‘What If…?’ Season 2 Episode 4 Summary & Ending Explained: What if Iron Man Crashed Into Grandmaster?

what if season 2 episode 4 summary ending

Starting with December 22, fans of MCU will be able to enjoy episodes of ‘What If…?’ Season 2, unwrapping them as gifts for this merry holiday season. So far, we’ve seen what would happen if Nebula joined the Nova Corps if Peter Quill attacked Earth, and what would happen if Happy Hogan turned into a Hulk and saved Christmas today; we truly have a special episode; let’s see what would happen if Iron Man Crashed into Grandmaster.

What If…Tony was stranded

We can see Tony being stranded on Sakaar after his gambit to destroy the Chitauri fleet during the battle of New York. After crashing onto the surface of the planet, Iron Man wakes up in a strange place. At first, he thinks he is in heaven until he notices the Grandmaster and his company of servants.

Grandmaster recognizes Iron Man and, in a joking manner, lets him know that everyone on Sakaar is a huge fan, especially after the Battle of New York; Grandmaster shows Tony news reports during which Iron Man’s nuclear flight can be seen as well as his destruction of “Chitarinos.”

Iron Man is extremely relieved that the plan worked and that the earth is safe. He sees a shot of Pepper Potts and feels the weight of the world leaving his back. Iron Man wants to leave the planet, but Grandmaster invites him to his 21st birthday party. Iron Man declines, and Grandmaster orders his servant, Topaz, to melt the statue next to Iron Man to intimidate him. Iron Man is forced to stay and accepts the invitation.


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Grandmaster holds a barbaric race to celebrate his birthday

Tony Stark is attending Grandmaster’s birthday, and he can see that it’s an intergalactic NASCAR affair while Grandmaster insists that it’s a charity race like on “Youth.” In any case, Tony cannot believe that the race is extremely dangerous, and almost all that took place in it died. Valkyrie survives the battle and is booed by the crowd, they start throwing objects and small animals at her, hamsters while Tony is asking Grandmaster where are the firefighters, medics and the rest of the supporting crew.

Instead of offering help to the races, Grandmaster summons a 100-foot-tall tusked monster that he calls champion to attack the race drivers. The monster attacks Korg who was under the impression that they were friends, and Tony is forced to suit up.

Tony’s suit malfunctions, and he is almost killed by Gamora

Tony wants to destroy the monster before it can kill Korg, but his suit malfunctions and it’s sticky all over. The monster is just about to charge him, but it’s destroyed; when the dust settles down, he can see that Gamora is the one to do it, although Tony does not recognize her. They are almost about to start fighting but Grandmaster has them both incapacitated and transferred to a honey-moon type room since he senses the connection between the two of them. It’s also a punishment since Grandmaster claims that Gamora and Tony ruined his birthday celebration, Korg is also trapped with Iron Man and Gamora.

Tony decides to dethrone Grandmaster

Tony uses his arc reactor to disable the mechanism on the door and the chip that was supposed to incapacitate him. He asks Gamora why he keeps attacking him, and she claims that she is the daughter of Thanos, although Tony has no idea what she is talking about. He and Korg escape, leaving Gamora locked inside the room. Korg and Tony are about to escape from the planet and deal with the Grandmaster’s men easily, but Gamora follows them once again. She frees herself through unknown means.

She attacks them on the landing strip and explains that she needs to kill Tony because he destroyed her father’s Chitauri fleet. Tony connects the dots and realizes that Thanos is responsible for the Battle of New York and all the death and destruction that took place. At that moment, Grandmaster sounds alarm and describes Iron Man as a nasty man and calls all the people of Sakaar to hunt him down. Gamora also chimes in telling him that humans are useless and barbaric and that Thanos is doing them a favor by annihilating them. Iron Man decides to dethrone Grandmaster on Sakaar to prove Gamora wrong.


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Iron Man challenges Grandmaster to a Death Race, and the winner takes the planet

Korg and Iron Man are looking to recruit a driver for their cause of taking over Sakaar, and they manage to locate Brunhilde, who is drinking herself to death in a local tavern. She is at first amused by Tony’s and Korg’s cause but eventually accepts. At the same time, Gamora manages to free herself from the cell and take over Topaz’s scepter, and after that, she holds Topaz and Grandmaster hostage while both of them kiss her ass, telling her how they are fans of her father’s work.

Tony works with Korg on repairing his gear and manages to hack into Sakaar’s systems. He shows up as a massive projection in the sky and challenges Grandmaster to a death race. Whoever wins will get to rule the planet, and despite being warned not to rise up to the challenge because Tony Stark is a genius, Grandmaster accepts; he wants to take Iron Man’s suit if he wins.

Grandmaster cheats his way through the race

The race is about to begin, and Iron Man can see Grandmaster forcing Gamora to take part in it as well. Grandmaster takes an early start and continues to cheat his way through the race while the majority of other contestants are disqualified. Iron Man tries to talk Gamora into siding with them through a radio he placed in her car.

After the majority of the racers have been disqualified, it’s now all between Grandmaster and Iron Man. Grandmaster unleashed 2 giant monsters onto the track. Iron Man contacts Gamora once again, and he tries to talk her into helping him. In the last second, she destroys the two giant monsters, clearing the way for Tony, but in doing so, she disqualifies herself from the race.

Iron Man is victorious

The race is now between Iron Man and Grandmaster, and Iron Man gets the lead and wins in the last second. Topaz, however, rushes to save the day with her scepter, but Valkyrie crashes into her to stop her from killing Iron Man. As the car crashed and burned and exploded, the scepter rolled on the ground slowly and accidentally touched Grandmaster’s toes, which caused him to melt instantly. Valkyrie is crowned the new king of Sakaar, and she asks Tony to stay on the planet to help her lead, but he declines, claiming he needs to get back to Pepper as soon as possible.

He is just about to leave for Earth when he is once again ambushed by Gamora she says to him that she can’t return her father without him. Iron Man and Gamora develop a plan, and she delivers him as a prisoner to Thanos. In the last second, however, Gamora uses Topaz’s scepter to melt him.

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