Who Is Hank Pym’s Love Interest Linda in ‘Quantumania’?


As the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to expand, fans eagerly anticipated the release of “Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania,” which promised to bring back familiar characters and introduce new ones to the franchise. The movie has lots of action, emotion, and wonderful visuals. Kang the Conqueror was likewise introduced, the next threat for Avengers to deal with. But, as always, fans focused on smaller mysteries as well. We’ve seen the return of both Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne. We’ve learned a thing or two about their respective love lives while Jane was away in the Quantum realm, and Hank mentioned one person in particular, Linda. Let’s see, Who is Hank Pym’s love interest, Linda? 

Linda was a person that Hank Pym went on a few dates with while Janet Van Dyne was away, stuck in the Quantum Realm. Even though the physical aspect of the relationship was something that Hank needed, he eventually figured out that Linda could not in any way measure up to Janet, and he broke things off. Besides the fact that Hank and Linda briefly dated, there’s really not that much information available about Linda, and it’s not likely that she will assume any role in future movies.  

Now that we’ve briefly covered what we know about Hank’s love interest. It’s time to analyze the issue in a bit more detail. If you want to learn more about Hank’s and Janet’s love lives, stay with us and keep reading!

Why did Janet Van Dyne and Hank Pym separate in the first place? 

If you’ve watched the previous Ant-Man movies, you’re aware that Janet Van Dyne, the original Wasp and the wife of doctor Hank Pym was stuck in the Quantum Realm for quite some time. She became stuck in the Quantum Realm while on a mission with Hank to disarm a Soviet missile. During the mission, Janet shrank between the molecules of the missile to reach the warhead but could not return to normal size and was presumed dead after being lost in the Quantum Realm. Janet was, however, not dead. She was alive the whole time, slowly adapting to this alien world and figuring out how to return to her own world. 

Jane eventually thought of a way to return and utilized Scott Lang to orchestrate it. Even after returning home, Janet refused to speak about Quantum Realm and her 30 years there. She would rather not revisit it, but during the events of Quntumania, she was forced to face her own past and everything she did while she was stuck in the Quantum Realm.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania revealed what both Janet and Hank were up to while they were separated  

It was revealed during the movie that Quantum Realm is teaming with other creatures, humanoids, humans, and civilizations. Janet interacted with everyone and everything and made quite a name for herself, both in a positive and negative way. It was revealed that Janet was instrumental in repairing Kang’s tech, and not only that, she was the one that trapped him in the Quantum realm by enlarging his Multiversal Power Core and making it useless. 

The denizens of Quantum Realm were not glad to see her, she was the one that unleashed Kang onto them, enabling him to conquer the entire place, and then she just left—leaving them to deal with him. 

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and Janet knew that. However, when she found herself in the Quantum realm again, she was forced to contact her former acquaintances to locate Scott Lang and Cassie. One of those acquaintances was Krylar, a former Freedom Fighter that fought side-by-side with Janet, he has since turned cloaks and sold his allegiance to Kang the Conqueror, but Janet was unaware of that. 

During his brief conversation with Janet, Hank, and Hope, Kryal revealed that he and Janet used to be in a relationship. Although Hank was visibly uncomfortable, he could understand that Janet had needs, and the two had been separated for over 30 years.  

Hank himself then felt bold enough to reveal that while Janet was away, he likewise went on a few dates with a woman named Linda. 


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Who is Linda that Hank mentioned? 

We don’t know much about Linda except for the Hand and her briefly dated while Janet was in the Quantum Realm. Hank admitted that he had certain needs that needed to be fulfilled. Besides, he spent a few decades believing that his wife was dead, unaware that she could have survived in the Quantum Realm for so long, so he decided to give love a chance. He was seeing Linda for a brief time until he realized that she couldn’t measure up to Janet in any way, so he broke it off. 

We don’t know how Hank met Linda or her story, and it will most likely be left at that. She will unlikely play a big role (if any) in the upcoming MCU movies. 

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