20 Best Superhero Catchphrases of All Time (Ranked)

20 Best Superhero Catchphrases of All Time (Ranked)

Catchphrase – a group of words, often originating in popular culture, that is spontaneously popularized after widespread repeated use. This is a definition I found after ten seconds of “googling,” and we can all agree that every superhero must have its own brand to become noticeable and stand out from hundreds of their peers. Of course, this isn’t a PR article where we discuss superhero brands, but it as well might be. Besides powers, colorful costumes, and others, catchphrases made many comic book, TV, and film characters famous. Of course, the superhero genre is full of these, so we decided to present you our list of the twenty best superhero catchphrases of all time.

We will “cheat” a little bit by including some other famous comic book and TV characters who don’t necessarily fit the traditional superhero mold. Nevertheless, if you’re interested, stay with us until the end.

20. “Shazam!” – Shazam

20 Best Superhero Catchphrases of All Time (Ranked)

This particular catchphrase refers to Captain Marvel, a superhero named Shazam from DC Comics. Of course, the whole lore behind Shazam’s origins in DC comics is legally related, but the former Captain Marvel never went “out of style” and is more than a relevant character in DC Universe.

The orphaned and young Billy Batson has awoken one day in the Rock of Eternity, where he encountered an ancient wizard, Shazam. The Wizard, now old and near death, decided to pass on his powers to the young boy and bestowed him with the powers of Olympian Gods.

Batson uttered the words “Shazam!” and the rest is history – he became one of the most powerful superheroes ever in DC Comics.


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19. “Sweet Christmas!” – Luke Cage

20 Best Superhero Catchphrases of All Time (Ranked)

The notable Defenders member and Jessica Jones’s husband, the Power Man, Luke Cage, has a quite funny catchphrase – Sweet Christmas! This particular catchphrase was initially a little gag for the character since the New York native superhero struggled against the most notorious villains during his vigilante days. However, the initial “Sweet Sister” and just “Christmas,” Luke Cage dropped Sweet Christmas in the ‘Power Man’ #27 in 1975, and that hilarious catchphrase stayed as Cage’s go-to moniker.

18. “Imperius Rex!” – Namor, the Sub-Mariner

20 Best Superhero Catchphrases of All Time (Ranked)

A superhero that likes to switch sides for the sake of his underwater kingdom Atlantis has one catchphrase that stayed with him since 1960s Marvel Comics. This classic superhero is intimidating in most Marvel stories, but most fans were confused when they heard him yelling “Imperius Rex” before every battle.


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The explanation came decades later from Namor himself, in ‘Thor’ #1 from 2018. During his fight with the God of Thunder, Thor, Namor finally explains his famous catchphrase and says he will feed his sorry Asgardian hide to the biggest shark he can find. Quite graphic, but it suits Namor really well.

17. “Holy_______ Batman!” – Robin

20 Best Superhero Catchphrases of All Time (Ranked)

This hilarious catchphrase comes from the original live-action Batman TV series that aired from 1966 to 1969, which gained a cult following and is still referenced in various Batman projects. This particular catchphrase comes from Dick Grayson, the Batman sidekick Robin, who was played by Burt Ward, where he constantly had exclamations of surprise, awe, and other emotions that included “Holy,” a pun, and Batman.

There are a few hilarious examples of his catchphrases in the series – “Holy Titanic,” “Holy agility,” “Holy Guacamole,” and many more.

16. “It’s Clobberin’ Time!” – The Thing

20 Best Superhero Catchphrases of All Time (Ranked)

Ben Grimm, also known as The Thing, is a member of the famous Marvel superhero group Fantastic Four. Out of all of his fellow members, Ben Grimm took the whole brunt of the cosmic radioactive explosion that occurred on their space mission, which turned him into a super-strong rock monster. Of course, The Thing has a “Heart of Gold,” but in the fight, you better run.

His famous catchphrase “It’s clobberin’ time” first became prominent in the Fantastic Four comics during the 1960s and stayed as one of the most iconic phrases of a superhero in popular culture.

15. “Cowabunga!” – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

20 Best Superhero Catchphrases of All Time (Ranked)

Not every superhero comes from Marvel or DC, so we have one group from Mirage Studios that took over the world in the 1980s and 1990s – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This group of four mutated turtles living in New York City sewers became iconic, especially with the popularity of a TV cartoon from 1987 simply called ‘Teenager Mutant Ninja Turtles.’

These great turtles mostly fight and protect New York from the notorious Foot Clan and Shredder, but every time they enter the fight, their excitement can be felt through the screens or pages of graphic novels. “Cowabunga” is mostly related to the “youngest” and most carefree member of TMNT, Michaelangelo.

14. “I can do this all day!” – Captain America

20 Best Superhero Catchphrases of All Time (Ranked)

Steve Rogers is one of the first iconic Marvel characters appearing in the comics in the 1940s during World War II. Since then, Captain America has become the leader of many superhero teams on Earth and a legend that only few can reach. Of course, as a classic, good and kind character, Captain America had one catchphrase that was immortalized in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – “I can do this all day!”

The catchphrase became even more famous in ‘Avengers: Endgame,’ when Captain America had to go back in time and fight himself – those were good days.

13. “My name is Barry Allen. I’m the fastest man alive!” – The Flash

20 Best Superhero Catchphrases of All Time (Ranked)

This particular catchphrase came from the CW TV series ‘The Flash,’ which recently ended after nine seasons and marked the end of the Arrowverse. Of course, this catchphrase or rather a quote appears at the beginning of every ‘The Flash’ episode, and in the last decade or so, it became one of the go-to quotes and catchphrases for Barry Allen and DC Universe.

12. “Avengers Assemble!” – The Avengers

20 Best Superhero Catchphrases of All Time (Ranked)

Look, if we didn’t include this quote, it would be a travesty. Before Marvel Cinematic Universe immortalized this iconic catchphrase with the epic call from Captain America in ‘Avengers: Endgame,’ Captain America said this quote multiple times in Marvel Comics.

There is no Avengers without this iconic catchphrase, so we must include it here.

11. “I am the law!” – Judge Dredd

20 Best Superhero Catchphrases of All Time (Ranked)

Another character with an iconic catchphrase that is not Marvel or DC is Judge Dredd. This character is a law enforcement and judicial officer in the dystopian future of Mega-City One, who arrests, convicts, sentences, and executes criminals.

There have been many adaptations to this character, including the notable (even though it had negative reviews) movie from the 1990s ‘Judge Dredd’ played by the famous Sylvester Stallone. This quote is iconic on so many levels and deserves to be on this list.

10. “It’s Morphin’ Time!” – Power Rangers

Who didn’t watch at least one episode of Power Rangers? Well, these intergalactic warriors were, at one point, the most popular group of characters in the world. The countless TV series and movies, with really cool toys, charmed young audiences, and despite some setbacks in the last two decades, Power Rangers are still relevant.

The original series in the 1990s brought many iconic catchphrases, but “It’s Morphin Time” remained the most notable one from the franchise. Whenever the danger is here, chosen warriors use their Morhers (special rings) and transform into Power Rangers. My favorite Power Ranger was the Black one; what was yours? Let us know in the comments below!

9. “Odin’s Beard!” — Thor

20 Best Superhero Catchphrases of All Time (Ranked)

Thor is one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe, and as a God of Thunder and the son of Odin, he had many rough points in his life. However, if we compare him to his father, Thor is much more rebellious and adventuristic and uses his father when he is shocked or surprised (not in vain).


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This a great catchphrase that became part of Thor’s character and is exclusive to him.

8. “Flame on! – Human Torch

20 Best Superhero Catchphrases of All Time (Ranked)

This might not be the most creative catchphrase as the ones we already mentioned, but it is iconic and special for another member of the Fantastic Four on this list, Johnny Storm, known as the Human Torch. Johnny Storm was the second Human Torch in the Marvel continuity, following Jim Hammond, but with fresh blood, he brought the catchphrase he uses when using his powers.

Besides comics, the Fantastic Four movies in the 2000s popularized this catchphrase to casual fans.

7. “In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil’s might, Beware my power … Green Lantern’s light!” – Green Lantern

20 Best Superhero Catchphrases of All Time (Ranked)

Alan Scott was the first Green Lantern in DC Comics, but Hal Jordan was the most popular one. This iconic character brought many iconic moments in the DC Universe, especially when he became insane and destroyed everything in his way, but besides that unfortunate moment, Hal is the ultimate Green Lantern. However, this quote, or better, the oath of Green Lantern Corps, isn’t exclusive to him, but it’s so cool that we had to mention it.

If we are to find Hal Jordan’s specific catchphrase, it would be “Green Lantern’s got this!”

6. “With great power comes great responsibility.” – Spider-Man

20 Best Superhero Catchphrases of All Time (Ranked)

After getting his spider powers, Peter Parker took that for granted and went to showcase his powers as an entertainer. However, when Spider-Man ignored the burglar wreaking havoc, who eventually killed his Uncle Ben, Peter Parker’s life changed forever, and that tragedy became one of the worst moments in his life.


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But, before he died, Uncle Ben told him something that would stick with Web-Slinger for the rest of his life – “With great power comes great responsibility.” and boy, he did. This quote is one of the most iconic catchphrases in fictional media, and we even hear Peter telling it to other characters, mostly younger, like Miles Morales.

5. “I have the power!” – He-Man

20 Best Superhero Catchphrases of All Time (Ranked)

Why is this so high? Because Masters of the Universe are so cool and, at one point, was the most popular franchise in the world. He-Man and Skeletor “beefed” for a very long time, and their encounters brought many meme materials to the Internet in the 21st century. Jokes aside, ‘He-Man and the Masters of the Universe’ has one of the coolest quotes, especially from the famous 1987 TV animated series, and such a good story and characters.

Many spin-offs and reboots are coming our way, so stay tuned.

4. “I’m the best there is at what I do, but what I do isn’t very nice” — Wolverine

20 Best Superhero Catchphrases of All Time (Ranked)

Wolverine is arguably the most notable X-Men member in Marvel Comics. His whole mythos is incredible in Marvel Universe, and our “bub” had some really cool catchphrases. However, one stands out since it is more than just a battle call because it encompasses how Wolverine works.

He isn’t a role model, a hero, but he uses his powers to help other people, despite not doing the nicest things to his enemies. The whole quote is really cool, and it needs to be mentioned.

3. “Truth, Justice and the American Way.” – Superman

20 Best Superhero Catchphrases of All Time (Ranked)

Superman has had many great quotes since his first appearance in the 1930s, but this one really stands out because it is the core of his character. A Kryptonian, who was forcefully sent to Earth, and eventually accepted it as his home, as the Man of Tomorrow.

Superman’s “old” catchphrase was modified by his son, Jonathan Kent, the new Superman, who took on the quote as “Truth, Justice, and a better world.” Like father like son.

2. “Hulk Smash!” – Hulk

20 Best Superhero Catchphrases of All Time (Ranked)

Bruce Banner became Hulk after being exposed to the gamma radiation explosion and, since then, has been of the most iconic and strongest characters in Marvel Universe.


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When he is a Hulk, the green monster can barely speak, but when he attacks, everyone runs from him, especially when he yells, “Hulk Smash!”

1. “I am Batman.” – Batman

20 Best Superhero Catchphrases of All Time (Ranked)

Look, if there is one superhero that most people know, it would be Batman. However, in case of this particular quote/catchphrase, it doesn’t originate from DC Comics, but the ‘Batman’ movie from 1989. Michael Keaton as Batman popularized this quote, and since then has been regularly used all over fictional media.

How couldn’t it be? It’s one of the coolest and most iconic phrases in the superhero genre.

What is your favorite catchphrase? Let us know in the comments below!

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