Beau DeMayo Clears up His Involvement With Season 2 of ‘X-Men ’97’

Creator of X Men 97 Beau DeMayo Fired Just Weeks Ahead of Shows Premiere

Just days before the season 1 premiere, the head writer for ‘X-Men ’97’ Beau DeMayo was fired from Disney, and an official reason was never given as to why that happened. There were plenty of speculations going around, from DeMayo being fired due to the OnlyFans account to stories of him not exactly being the most pleasant person to be around.

In any case, DeMayo was fired and the show turned out to be a massive hit with consistently high ratings. Much of that success was attributed to DeMayo’s writing, who guided fans via social media through the episodes, every step of the way.

Soon after the release of episode 5, fans started rallying, asking for DeMayo to be reinstated as the writer. Since the show was renewed for both seasons 2 and 3, fans are no worried that the quality will significantly go down. DeMayo once again took to social media to clear up the extent of his involvement in Season 2 which is currently in production.

DeMayo explained through a tweet that he wrote the majority of the upcoming season, he just won’t be involved with leading production, cast records, design, editorial, post, music, and creative things like that.

And there you have it, if you were worriyn that the quality of writing won’t remain the same in Season 2, you have no reason to worry, except if some massive changes are made to what DeMayo left behind.

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