Will Captain Rex Appear in ‘Ahsoka’? Here’s What We Think

Captain Rex

One of the things ‘Star Wars The Clone Wars’ did was give personality to the Clone Troopers introduced in ‘Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones’. Even though we knew some clones like Commander Cody, audiences never really got to resonate with the troopers, so when Order 66 happened, there wasn’t any emotional attachment to the soldiers killing the Jedi. That was up until ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ when we got to spend a lot more time with the clones, one of the fan favorites being Captain Rex. Rex had a close friendship and deep history with Ahsoka Tano, so the question is, will Captain Rex appear in ‘Ashoka’?

Just like many characters, it is a 50/50 chance that Captain Rex will appear. From the end of ‘Star Wars Rebels,’ we know that Rex fought in the Battle of Endor and survived. Due to the characters’ history together and with ‘Ashoka’ taking place roughly five years after ‘Return of the Jedi’ it would make sense for him to appear and help his old friend again. The main thing going against it is the rapid aging of the clones. It’s possible Rex may have passed away or simply be too old to fight. 

Now that we have briefly discussed whether Captain Rex will appear in ‘Ashoka,’ let’s analyze it more thoroughly! If you’re interested in Rex’s time in the Clone Wars and ‘Star Wars Rebels,’ stay with us and keep reading!

Captain Rex in ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’

During the Clone Wars, Captain Rex was a respected soldier in the Republic and fought with the 501st Legion. He notably fought alongside both Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano, developing strong friendships with both of them. Rex was known for his strong sense of honor and loyalty to both the Republic and Jedi Generals. As loyal as he was to the republic, he started to question the war as time passed and more of his fellow soldiers were killed before him. 

Rex and Ashoka

Captain Rex and the 501st, led by Ahsoka, fought in the Siege of Mandalore, which ended with a battle between Ahsoka and Maul. Rex and the other clones had their helmets painted to look like Ahsoka to pay respect and show loyalty to their leader. With Ashoka being successful, Maul was captured and taken prisoner. However, amid this happening, former Chancellor Palpatine had now become the Emperor and executed Order 66.

What happened to Rex during Order 66?

Captain Rex 1

When Order 66 was declared, Rex and his clones were ordered to kill Ahsoka. Unlike the rest of the clones, Rex managed to show restraint, which meant Ahsoka could knock him out.


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The rest of the clones weren’t so lucky. However, Ahsoka managed to defeat most of them with skills taught to her by Anakin Skywalker.  Once she escaped the room with Rex, Ashoka managed to get the inhibitor chip out of Rex’s head, which made him see more clearly and was able to reject Order 66. Rex and Ahsoka would then escape the ship, trying to kill as few clones as possible. 

Captain Rex in ‘Star Wars Rebels’

Captain Rex rebels

Taking place 14 years after the events of the prequel trilogy, ‘Star Wars Rebels’ focuses on the height of the Empire’s reign, and we find out that Captain Rex and some other clones are alive and in hiding. After meeting with the Ghost Crew, Rex joins the rebellion.

However, due to Kanan’s resentment towards clones, Rex explains the inhibitor chip that caused Order 66 to be carried out and how he and his fellow troops removed theirs. Once joining the Ghost Crew, Rex is reunited with Ahsoka but doesn’t see her again after the duel with Vader.

There are some chances of Captain Rex appearing in ‘Ahsoka’

Captain Rex Rebels 1 1

Due to the friendship and bond the characters had during and after the Clone Wars, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Rex appeared in the show to help out the Ghost Crew. With Temura Morrison returning as Boba Fett, seeing him play an aged-up Captain Rex wouldn’t be a shock.

The only thing that could go against his return is the rapid aging process of the clones. However, it is unlikely that they would kill off such a popular character off-screen, and if he didn’t appear, they would likely give an explanation.

Do you think Rex will appear in Ashoka? Let us know in the comments! 

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