Miles Morales vs. Peter Parker: Which Spider-Man Would Win in a Fight?

Miles Morales vs. Peter Parker Which Spider-Man Would Win in a Fight

Miles Morales is among the most exciting young superheroes in the Marvel Universe. Since his beginning in 2011, the young Afro-Latino teenager from Brooklyn, New York, established himself as the new Spider-Man of Earth-1610, who eventually joined Earth-616 during the Secret Wars event. On the other hand, we have the original Spider-Man and Peter Parker, one of the most popular superheroes ever. A Queens, New York native and an orphan raised by Uncle Ben and Aunt May established himself as one of the most influential superheroes in the history of comics. Marvel refused to create other Spider-Man characters for the longest time and settled for the alternate universe versions of the superhero. Since both characters “live” in the same universe, let’s compare put Spider-Men against each other and determine who would win in a battle.

This fight would be extremely close, but Peter Parker’s Spider-Man would win in the most fights against Miles Morales. Yes, Miles has more diverse powers, like Camouflage and Venom Blasts, but Peter Parker has the tools to deny Miles in various ways. Specifically, his experience, intelligence, and overall better Spidey Sense and uniform that has been upgraded various times in Marvel Comics. If Miles caught Peter lacking, he would definitely defeat him, but in the perfect scenario, the original Spider-Man would win the most fights against Miles, who is still young and has room for improvement.

Peter Parker’s experience, intelligence, and sharper powers, like Spidey Sense, counteract Miles’ camouflage and electrocute powers since Peter got an upgraded version of his suit after facing Electro. Miles is powerful, but he has a lot to learn. As usual, I will use the best-of-seven score metric, and whoever gets first to four points first, wins the fight. If you are interested, stay with us until the end of the epic fight between two Spider-Men.

Abilities and equipment

Miles Morales vs. Peter Parker: Which Spider-Man Would Win in a Fight?

One of the best attributes one superhero can have is special abilities. Each individual uses their abilities to defeat opponents, and both Spider-Men are skillful. Let’s start with the OG, Peter Parker. Most fans know his usual powers and abilities since he’s been adapted in many other fictional media since his debut in Marvel Comics in 1962. His most notable abilities are his Spidey Sense, superhuman strength, stamina, agility, speed, wall-crawling, contaminant Immunity, and regeneration, while his equipment provides him with Web Slingers and Utility Belt with various tools.

Peter Parker evolved so much throughout the comics, and his Spidey Sense alone is really impressive since he is closely connected with the Web of Life and Destiny. However, if we took in Miles’ powers and abilities, it seems that the Brooklyn native could possibly have more impressive tools since they are different from Peter Parker.


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Miles shares most of his powers with Peter, like superhuman aspect, wallcrawling, and Spidey Sense (less powerful), but he has the addition of electricity generation, which includes many other abilities like Mega Venom Blast, Venom Beam, Energy-Thread Generation, and others.

Miles Morales also can go invisible with his camouflage and regenerate fast with his healing abilities. It’s also worth mentioning that Miles was bitten by a spider that Norman Osbourne created using the Oz formula, which he believed could make the individual immortal. However, this thesis wasn’t confirmed for Miles and Marvel Comics, but it was a cool detail to mention.

Nevertheless, this section goes to Miles since he has more diverse and new powers and abilities than Peter. But the question if those powers could defeat the original Spider-Man, is still in the air.

Miles Morales (1) : 0 Peter Parker


Miles Morales vs. Peter Parker: Which Spider-Man Would Win in a Fight?

First of all, both Miles and Peter are pretty strong since they inherited superhuman strength from their perspective spiders. This means that Miles and Peter can lift up to ten tons if the situation requires that moment, and frankly, Peter has more evidence of those feats in the comics than Miles.

However, since even the official Marvel page suggests that Miles and Peter have the same superhuman strength, who am I to deny that fact? One of Miles’ more impressive superhuman strength feats of Miles in the comics was during the Secret Empire event when he shattered Captain America’s shield made of vibranium.


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However, Peter Parker is an extremely interesting superhero who does limit himself in most cases. For example, in the Civil War run from 2006, Peter’s body is possessed by Doc Ock, who showcases Spidey’s true strength – he literally took out the villain’s jaw with one hit. The other feats include holding half of the building to save his Aunt May and holding Penn Station during the fight against Lizard. That’s an impressionable feat, but we will split points in this section since this discussion does provoke a bigger argument.

Miles Morales (2) : (1) Peter Parker


Miles Morales vs. Peter Parker: Which Spider-Man Would Win in a Fight?

Durability is an interesting section since it could mean different things. The physical and mental durability definitely goes with each other, and Miles and Peter had some great feats. Miles had some formidable opponents in Marvel Comics, where he stood through multiple beatings from the likes of Venom and Taskmaster, with the former almost killing him.

He withstands the ultimate symbiote and Eddie Brock, who are insanely strong, especially when driven by pure anger. However, Peter Parker is a certified juggernaut (not the villain) since his durability feats made him so powerful in the first place.


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In the comics, Peter survived Hulk’s punches, broke the wrists of a professional boxer with his muscles, and survived Phoenix Force-powered Colossus and Magik during the Avengers vs. X-Men comic book run from 2012. Moreover, Peter has an unfathomable will that carries it through the hardest fights of his career.

Miles has the potential to become durable like Peter one day, but he has to go through that experience first to be stronger physically and mentally as his mentor.

Miles Morales 1 : (2) Peter Parker


Miles Morales vs. Peter Parker: Which Spider-Man Would Win in a Fight?

Intelligence is always an important aspect of any battle since one individual could outsmart opponents much stronger than them. Of course, Miles is quite a genius himself; he can adapt quickly to any situation in combat, but his intelligence is more expressed in his “normal” life. Of course, his potential to outsmart any opponent is “through the roof,” but what Peter has above the younger Spidey is his gifted intelligence.


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In the comics, Peter Parker is a scientist who invented his own combat tools and is considered one of the most intelligent Marvel superheroes ever. Some suggest he is close, if not as smart, as Reed Richards, which is a huge compliment. He even hacked into Stark Industries and took over the controls of Iron Spider Armor.

Moreover, Peter is quite intelligent in combat, where we see him mocking his opponents because he always has the upper hand over them. Peter Parker is a certified menace in combat, and Miles Morales cannot overshadow his intelligence and adaptability.

Miles Morales 1 : (3) Peter Parker


Miles Morales vs. Peter Parker: Which Spider-Man Would Win in a Fight?

This section might be unfair to Miles since he is a much younger character with fewer “combat stories” than Peter, but this section is also really important in the grand scheme of things. Miles has been through some of the most dangerous battles in Marvel Comics, like the Spider-Verse event, Secret Wars, and Secret Empire events, but Peter has seen it all.

Galactus, Doc Ock, Thanos, God Emperor Doom, Vulture, Green Goblin, and others are the foes that directly fought with Peter Parker’s Spider-Man. Peter is an older, more experienced man with so many fights under his belt that Miles simply cannot top now. Hence, we must give Peter a final and winning point in this battle.

Miles Morales 1 : (4) Peter Parker

Miles Morales vs. Peter Parker – who wins the battle?

Miles Morales vs. Peter Parker: Which Spider-Man Would Win in a Fight?

A few weeks ago, I posted a list of characters from comics that Miles Morales could defeat, and one of them on the list was Peter Parker and his Spider-Man. However, while researching this particular Marvel matchup, I realized Peter is “no slouch” in Marvel Comics.

It might feel that I fell into the nostalgia trap of Peter Parker being the original Spider-Man, but it truly isn’t like that. This battle established that Miles and Peter are so similar yet so different from each other, especially in the way they approach fights and their abilities that make them so unique.

However, it also indicated Miles’s lack of experience compared to Peter, who has been against some of the most formidable villains of Marvel Comics. Miles is a genius that adapts quickly during his fights, but Peter’s intelligence gives him an upper hand in his personal and superhero life.


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Peter might not be the strongest version of Spider-Man in the Multiverse, but he is so good at what he has in his arsenal, which makes him such a strong opponent. I didn’t even mention his martial arts and combat skills, which Miles still needs to work on, and the fact that his Spider-Sense is so attuned to Web of Life and Destiny, making his ability more powerful during combat.

Yes, Miles has more sensitive Spidey Sense, but it affects him so hard that he can barely concentrate during the combat.

Nevertheless, Peter Parker is a stronger Spider-Man at this moment. While Miles could defeat Queens native in perfect conditions, this battle makes them both equals, whereas Peter is usually better.

Miles Morales is an upcoming Spider-Man who is still learning about his abilities with the help of his mentor Peter Parker, and there is no doubt in my mind that the Ultimate Spider-Man of Earth-1610 will eventually become stronger than his predecessor. He has the potential, and we just have to wait and see.

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