Top 10 Most Feared Shazam Villains of All Time

most feared shazam enemies

Shazam has had a history in comic books that very few characters have had. He was created before Wonder Woman, became more popular than Superman, has a powerset that most mortal men dream of, and then dropped from the spotlight of publication due to a legal dispute. Throughout his history, however, one thing has remained the same…his enemies.

Of all the heroes within DC, none have a stranger and more diverse set of enemies. From a worm to a crocodile, no hero can boast what Shazam can. But who are they? Who makes up the most bizarre enemies list in all of comics? No fear. We’ve made a list and all the strongest Shazam enemies are on it!

10. Seven Deadly Enemies of Man

Seven Deadly Enemies of Man

We all know the Seven Deadly Sins. Pride. Envy. Greed. Sloth. Gluttony. Anger. Lust. Go ahead, count them. That was seven. In DC Comics, each appears as a demonic enemy to Shazam. 

A long time ago The Wizard who gave Billy Batson his power imprisoned the seven enemies. However, time and again, the seven got out and caused problems. When out, the seven are able to possess any human who shows the worst of the characteristics. That is, they possess and amplify the sin that each individual naturally displays.

9. King Kull

King Kull

As the ruler of a group of prehistoric people, King Kull is no pushover. Hailing from a time period where brutality and violence kept you alive, King Kull was trapped in suspended animation for many lifetimes. When he awoke, he found himself out of sorts and in the twentieth century. Although he almost never leaves victorious against Shazam, his daunting size and strength make him an adversary not to be trifled with.

8. Mr. Atom

Mr. Atom

As a massive radioactive robot Hell-bent on ruling the world, Mr. Atom is deserving of a spot on this list. Mr. Atom is the creation of the mad scientist, Charles Langley. For his creation, Langley bestowed the robot superhuman strength and endurance. He can also fly and fire blasts of fire from his hands. Because he utilizes fire and he is a robot, it only makes sense that Mr. Atom is impervious to fire. As far as Shazam’s enemies go, his inclusion is a must.

7. Herkimer The Crocodile Man

Herkimer The Crocodile

If it seems a little ridiculous that a crocodile man is one of the most feared Shazam enemies, you’re right. That, however, won’t stop me from putting him on this list. He hails from the planet Punkus and is only one of an entire species that look like crocodiles. Don’t let his look deceive you though. He has been a thorn in the side of Shazam for decades and is so advanced that, for a time, he led the Monster Society of Evil.

6. Mr. Mind

Mr. Mind

Bear with me. Yes, Mr. Mind is a worm. And yes, he looks as threatening as a baby who can’t crawl. However, if history has shown anything, it’s that looks can be deceiving. What Mr. Mind lacks in stature, he more than makes up for in smarts. This is so much so that he successfully united many of Shazam’s enemies and formed the Monster Society of Evil.  And it gets better. There was a time that Mr. Mind transformed from a worm into a terrifying moth creature. 


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5. Ibac


Created back in 1942, Ibac and Shazam have a history as old as any. As a petty thief, Stanley Printwhistle got caught up in a scheme that saw him attempt to blow up a bridge. After the explosion went off, Printwhistle was tossed from the bridge. Now face to face with death, Printwhistle sells his soul to the Devil in exchange for great power. The only stipulation, aside from his soul, is that he kills Shazam. With the words, Ibac, the frail Printwhistle is transformed from a small and harmless old man into the brutish and powerful Ibac.



Shazam is an acronym for the gods he gets his powers from. Solomon. Hercules. Atlas. Zeus. Achilles. Mercury. SABBAC is also an acronym but instead of Gods, his powers derive from six demons. Satan. Aym. Belial. Beelzebub. Asmodeus. Crateis.

Once said, the mortal man, Timothy Karnes transforms into Sabbac and is gifted superhuman strength, speed, endurance, and durability. Furthermore, he can dispel blasts of fire from his hands, has fire breath, and can fly. And if that doesn’t impress you, looks alone will land SABBAC as one of the most feared Shazam enemies of all time.

3. Captain Nazi

Captain Nazi

Similar to Captain America of Marvel, Captain Nazi is the by-product of a super soldier experiment. At the height of his power, he was placed in suspended animation and not heard from for decades.

Eventually, he did awake and after doing so he realized that all he fought for years before, had died. While in a battle with Shazam, he hurt Freddy Freeman and killed his grandfather. Freeman’s injuries were so bad that Shazam ended up giving him some of his power. When he awoke, Freeman could transform into Captain Marvel Jr. 

2. Dr. Sivana

Dr. Thaddeus Sivana Origin

Of all the Shazam enemies, none are as evil as Dr. Sivana.  After serving a large portion of his life in exile on Venus, Dr. Thaddeus Sivana returned to Earth where he planned and plotted to put an end to Shazam. More than that, he plotted ways in which he could cause harm to those who made him an outcast. 


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Dr. Sivana is on this list for two reasons. First, he is a high-level genius who hates Shazam for all that Shazam has been given. And second, he has four children, some of whom hate Shazam as much as he does. 

1. Black Adam

Black Adam

As another to be granted power by The Wizard, Teth Adam is a force to be reckoned with. Once powered, Adam was supposed to be a champion of Egypt. He was supposed to serve his people and bring about prosperity. Instead, he ruled with an iron fist and reigned down fear on the people.

With a similar power set to that of Shazam, Black Adam is as close to an equal as any on this list. He possesses heightened strength and speed. He can fly, is nearly invulnerable, and can use various forms of magic.

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