‘What If…?’ Season 2 Episode 6 Summary & Ending Explained: What If Kahhori Reshaped the World?

what if season 2 episode 6 summary and ending explained what if kahhori reshaped the world

We’re on the sixth episode of ‘What If…?’ Season 2, and after seeing some of the most outlandish scenarios, such as Peter Quill attempting to destroy the earth and Iron Man racing against the Grandmaster, today we’re in for a special treat. The sixth episode will be dealing with Kahhori a completely original MCU character. Let’s see what Kahhori is capable of and what’s her connection to Asgard and Evil Doctor Strange?

Tesseract ended up in the Haudenosaunee Confederacy

The episode opens up with scenes of Ragnarok as the Watcher explains that usually, Odin entrusted the Tesseract to a village on Earth after securing the age of peace, but in this reality, Odin never had the chance to do so, and the Tesseract was lost somewhere on Earth. The next scenes transport us to the “present time” to the Haudenosaunee Confederacy; Wahta and Kahhori from the Mohawk Tribe are playing around the fields when they suddenly come across the area of the forest that is supposed to be off-limits.

kahhori near the forbidden lake

This area is home to the Forbidden Lake, and Kahhori explains that the place is cursed because once a terrible battle for a strange power source played out here. The power source divided the people instead of bringing them together, and following the battle, the place was never cleansed, so the spirits still haunt the place. Wahta and Kahhori break out through the foliage and indeed see the lake, but they conclude that it can’t be cursed due to a family of ducks making their home here.

At that time, they hear a terrible explosion in the distance and can see that their village is attacked.

Kahhori merges with the Tesseract

Wahta and Kahhori notice that their village is under attack by the Spaniards. They are looking for the Tesseract, and the village is part of the collateral damage. Wahta and Kahhori run into the forest chased by the Spaniard and accidentally fall into the cave where the real Tesseract Lake is. The water is glowing faint blue, and they immediately recognize the place for what it is. Spaniards are soon to follow into the cave, and Wahta is noticed. Kahhori throws the stone at the Spaniard in order to get his attention, and after a brief scuttle, she falls into the lake.

Tesseract water

As soon as she makes contact with the Tesseract, she is transported to the “Sky World” and meets Atahraks. Wahta is at the same time taken away.


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Who is Atahraks & what is the Sky World?

After making contact with the Tesseract, Kahhori is teleported to a strange world, and as soon as she wakes up, she can see that the sky is all wrong, having several celestial bodies instead of just the moon and sun. Atahraks explains that this is all possible thanks to the powers of the Space Stone, and Kahhori can clearly see that the entire village is populated with Mohawks that display superhuman powers, such as levitating objects.

mohawks using space stone powers

Atahraks further explains that this is paradise, and as long as they are here, they do not age, and they will never die, but it’s also impossible to leave this place, and Kahhori can see that the portal is out of her reach, too far up in the sky. She does know that she needs to return to Wahta, but it’s currently impossible.

As far as who Atahraks is, he accidentally fell into the Forbidden Lake as well and got transported here to this “Sky World,” the realm within the Space Stone or some kind of world connected to it.

Conquistador Rodrigo Alphonso Gonzolo is looking for the Tesseract as well

In Kahhori’s village, Conquistador Rodrigo Alphonso Gonzolo is looking for the Tesseract. Only he is calling the Fountain of Youth because his queen, Isabella, heard about the legends and presumably wanted to acquire it for herself. Rodrigo is threatening the local Mohawks at gunpoint, and their lives are saved by the approaching Spaniards who are returning Wahta to the village and give Rodrigo the news that the fountain of youth or the Forbidden Lake has been found.

Rodrigo Alphonso Gonzolo

At the same time, Kahhori is trying to find a way to leave the Sky World, and despite having superpowers now, the portal is just out of her reach. Atahraks tells her that many have tried, but all failed, and Kahhori concludes that this Spirit World is not a paradise. It is a prison.

Kahhori is just about to try again when war horns sound, and Atahraks tells her it’s time for the hunt.

What is The Hunt?

Atahraks lead Kahhori to the hunt, and from the ground, crystals can be seen that are supposed to be picked; Kahhori is confused since Atahraks refer to those things as “fruits.” He says that it takes them ages to sprout, but once they do, they are infused with the energy of the sky world (space stone). The horn sounds again and it is revealed that those crystalline things are actually scales from some kind of weird animals that are reminiscent of gigantic mutated buffalos.

tesseract fruit what if season 2 episode 6

The whole tribe is hunting, and Kahhori gives it a shot, displaying much more powerful abilities than the rest of the tribe; she is running light-speed fast and manages to levitate one of the animals above herself, its crystalline scales separating in the air. When the hunt is over, Kahhori manages to collect the most scales, and the whole tribe cheers her.

Kahhori manages to leave the Sky World

Back in the real world, Rodrigo has located the fountain of youth and sends his soldiers to test its waters and acquire the gift of immortality. At first, everything seems fine, but soon the soldiers are sucked into the Tesseract one by one and transported to the spirit world.

Mohawks in the Spirit World are holding a celebration after the successful hunt, but they are soon attacked by the Spaniards who are looking to explore and pillage this magical place. Kahhor successfully stops their attack and is pushed over the edge when she sees one of the Conquistadors wearing her brother’s necklace. She gives a long lecture to the rest of the Mohawks about how their people need them, and they spend too much time in comfort they have forgotten about the plight of their people. She manages to conjure just enough energy to manifest the portal from the sky behind herself. Kahhori leaves after asking the tribespeople to join her in the war.

what if kahhori reshaped the world 2

In the next scene, Kahhori is back where she started, in the waters of the forbidden lake.

Kahhori and the rest of the Thunder Beings save the village

Kahhori returns just as the Conquistadors are boarding up the rest of the villages to the ships to be transported back to Europe. She finds her village burning and makes her way to the shore. When the Conquistadors and Rodrigo see her, they call her a witch and throw everything they have on her.

kahhori almost killed

Kahhori successfully reppels the attacks but struggles against canonballs until her shield is finally pierces and she is knocked out to the ground, she is about to be killed by Rodrigo when the rest of the superpowered Mohawks show up from the forest stampedoing the Conquistadors and Rodrigo.

Kahhori finds her resolve and locates her brother; the Spanish armada is destroyed, with Rodrigo lying dead in the sand.


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Evil Dr. Strange shows up

After the Mohawks successfully repel the Spanish attacks, Kahhori makes her way to the Spanish court to face Isabella. She explains that the world is not theirs to rule and that all will thrive if they make peace. Isabella declines, but Kahhori than breaks her throne apart with her powers and makes her a peace offering for one last time. At that moment, another portal opens, and from it exists the Evil version of Doctor Strange; he cynically comments that World Peace will definitely last and tells Kahhori he has been looking for her, most likely to achieve world domination.

Evil strange

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