Why Frenchie Killed Colin’s Family: The Reason Might Be Surprisingly Clear!


The Boys, a globally popular superhero series, premiered its fourth season on June 13, 2024, with the release of its first three episodes. Initial reactions were lukewarm, but the season has since earned a Certified Fresh rating and seen a surge in viewership, despite some fans review-bombing it out of frustration. However, this article won’t delve into those issues. Instead, it focuses on a pivotal moment in the series that continues to intrigue fans: why Frenchie killed Colin’s parents.

Frenchie has been a central figure in the series, notably for his openly acknowledged homosexuality and the complex dynamics of his relationship with Kimiko. While these aspects sparked controversy among fans, they also raised compelling questions, particularly concerning Frenchie’s connection to Colin.

As you may already know, the series introduced Colin (played by Elliot Knight) as a new love interest for Frenchie, sparking considerable controversy. While their relationship is a separate discussion, we’re focusing on a revealing moment between Frenchie and Colin.

During a conversation, Colin discloses the tragic death of his family—his parents and sisters were killed by an assassin. Shockingly, Frenchie admits to being the one who committed the act. This revelation leads to a heated confrontation between them, culminating in a near-fatal altercation where Colin spares Frenchie’s life. Despite their romantic ties seemingly ending, the lingering question remains: why did Frenchie kill Colin’s family?

While the season has yet to provide an official explanation, we believe the reason might be right in front of us.

We know that Frenchie worked for Russian gangster Little Nina (played by Katia Winter) and was involved in some unsavory activities during that time. It’s also revealed that Colin’s mother was a federal judge specializing in violent crime, particularly targeting a faction of the Russian mafia in Brighton Beach, led by a female figure. Though the series didn’t explicitly confirm it was Little Nina, the similarities are too striking to dismiss as mere coincidence.

So, what transpired? Our assumption is that Little Nina perceived Colin’s mother as a threat and tasked Frenchie with eliminating her, which would explain his role in the deaths of Colin’s family. This scenario appears to be the most plausible and aligns well with the series’ continuity, minimizing potential inconsistencies.

And that’s the latest update for now. Stay tuned as The Boys continues to deliver exciting episodes, and we’ll keep you informed right here on Fiction Horizon.

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