Wolverine’s & Morph’s Potential Relationship Sounds a Whole Lot Better Than the History of Toxicity Between Him and Jean

X Men 97 Just Teased a Controversial Romance Between Two Major Characters

Wolverine & Jean are among the most notable comic “couples” or rather, Wolverine is a part of a love triangle that involves Jean & Cyclops. Wolverine and Jean Grey’s relationship is often portrayed as complicated or tumultuous in certain storylines due to a plethora of factors.

Jean and Cyclops have a longstanding romantic relationship, but it’s kind of messy. Jean and Wolverine often flirt and in some storylines, they even get together and have kids. Wolverine’s tumultuous past, his violent nature, and his struggles with inner demons can make it difficult for him to maintain stable relationships. Jean, being a telepath, is aware of Wolverine’s thoughts and emotions, which can further complicate their dynamic.

This relationship was once again continued in ‘X-Men ’97’, the continuation of the original animated series. Especially when Jean discovered that Cyclops connected with Madelyne Prior, and she too, started looking at Wolverine in a different light.

And while currently in the comics, Wolverine, and Cyclops are (supposedly) a part of some weird polyamorous relationship, everything in ‘X-Men ’97’ hinted that the show will follow the same old formulaic approach to Wolverine’s love life, until Morph entered the picture.

Fans are convinced there’s something more going on with Morph

The supposed hints that there’s something going on between the two mutants came in Episode 3.

As Madelyne Prior unleashed horrific nightmares upon the team, one of the most interesting sequences was the one that belonged to Morph. In his vision he can see Wolverine in the shower, but instead of averting his gaze or acting shocked he continues to take in the view and jokes with Wolverine saying: Needs some help with those hard to reach place?”

This scene quickly turns back into a nightmare with Wolverine replying: Always with the jokes eh Morph? As If I don’t know?”

Now following the release of Episode 7, those hints that there might be something more between Morph and Wolverine got even bolder. In X-Men ’97 episode 7, the team cornered Bolivar Trask in Madripoor. Fans noticed that Wolverine and Morph were inseparable and that Wolverine was mostly concerned for Morph’s well-being.

This led fans to speculate that there’s possibly a romantic plotline in store for them in the future.

It would be a good thing to focus on a different relationship

I firmly believe that there’s nothing sexual or romantic going on between Morph and Wolverine, that’s just overeager fans projecting. But I certainly wouldn’t oppose it. It would be a fresh and welcome change and would offer a new take on the relationship between Wolverine and Jean. What if Jean is the one who draws the short end of the stick this time around?

X-Men comics always had plenty of interpersonal drama, more so than other stories, so let’s kick it up a notch. Why not. Let’s stop milking Wolverine, Jean & Cyclops drama. It’s getting tiresome.

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