‘X-Men ’97’ Director Jake Castorena Sets Fan Expectations for Season 2: The Fans Won’t Be Ready for It

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‘X-Men ’97’ was an unexpected hit for Marvel Studios. Following a series of flops in 2023 the studio really needed something to restore at least some of the faith that the franchise could be salvaged from a series of bad stories.

In comes ‘X-Men ’97’ a revival of the old ‘X-Men: The Animated Series.’ Fans were wonderfully surprised when the showrunners managed to keep faithful to the old show with new and modern twists.

The first season of the show ended on a high note, teasing plenty of wonderful things including some multiversal hassle once again. In his latest interview with Phase Zero, director Jake Castorena explained everything from Black Panther in Season 2 to timelines.

Black Panther is definitely closed doors conversations that I wasn’t privy that was definitely on Beau and in the executives realm. But for us, you know there’s always multiple timelines, there’s always a one off.

Who is to say what timeline is the right timeline, proper timeline. I mean, Ya’ll aren’t even ready for how we’re going f*** you up in season 2. We teased it at the end of 10, we’re gonna have to elaborate on that.

As we know, season 2 was confirmed and announced even prior to the release of season 1, to the general delight of fans, season 3 is also in development at the moment but nowhere near as advanced as season 2.

Beau DeMayo confirmed that he wrote most of season 2, however, fans are devastated that this is where his input ends. Recently, reports resurfaced that stated that the ‘X-Men ’97’ will get as many seasons as possible.

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