What Happened to Scarlet Witch in Marvel ‘Ruins’ Storyline?

What Happened to Scarlet Witch in Marvel Ruins Storyline

Marvel Universe is home to many different realities. Besides the main 616 continuity, there are plenty of realities where things go either slightly different from what we’re used to or fundamentally changed. Marvel’s ‘Ruins’ storyline takes place in a dystopian and hopeless world, where instead of superpowers, superhuman individuals are stuck with horrifying side-effects of their powers, and most of the well-known heroes are threats to public security and promptly taken care of. One especially interesting story within the ‘Ruins’ is the story of the Avengers and the team that turned overnight from public heroes to almost a terrorist organization. Wanda Maximoff played a vital role in their downfall, so without further ado, let’s see what happened to Scarlet Witch in ‘Ruin’s storyline. 

In Marvel’s ‘Ruins’ Scarlet Witch turned against the Avengers and sided with the Department of Justice by turning states evidence against the Avengers in exchange for immunity. She would not be prosecuted and punished if she delivered adequate evidence against her former team members. The Avengers were ultimately shot down by the Patriot missile in their Quinjet, which killed almost all remaining members. Scarlet Witch outlived all members of the Avengers. 

Now that we’ve given you the short version of what went down with Scarlet Witch, it’s time to analyze it in more detail. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading! 

Marvel’s ‘Ruins’ is a dystopian reality where superheroes are morally bankrupt and extremely dangerous 

Taking place on alternative Earth-9591, Marvel ‘Ruins’ offers us an insight into a ruined world where superheroes are disfigured and often killed by their own superpowers, and the public generally wants them dead or gone due to their powers being dangerous to the public. 

This two-issue story was written by Warren Ellis and released in 1995 in an attempt to parody a different popular Marvel storyline titled ‘The Marvels.’ 

‘Ruins’ is told from the perspective of Philip Sheldon, a retired Daily Bugle reporter that aims to investigate the strange and often paranormal phenomena behind superpowers. He is working on a theory that something at some point went wrong in their reality, and they are now currently inhabiting a hopeless and ruined world that resembles dystopia much more than it resembles utopia.


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Galactus was mistaken for a deity, and his dead body was found floating near Mars. Quicksilver’s limbs were amputated in an effort to control his powers for his own good. These examples showcase how ‘Ruins’ is a vastly different world than what we’re used to seeing in Marvel Comics. 

Galactus Ruins

The reality was supposed to change during the same incident that gave Fantastic Four on Earth-616 superpowers, but the story on Earth-9591 goes a bit differently. 

Reed Richards was a radical “anti-red tape” scientist who planned to steal a rocket to explore a cloud of cosmic radiation. He approached Ben Grimm about this, but Ben refused to take him to space after lateral engines were installed on the rocket that would allow him to pilot the craft easily and safely. Richards refused to wait and talked Dr. Doom into piloting the craft, which resulted in a horrifying accident that left most of Marvel’s first family dead or disabled by their newfound powers. Something changed that day, and reality was never the same again. 

marvel ruins fantastic four

A specially secured prison was built to safeguard individuals with superpowers and to protect the public from their powers, diseases are running rampant, and President X is in charge of a severely oppressive regime in the United States. Even superhero teams are fundamentally changed. Instead of protecting the public, the Avengers are classified as a secessionist rebel movement. But more on that later. 

In Marvel ‘Ruins,’ Avengers are a threat to the public 

The story of Avengers in Marvel’s ‘Ruins’ begins with Tony Stark. Just like on Earth-616, he was a brilliant scientist & engineer and overall a favorite of the public due to his wealth and influence. Anthony Stark was sent to Vietnam to negotiate a truce between the two sides, and while mediating the peace, he was badly injured by a grenade thrown by none other but National Guard. 

Tony Stark the man in the Iron Mask

The shrapnel turned almost lethal, but Tony used his intellect to get himself out of trouble. He assembled a suit that would save his life and give him superpowers of sorts. From that day onward, he was known by the public as ‘The Man in the Iron Mask.’ 

Tony Stark also became disillusioned by the current regime and started strongly advocating for the secession of California from the rest of the states, and thus, Avengers were born. 

Stark was initially joined by scientist Hank Pym later known as Ant-Man, and “guru” Stephen Strange, and later the others followed, most notably, the Wasp, Hawkeye, Captain America, and Scarlet Witch. 

Marvel Ruins Avengers

Scarlet Witch turned on her own team in exchange for immunity 

At first, Avengers were seen as rebels with a cause, and while the cause was fresh, they had the public’s support. However, the National Guard never pulled from California, and the cause got old. The public was bored, and Avengers found themselves labeled as a severe threat to public security and the status quo, with the government looking for weak links in order to take down the team.

Scarlet Witch Marvel Ruins 1

Scarlet Witch turn out to be the weak link since she turned the state’s evidence in the prosecution of the Avengers. She exchanged evidence against her former team for her own immunity in the matter and secured her freedom. Black Panther was jailed, and Hawkeye was executed on Haight Street by a Californian Military Advisor. The Wasp, Iron Man, Ant-Man, Captain America, and the rest of the Avengers were shot down in Quinjet by a Patriot missile.

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They were killed on impact, with only Rogers’ shield recovered from the wreckage. 

It’s unknown what happened to Scarlet Witch since those events took place, but at least she outlived the rest of her team. 


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