‘X-Men ‘97’ Episode 6 Found a Creative Way To Deal Additional Emotional Damage to Fans

X Men 97 Episode 6 Found a Creative Way To Deal Additional Emotional Damage To Fans

We’re now halfway through ‘X-Men ’97’ and fans are already calling the show the best thing to happen to Marvel Studios in a long time. Last week’s episode 5 dealt quite an amount of emotional damage. It’s been one wild emotional ride.

Genosha was attacked, Magneto and Gambit sacrificed themselves to stop the Sentinels and destroy Mister Mold, and Cyclops’ and Jean’s relationship is falling apart as Jean discovers that Cyclops has been communicating telepathically with Madelyne, while she finds herself drawn to Wolverine. This is just a short rundown of what has taken place last week.

Prior to the release of episode 6 hope existed that maybe, just many Gambit and Magneto could be resurrected, but their deaths were ultimately confirmed by none other than open credits change.

Opening credits no longer feature notable mutants, which is a rather cold way to announce to the viewers that: “yes it’s real, no, we’re not bringing them back.” The intro serves quite a vital function in ‘X-Men ’97’ as it serves both as a recap and as a resolution for the previous episode in quite a detached way through clever hints.

In the opening credits of X-Men ’97 episodes 1 and 2, Jean Grey wears her hair down, but she switches to a ponytail from episode 3 onward, revealing that the Jean Grey in the initial credits was actually Madelyne Pryor.

Beau DeMayo recently revealed what his plan for the first half of ‘X-Men ’97’ was supposed to be. He would ease the viewers in with an atmosphere of nostalgia and comfort before plunging them into chaos to remind them that no place in the world is safe. He also hinted at some extremely emotionally damaging things to come in episodes 8-10.

‘X-Men ’97’ producer Castorena also explained that the decision to kill Gambit and Magneto was a difficult one and that they ultimately played with several names.

‘X-Men ’97’ releases episodes every Wednesday on Disney+. Have something to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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