Here Is When Harley Quinn Met the Joker

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Harley Quinn and Joker, Gotham’s Bonnie, and Clyde, are the definition of a workplace romance gone wrong. The relationship between these two quirky characters is one of the most intriguing love stories Gotham has offered, both in comics and movies. As the notorious duo, they wreaked havoc in Gotham, but Harley wasn’t always like that. Her meeting with the Joker changed everything. So let’s see when Harley meets the Joker.

Harley Quinn was working as a doctor in Arkham Asylum when she first met the Joker, who was a patient there. As their sessions progressed, Harley gradually fell in love with Joker and helped him escape. After that, the two of them became romantically involved, and together they became known as the King and the Queen of Gotham.

We have witnessed Harley meeting Joker both in the comics and in the movies, and their first meeting is pretty much the same. When lovely Harley Quinn swayed on fabric scraps in her cage at the beginning of the Suicide Squad movie, charming the guards at the same time, it was clear right away that she was a real little troublemaker. And that’s what we loved about her. It was later revealed how she met the Joker, and since their meeting in the movies is no different from comics, you can read about the beginning of their romance in the following paragraphs.

Harley met the Joker in Arkham Asylum

Harley Quinn was not always this quirky character that tended to bring trouble wherever she showed up. But socializing with the Joker can do that to a person. Before becoming Joker’s lover, Harley was known as Dr. Harleen Quinzel, and she worked at Arkham Asylum as a psychiatrist.

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She was assigned to the Joker as his doctor, and that is when it all started. The Joker was fascinated by her and enjoyed their joint sessions; he even admitted this to Harley, saying he lived for those moments together. Harley also showed signs of kindness towards the Joker, even bringing him a kitty during a session. Although she initially thought she was making progress with the Joker and gradually healing him, what was actually happening was that she was falling in love with him.

Of course, the Joker realized this and decided to exploit the smitten Harley for his own benefit. The extent of Harley’s obsession with the Joker is evident by the fact that she brought him a machine gun in Arkham after he asked her for one. After Harley delivered the weapon, chaos broke out in Arkham, leading to shootings and riots by Joker’s followers and those like him. Although Harley didn’t expect this, the Joker actually resented her for wiping his memory through their sessions, leaving him confused and trapped.


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And, of course, the Joker wouldn’t be the Joker if he didn’t retaliate in his own style – he took revenge on Harley. After Harley asks if he is going to kill her, one of the most famous lines in the movie follows when Joker says: “Oh, I am not gonna kill you, I am just gonna hurt you really, really bad.” This marked the beginning of Dr. Quinzel’s transformation into the Harley Quinn we know today. After the Joker used electroshock on her, her personality changed. From then on, the Joker and Harley became known as the king and queen of Gotham, and anyone who showed the slightest disrespect towards Joker’s queen did not have a good time at all.

Harley and the Joker would be a perfect match on Tinder

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Many people may not know that Harley is “crazier” than the Joker. Both of them have criminal tendencies and show little compassion toward others or remorse for what they do. However, Harley is even more fearless than the Joker, as there is almost no situation she doesn’t confront with a ‘bring it on” attitude, making her one of the most interesting DC characters.

As for how the Joker and Harley met in the comics, the story is the same as in the movie, except they first met in the comic book “Batman: The Animated Series” from 1992, in an episode called “Joker’s Favor.” Just as shown in the movie Suicide Squad, in the comics, Dr. Harleen Quinzel had the opportunity to interview the Joker, who was then an inmate at Arkham. Over time, she became increasingly connected to the Joker and was fascinated by him. As she became more obsessed with him, her madness deepened. Eventually, she began dressing in colorful costumes and indulging in her toxic relationship with the Joker, which was full of violence, manipulation, and devotion.


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The Joker and Harley have a beautiful love story, speaking within Gotham’s standards. In a place where violence, crime, and backstabbing are part of everyday life, they undoubtedly felt more powerful and secure with each other. Likewise, considering the personality and character traits of both, I have concluded that they would become an instant match even on Tinder.

If Harley hadn’t met the Joker, she would most likely stay at her job at Arkham, living a normal life and treating other patients. As Joker once said, ”Madness is like gravity, all it takes is a little push’‘, and that proved to be the case with Harley as well. Little did she know that her sessions with the Joker would make her fall in love with him. However, the fiction world became richer for another amazing character because of it, so that is a good thing. For me, at least.

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