‘What If…?’ Season 2: Strange Supreme’s New Demonic Form Explained

doctor strange demon form

‘What If…?’ Season 2 finale brought a conclusion to Strange Supreme’s character arc within the ‘What If..?’ Universe. He failed to save Christine and lost his own Universe, but in the end, it seemed like he found his purpose in saving the Multiverse instead. By the final episode of season 2, however, it was clear that Strange’s grief did not make him stronger. Instead, it consumed him and transformed him into something different and horrifying. Let’s see what we know about Strange’s new demonic form.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Strange’s grief manifested in the form of a demon who consumed him and fueled him to sacrifice everything and anything to achieve his goal.
  • It appeared the Strange Supreme was even more powerful in his demonic form than his standard form, as he was able to resist the attacks of some of the most powerful weapons in the Marvel Universe.
  • In this new form, Strange’s height increases, and he gets new destructive energy-manipulating abilities along with a pair of horns and leathery wings.

‘What If…?’ Season 2 finale showcased what it means to turn into a monster literally

When Peggy Carter is reunited with Strange Supreme at the end of Episode 8, Strange mentions that he had a task for her after fulfilling, which he would transport back to her own time. Not even in her wildest dreams did Peggy Carter believe that the ultimately Multiversal villain would turn out to be Strange himself.

Soon after catching Kahhori, it became evident that Strange had different plans in place. He constructed The Forge and was feeding villains and superheroes into it to recreate his own destroyed Universe and consequently resurrect Christine. His plans were going well until Peggy and Kahhori decided to needle and put a stop to it. He initially lost the fight at the Forge when Kahhori and Peggy gained control over some of the most powerful weapons in the Marvel Universe, and this is when Strange Supreme’s desperation kicked in.

strange demon

How powerful is Demonic Doctor Strange?

In his final moment of desperation, while he was being absolutely demolished by Captain Carter and Kahhori, Strange transformed into his Demon Self; it’s presumable that this demonic form, a manifestation of evil, was actually the reflection of his inner greed manifested in a physical way.

Strange Supreme’s height changed, and he became taller; he gained a third eye, horns, leathery wings, fangs, and thick black barbed skin covering every inch of him. He was demon incarnate, and seemingly nothing could stop him. Demonic Doctor Strange proved to be far more powerful than his standard version as he gained the ability to emit powerful and destructive beams of energy that resembled infernal fires. He was also durable enough to withstand the force of the Universe’s most powerful weapons and artifacts.

strange demon 2.jpg

The only thing that stopped Demonic Strange was Infinity Stones, whose might force him to transform back to his human self. But overall, Demonic Strange was far more powerful than standard Strange Supreme


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Was Doctor Strange possessed by a demon?

The fact that there seemed to be two beings within Doctor Strange and, at one point, he referred to himself in plural led us to believe that he was possessed by a demon, but it wasn’t a demon in the standard sense. It was instead that Strange Supreme manifested his grief through his powers in a physical sense and “gave birth” to a demon to cope with it.

strange and demon

Strange was wrestling for control within him for who knows how long, and ultimately, he gained just enough control near the end to sacrifice himself and end it all. His sacrifice wasn’t in vain, however, as Forge got just enough powers from Strange (and his demon) that it did manage to recreate his own Universe and Christine, but the catch is, Strange died forever, and he won’t be able to be born in it, ever.

And while some might look at it like his sacrifice was in vain, I believe that Strange Supreme, no matter where he is, is just happy to know that Christine is alive and well and that his Universe is thriving. Have something to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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