name, Doorman wasn’t that useful at all when it comes to an open combat and hence he managed to reserve the spot on this unflattering list.

10. Squirrel Girl

Origin of Squirrel Girl

Squirrel Girl is the creation of Steve Ditko and Will Murray. She first appeared in 1991 on the pages of ‘Marvel Superheroes’ Vol. 2, #8. 

As her name implies, Squirrel Girl has squirrel-like powers. These powers grant her enhanced strength, speed, agility, and reflexes. She also possesses small, retractable spikes that come from her knuckles, a semi-prehensile tail, and, most importantly, can communicate with squirrels. 

Because she has taken down the likes of Doctor Doom, M.O.D.O.K., Thanos (kind of), Deadpool, and Wolverine, she isn’t as weak as the others on this list. This, however, doesn’t prevent her from not making this list. Squirrel Girl is here because she can communicate with squirrels. She can’t burst into an inferno, create forcefields, isn’t a deadly assassin, or is omnipotent. She talks to squirrels.

9. Cypher

Origin of Cypher

At first glance, Cypher has a really cool power. He can talk and learn any language in the world, computer, body, or human, and remember it forever. Cool? Yes. Useful on the battlefield? Not really. Readers and writers hated him for this.

Even Louise Simonson said, “He wasn’t fun to draw. He just stood around and hid behind a tree during a fight… Every artist who ever did him said, ‘Can’t we kill this guy?’ We would get letters from fans about how much they hated him. We never got any letters from people saying they liked him until he was dead.”


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Fortunately for Cypher, his power has proven to be more useful over time. When the mutant population took refuge in Krakoa, he was able to communicate with the island. Without him, the harmony that was achieved between the mutants and the island could never have happened. 

8. Dazzler

Origin of Dazzler

Dazzler was created as a cross-promotion between Marvel Comics and Casablanca Records. She first appeared in ‘X-Men’ #130 back in 1980. 

Even though she has the potential to be something really special, she isn’t. Dazzler can turn sonic vibrations into various forms of light. The light she produces isn’t only visible light. Instead, Dazzler can produce light that operates at various frequencies, sound, pressure, and more.

Sometimes, she can even project the light from her fingertips as a blast. However, when she does this, it places great strain on her. 

Although Dazzler can turn any sonic vibration into a light, she prefers to use music as an outlet. She does this for two reasons. First, music is much more kind to her ears. Second, music provides a constant and predictable source of sound. 

7. Stone Boy

Origin of Stone Boy

Stone Boy has, you guessed it, the power to completely turn himself into stone. Once he’s in his stone form, he’s immune to practically every form of attack and nearly invulnerable. While this should make him a great asset to any team and an even better superhero, it doesn’t. Here’s why.

Yes, Stone Boy can turn to stone. The issue is that once he’s in his stone form, he’s unable to move around or do anything other than be a rock. So why turn to stone at all?

Stone Boy is from the planet Zwen. Unlike Earth which rotates around the moon daily, Zwen has a very slow rotation. So slow that it takes the planet 6 Earth months to revolve around the moon. While the planet is in orbit around the moon, its inhabitants all go into rock form and hibernate.

6. Friendly Fire

Origin of Friendly Fire

Friendly Fire is, as his name implies, able to shoot powerful energy bolts at his opponents. Sadly, while he’d love to fight crime and hit his opponents with his energy bolts, he can’t. Try as he may; all he can do is hit his friends. 

Nope. I’m sorry, but this isn’t true. In one instance, Friendly Fire shot out an energy bolt, only to have it hit himself. This, of course, resulted in his own death.

Friendly Fire belongs to the team, Section 8. Section 8 is a team made up of wannabe superheroes who either aren’t powerful enough, don’t have enough control over their powers, or have what it takes to be on any other team. While all the members of Section 8 could make this weakest superhero list, this spot is reserved for Friendly Fire. 

5. Matter-Eater Lad

Origin of Matter-Eater Lad

Created by Jerry Siegel and John Forte, Matter-Eater Lad is a member of the Legion of Superheroes who has the power to eat matter of all types and forms. Matter-Eater Lad first appeared inside ‘Adventure Comics’ #303 in 1962 and hails from the planet Bismoll. Like all inhabitants of Bismoll, he evolved to eat all forms of matter to survive.

Different from many other members of the Legion of Superheroes, Matter-Eater Lad didn’t appear in too many stories. This was primarily because writers struggled to find a way to make his powers appear useful. Instead, they often had him be part of Bismoll’s political world.

4. Hellcow

Origin of Hellcow

Bessie, the cow, was a typical cow living a typical cow life. One day while out on the pasture, her life dramatically changed. Count Dracula, who had been unable to find any human prey, was in the area and looking to feed. Unwilling to roll over and die of starvation, Dracula turned his attention to and feasted on Bessie. Thinking his cow was dead, her owner dug a grave and laid her rest peacefully.

Later that night, the now undead Bessie rose from her grave. This happened because Dracula inadvertently caused Bessie to become a vampire. Now “alive,” Bessie learned that she could fly, was immortal, had vampiric tendencies, and had been gifted superhuman strength and speed. 

Quite possibly the most ridiculous superhero on this list of weakest superheroes of all time, Bessie has made a number of appearances in Marvel Comics since her creation. 

3. Hindsight Lad

Origin of Hindsight Lad

Hindsight Lad doesn’t actually have any superpowers. Instead, he gives tactical advice to his teammates after winning or losing the battle. 

You may be asking yourself two things. First, how did he get on a superhero team without having any superpowers? Second, can he do anything other than advise that any person with a pulse could figure out? The answers are surprisingly simple. First, he blackmailed his way onto the New Mutants after seeing Robbie Baldwin transform into the superhero, Speedball. Second, no. 

Once the New Mutants realized he wasn’t an asset on the battlefield, they relegated him to a desk job where he’d be safe. As a superhero with a desk job, it’s easy to place Hindsight Lad on this list of the weakest superheroes of all time. 

2. Arm-Fall-Off-Boy

Origin of Arm-Fall-Off-Boy

There may not be a worse and weaker superhero than Arm-Fall-Off-Boy. Arm-Fall-Off-Boy (Floyd Belkin) can do exactly what his name implies. He can remove his limbs and use them as weapons against his enemies. 

As a wannabe superhero, Arm-Fall-Off-Boy was a tryout for the Legion of Superheroes. Unfortunately, because his power is simply useless, Arm-Fall-Off-Boy has the distinction of being the first Legion reject.


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Although he would reappear periodically, he never achieved any sort of mainstream success. As a result, he has spent most of his existence as the hero, most often criticized and laughed at by DC’s large audience. And it’s exactly this that causes him to become one of my weakest superheroes of all time. 

1. Dogwelder 

Origin of Dogwelder

Like Friendly Fire above, Dogwelder is a member of Section 8 or the most useless superhero team in existence. Dogwelder is a superhero who wears a welders mask, never reveals his face, hangs out in dark alleys, catches stray and dead dogs, and welds those dogs to the faces of his enemies.

As a superhero, Dogwelder is anything but incredible. As a comic book character, the very idea of him is comical. Even though Dogwelder didn’t achieve any mainstream popularity, he was given the honor of being Wizard Magazine’s best new character in 1997. 

And that’s it. The weakest superheroes of all time. What do you think? Who would make your weakest superheroes list?

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