Who Is Shazam’s Love Interest in the Comics? Explained

Who Is Shazams Love Interest in the Comics

With the second Shazam movie coming out next month, we are gearing up for all the new characters and action sequences. Many fans wonder if their favorite character Billy Batson will have a love interest in his story. As you can probably imagine, there is the tricky part of Billy he can’t reveal his real identity to anyone. With his identity also comes a physical change since he is a teenage boy in his regular form, but when he activates his powers, he becomes much older. When he turns into Shazam, he is somewhere around his mid-twenties or late thirties. We will examine what happens in the comics and how Billy navigates his dating life. We are still unsure if this topic will come up in the new movie, but we will keep an eye out for this. With that said, let’s take a look at who is Shazam’s love interest in the comics.

In the comics, Shazam’s love interest was Stargirl; the two of them had to break it off eventually because the Justice Society team members were strongly against it. The team didn’t know Shazam’s true identity; to them, their relationship was highly inappropriate because of their seeming age gap. Unfortunately, Shazam, or rather Billy Batson, had to end his relationship with Stargirl because he couldn’t reveal his identity to the Justice Society.

If you want to find out more about Shazam, and his relationship with Stargirl, you should stick with us and keep reading for more!

Who is Shazam’s love interest?

As we know, Billy Batson, a young orphaned teenage boy, was chosen by a mysterious wizard to receive special powers. The power that refers to the first letter of the summoning word “SHAZAM” is the S which stands for Wisdom of Solomon. There is an interesting element to this power, and that is the awareness of ethical behavior. We will explain this a little bit later as we go further down the story.

When Shazam joined the Justice Society of America, he met Stargirl, and this was where their story began. At first, of course, they were just teammates working together on different missions, and that was until they got stuck in an alternate realm together. This alternate realm was called the Shadowland, and the side-effect of being there was that Shazam couldn’t connect to his powers.

Shazam transformed back into Billy Batson, and this was when his true identity was revealed to Stargirl. The two of them were the same age, and she was surprised to see Billy in his true form. They traveled the Shadowland together, and as they got to know each other, they developed feelings.

Stargirl found herself liking Billy a lot, and they even shared a kiss. Unfortunately, everything changed when they got back to their world. When they worked together, the other team members noticed the two of them had gotten closer. This was odd to them since they were unaware of Shazam’s real identity.

Billy Batson and Stargirl
Billy Batson and Stargirl

To the Justice Society of America, it looked like an older guy was trying to get with a teenager, which none of them were okay with. This is also where we come back to the Wisdom of Solomon; this power affects the user’s mind so that if Shazam tried to do anything unethical, the Wisdom of Solomon would stop him from doing it.

Although, Shazam and Stargirl decided that they would only date when he was in his regular form when he would turn back into Billy. Even with that, their relationship didn’t progress; Shazam’s Wisdom of Solomon wouldn’t let him reveal his true identity to the Justice Society team.


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Stargirl didn’t understand why he couldn’t reveal his identity to his team members; she thought it was because he didn’t love her enough to do so. This, of course, wasn’t true, but we can definitely say that he was scared of revealing himself like that, and he regretted his decision later on.

Who is Shazam in love with?

From what we have seen so far in the comics, it seems to be the case that Shazam’s only love was Stargirl. As we’ve mentioned, it was a very difficult break-up for the two of them because of the complicated nature of how their relationship looked on the outside, especially to their teammates from the Justice Society of America.

The two of them shared a special bond that eventually grew into genuine care and love for one another. Sadly, it did not work out in the end. Shazam’s Wisdom of Solomon would play on his ethical decision, making made it even harder for him to stay with Stargirl. Although Shazam and Stargirl reunited later on, unfortunately, we couldn’t see their relationship develop further since, at that moment, DC rebooted its universe.

Shazam and Stargirl
Shazam and Stargirl

We might’ve seen what would’ve happened between the two of them after they had grown over time. There were indications that the two still cared for each other. It’s definitely hard to say what could’ve happened between them. Maybe it wouldn’t have worked out. The writers never revealed what they had planned, so we don’t know what could’ve happened regarding that timeline.

In the Stargirl TV series, Courtney Whitmore, better known as Stargirl, has a different love interest. Recently it was confirmed that she and Cameron Mahkent are dating. Cameron became her teammate, joining her in the Justice Society of America. After discovering that his father was a villain, he turned his legacy into something positive. Cameron decided to become a superhero instead.

We are unsure if the Shazam movies and the Stargirl TV series will collide; there is no indication yet. Although, the new reboot of the DC Universe is going in that direction where the ultimate goal is to achieve cohesion. Maybe there is a chance that we will see Stargirl and Shazam meet in the future.

Who has Billy Batson dated?

Billy Batson wasn’t the most popular kid in his school, so as far as we know, he didn’t date anyone until he met Starlight. The two of them clicked very quickly and had the chance to get to know each other when they were stuck in the Shadowland. Before the wizard chose him to become Shazam, he was adopted by a family. Going in and out of foster homes was very difficult for him, and there wasn’t really any opportunity to meet someone.

When his life started to change again, he finally found himself, and this certainly helped him gain confidence. There is, of course, the element of timing, and there was no rush for him to enter a relationship just to have that experience. Going back to his relationship with Stargirl, the two of them actually reunited in the new DC Universe. Unfortunately, in the New 52 event, even though they are the same age, they only meet briefly. After that, the Stargirl timeline is rebooted; in this timeline, she is older than Billy, creating the same problems again.

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