What Universe Is Miles Morales In? Explained

What Universe Is Miles Morales In? Explained

Miles Morales has been part of Marvel Comics since 2011, when the Ultimate Marvel print introduced us to the young teenager from Brooklyn, New York, whose life changes rapidly after a genetically-enhanced spider bites him. Miles Morales isn’t a normal teenager anymore and soon realizes he is a superhuman. Of course, Miles being Miles refuses to follow the path of the superhero and just wants to experience a normal life like his peers. That goes out of the window when Spider-Man dies, and inspired by the Web-Slinger, he takes over the mantle of the new Spider-Man, bringing us to the article’s main topic – from which universe is Miles Morales from?

In Marvel Comics, Miles Morales originates from the Ultimate Marvel series, which is established on Earth-1610. However, after the Secret Wars event, we saw Miles Morales and his family relocate to Earth-616, where he now shares the mantle of Spider-Man with Peter Parker. In the Spider-Verse movies, Miles originates from Earth-1610 as well since the character follows the Ultimate Comics origin story of the teenager.

The transfer from one universe to another was due to the popularity of the character and minor changes to his origin story, which we will mention further. Moreover, we will discuss the home universe of the animated Miles Morales, and he will change his whereabouts as he did in Marvel Comics. Let’s discuss this further.

What universe was Miles Morales in Marvel Comics originally?

At this point, we know who Miles Morales is. He is an Afro-Latino teenager, a son of Rio and Jefferson Morales, who strives to use his genius intellect to become the best and most successful person he can be.

Of course, his parents are Miles’ biggest support, and both Rio and Jefferson sacrifice themselves to make way for their son to have a good life – by paying him for the best possible education available.

What Universe Is Miles Morales In? Explained
Miles Morales from Earth-1610.

In Marvel Comics, Miles Morales is from Earth-1610, the setting for the Ultimate Marvel series. The Ultimate Universe had an interesting beginning in the Marvel Universe, with publishers trying to figure out how to increase the sales of the Marvel comic books, which were periodically decreasing in the 1990s. With the new alternate versions of the Fantastic Four, Nick Fury, The Ultimates (Earth-1610 Avengers), and others came the alternate version of Spider-Man, Miles Morales.

We meet Miles Morales through Peter Parker’s Spider-Man from Earth-616 when he accidentally enters Earth-1610. From 2011 to 2015, we saw Miles Morales being built up as a new Spider-Man of Earth-1610, and fans started to like the character – it was fresh, new, and, most importantly, interesting.


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However, even in those few years, Miles’ life wasn’t easy. During that four-year period, we saw Rio Morales die at the hands of the police crossfire during Venom’s attack on the hospital, which leads to Miles stopping being Spider-Man for some time.

Before that, his uncle, Aaron Davis, also died, while Jefferson was the only person he had left in his life. However, when Miles tells Jefferson about his double life, he accuses him of being responsible for the deaths of Rio and Aaron.

Miles then gets captured by Derek and Eleanor Bishop, who were secretly Hydra agents and parents of Kate Bishop. After NYPD and his superhero group, Young Ultimates, arrive and save Miles, they realize that another danger is looming across their world, which leads us to the next part of the article.

In what universe was Miles Morales after Secret Wars?

After four years of Miles’ journey as Spider-Man on Earth-1610, the major event of Secret Wars change everything for the character. After he is rescued, Miles and others discover that the incursion phenomenon is bestowed upon their reality. In other words, incursions are events during which two planets from different realities are set to collide with each other.

Each universe fought for survival during that event, including destroying other planets. However, Miles Morales infiltrated the vessel built by the Maker (Reed Richards from Earth-1610) and Cabal to survive the ultimate end of the Multiverse.

What Universe Is Miles Morales In? Explained
Secret Wars event transferred Miles Morales and his family to Earth-616.

That actually happened in the end, and the raft ended up on the Battleworld, a planet that included several remnants of various universes and was ruled by God Emperor Doom. The Cabal’s raft Spider-Man was on with others and ended up in Utopolis, one of the domains of the planet, and he hid until he was discovered by Doctor Strange from Earth-616.


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This whole event led to Miles being one of the ultimate saviors since he was the one who offered the Molecule Man a kind gesture that led to the same man giving Miles Morales a chance at a new life, this time on Earth-616.

When Molecule Man transferred Doom’s power to Reed Richards, Mister Fantastic used the power to restore the Multiverse, this time as the Eighth Cosmos. On Earth-616, Rio Morales and Aaron Davis are alive, and both Miles’ parents don’t know about his secret identity. Moreover, Jefferson loves his son and does not hold a grudge against him compared to his Earth-1610 counterpart.

What is Miles’ universe in the Spider-Verse movies?

Since Miles Morales originates from the Ultimate Marvel series of comics, the animated version of Miles Morales is from Earth-1610. In the movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, we see a similar origin story for the teenager as it is in the comics, including his original universe.

However, does that mean that Miles Morales will eventually transfer to Earth-616, or in the context of Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios, to Earth-199999? We still don’t know. But the Avengers: Secret Wars was already announced by Kevin Feige during his Marvel presentation during the COVID-19 pandemic, and that will most likely happen in future phases in four to five years, maybe a bit sooner.

What Universe Is Miles Morales In? Explained
Despite Sony’s animated Miles Morales being from Earth-1610 as well, maybe in the future, we see him relocating to another universe as his comic book counterpart.

Meaning that Miles Morales will at least appear in the Secret Wars movie since that is character’s one of the most important storylines and one of the biggest comic book events of Marvel Comics in the last two decades.

We don’t know the details, but there is a possibility of that happening. Until then, we will enjoy the Spider-Verse movies and new Miles Morales content in the coming years.

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