Who Is Marvel’s Mahr Vehl? Meet the Kree Pluskommander

Who Is Marvel’s Mahr Vehl Meet the Kree Pluskommander

Comic book media love creating various versions of their characters. The concept of a multiverse really expanded the story possibilities and characters who probably wouldn’t get the spotlight. Mar-Vell is one of them; once an important and major superhero of Marvel Comics, especially during the Infinity Gauntlet storyline, he suffered a tragic fate – he died of cancer. This emotional moment in Marvel Comics’ history is still discussed even today, but even the first Captain Marvel ever got the alternate version of the character – a Kree Pluskommander named Mahr Vehl. So, who is he exactly?

Mahr Vehl is the Ultimate series version of Mar-Vell, whose story revolves around him and his people, Kree, following a mysterious planet-eating being called Gah Lak Tus. The Kree Pluskommander Mahr Vehl goes to Earth under the alias and Dr. Phillip Lawson to track the enormous creature. After spending time on Earth and refusing Kree’s orders to stop aiding people, Mahr Vehl helped Earth’s superheroes protect them from Gah Lak Tus and decided to stay permanently on Earth. However, as his Earth-616 counterpart, Mar-Vell, Mahr Vehl died during his fight with Gah Lak Tus, who attacked his homeworld, Hala.

As the original Captain Marvel on Earth-616, Mahr Vehl learned to love Earth and died a hero. His story is quite interesting in the Ultimate series, and despite not being that long in the comics, Mahr Vehl left his mark on the Ultimate Universe, Earth-1610. Let’s discuss this topic more.

Who is Mahr Vehl in Marvel Comics?

One of the most popular cosmic superheroes in Marvel Comics history is the first Captain Marvel, a Kree who eventually became really affectionate towards Earth and its people. Mar-Vell quickly became a regular character in major Marvel events and helped Earth’s superheroes to stop the extraterrestrial threats that endangered the universe.

He was a major factor in the fight against Thanos in the 1970s and eventually became the “Protector of the Universe.” However, after the fatal encounter with “Dark Dimension” and “Compound 13” nerve gas, Mar-Vell suffers terminal cancer that slowly but surely kills him.

The ‘Death of Captain Marvel’ in 1982 shows an emotional story of an alien dedicating his life to Earth and the whole universe, one of the more impactful deaths in comic book media.

Who Is Marvel’s Mahr Vehl? Meet the Kree Pluskommander

He died a hero, but that didn’t stop Marvel writers from creating another version of the character in the Ultimate series of comics, the Kree Pluskommander Mahr Vehl. His story is also quite interesting, and it goes something like this.

In the Earth-1610 universe, Kree dedicates their lives to following a mysterious planet-eating creature named Gah Lak Tus, who threatens a whole universe. Only the best, most skilled, and trained Kree knew about this threat, including the Kree Pluskommander Mahr Vehl.

When Gah Lak Tus threatens a system in the Milky Way galaxy called Sol, the Pluskommander is sent on an undercover mission to gather information on the planet-eater, but his Earth-616 counterpart, Mahr Vehl, decides to stay on Earth and help its people.


Was Captain Marvel the First Avenger?

He takes on the alias of Dr. Phillip Lawson to investigate the human race but stays permanently after Gah Lak Tus attacks the Earth and joins the Fantastic Four, Hawkeye, Iron Man, and the S.H.I.E.L.D. to protect it.

Mahr Vehl later aided the heroes in the fight against “heralds” of Gah Lak Tus, who were heavily injured. However, his efforts massively helped the Earth and its people.

However, the newfound hero of Earth ends up tragically – he dies on Hala, protecting his homeworld from Gah Lak Tus’ swarm, and passes as a hero of Kree and Earth’s humans.

Mahr Vehl powers in Marvel Comics

As we already mentioned, Mahr Vehl died a hero in Ultimate Comics by protecting his Kree homeworld from Gah Lak Tus and ultimately dies. Of course, his fate is similar (in a way) to Mar-Vell of Earth-616, and despite being the alternate version of the character, Mahr Vehl is a bit less powerful.

Because of his cybersurgery, Mahr Vehl could change between his and human forms. However, this particular power is also his weakness since the enemy could forcefully change his form until his cybersystems are reset.

Who Is Marvel’s Mahr Vehl? Meet the Kree Pluskommander
Mahr Vehl dies in the fight against the Gah Lak Tus, protecting his homeworld Hala.

There are few indicators of his true intelligence, but as Dr. Phillip Lawson, Mahr Vehl has more than enough knowledge. His true power comes from Kree technology, especially his wristwatch given to him before coming to Earth – when he uses it, Mahr Vehl can access the special contact lenses and see through invisibility shields.

Finally, the Pluskommander is most powerful when using his Kree uniform – this high-tech equipment gives Mahr Vehl the abilities like flight, energy shields, invisibility shields, and a special weapon called totalkannon.

Overall, Mahr Vehl was quite interesting in the Ultimate series and is shown as a useful ally to Earth’s superheroes. However, even the most passionate and powerful people could be killed by someone like Galactus, and unfortunately, the Kree Pluskommader suffered the same fate as his counterpart on Earth-616 – he died a hero.

Before we conclude this topic, we will explain what Kree Pluskommander means. In the Kree military, Pluskommader is the equivalent of a “captain” in Earth’s military, so yes, Mahr Vehl was essentially a Captain Marvel in the Ultimate comics.

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