10 Comic Book Characters Who Need An X-Men Origins Movie Right Now

Upcoming X-Men Origins Movie

With the X-Men set to debut in the MCU, it’s time to consider what types of movies and characters Disney should be prioritizing. Although it’s tough to say whether or not origin stories will be a focus of the company, it’s fun to speculate which ones will be made should they decide to. 

The X-Men and their enemies have a history as long as a road without end. There’s have been countless versions of the team and an even larger number of members over the years. While some of the members have been, ummm, not so memorable, there are many who are some of the most memorable in comic book history. These are the ones that, should Disney create some X-Men Origins movies, should be focussed on.

10. Magneto

Marvel Magneto

Fox had planned to do this movie long ago. That is, they had planned to do this until their X-Men Origins movie about Wolverine failed miserably. 

Magneto has one of the most complex and compelling origins in the history of comic books. Not only does it humanize him as a villain, but it also makes the reader sympathetic to his mission of wiping out the human race. His origin, perhaps more than any other on this list of X-Men Origins movies that Disney must make, is the one most made for movies. 


The theme of overcoming personal tragedy to achieve great triumph is one that has successfully played out time and again. As viewers, we eat it up as quickly as my kids eat the marshmallows from their Lucky Charms cereal. Were drawn to it and well up with tears when we see it. If Disney wants to make money, this theme sells and sells well.

9. Gambit


Like Magneto, a Gambit movie was planned by Fox before it was bought by Disney. The movie was to star Channing Tatum in the titular role. Although I’m personally not a fan of his, I am a fan of Gambit. In fact, growing up he was my go-to X-Man. He was the one I wanted to be and he was the one whom I tried to collect every item I could about him with my small allowance. 

Gambit is the X-Man most associated with A) exploding playing cards and B) a near-infinite about of charm. He first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #266 and rose to fame in the X-Men Animated Series. 

While I don’t believe that Disney will do an X-Men Origins movie about him, I do believe that they owe it to us fans to at least consider it. If it means anything to Disney, I’ll go on record saying that I will be in line on opening day should they do one.

8. Cyclops


Love him or hate him, Cyclops is one of the more interesting X-Men of the last 20 years. Before that, maybe not. During that, it’s undeniable.

Cyclops went through a period of about 40 years where he was as exciting as a burnt piece of toast. He was a cardboard character with no qualities that any normal human clamors for. He was a leader who followed orders, never questioning the cause. Worse yet, he was kind of a crybaby when things didn’t go his way or he was challenged by another member of the team. 

Fast forward to the mid-2000s and Cyclops became really interesting. Not only did he start to question what it was he was fighting for, but he also did an about-face and began winning by any means necessary. Suddenly, rather than being a burnt piece of toast, Cyclops was a multi-layered character capable of carrying an entire series. It’s this reason that Disney should be looking to make an X-Men Origins movie about him. 

7. Emma Frost

Black Queen Emma Frost

When Emma was first introduced, she was the White Queen of the Hellfire Club. The Hellfire Club began as a social club for the British Elite in the mid-1700s. The group gathered as a way to gain pleasure in a means that didn’t align with the moral standards of the time period. Over the course of many years, the group set up branches all over the world. Of the many branches, Emma Frost and Sebastian Shaw became notorious for only allowing high-powered mutants into their group. This group, as opposed to others, always consisted of two key members, the White Queen and the Black Queen. 

So why does she deserve her own X-Men Origins movie, you ask?

Emma is one of the most powerful mutants in Marvel. She has the ability to control the minds of others, manipulate their thoughts and actions, and do most other things Charles Xavier can do…albeit, not on the level he can do it. Emma is so important to the X-Men that when the Phoenix Force once again came looking for a host, she was one of the five chosen. Because she has spent decades cementing her importance, Emma is both feared and revered by her peers. She is both a villain and a hero…something that only a few others can lay claim to.

One of the most commonly used tropes in Hollywood is the villain who becomes a hero. As an X-Man who has done this, Emma should be given strong consideration for an X-Men Origins movie.

6. Kitty Pryde

Kitty Pryde

Kitty is different from most other mutants. Kitty’s power, unlike so many other mutants, does not supply her with extra strength, durability, speed, stamina, or the like. It does not afford her the ability to heal, project energy from her body, or encase herself in an indestructible material. And it does not permit her to fly, use spells, or control others. Kitty’s power allows her to phase. Whereas most had offensively based powers, Kitty had defensively based powers. Additionally, as a by-product of her phasing, if she moves through electrical equipment, she disrupts the flow of electrons thereby causing the equipment to malfunction. 

For most of her existence, Kitty Pryde was an important yet bit player in the X-Men Universe. Her early years painted her as an immature teenager capable of making immature teenage mistakes. Due to this, and in combination with her naturally good looks, quirky personality, and free-thinking spirit, boys all over the world fell in love with her. She became the poster child for boyhood obsession. This caused something to happen to the character that just doesn’t happen to comic book characters. She was overlooked. Her flaws, inconsistencies, and mistakes were often overlooked by the readers.

As I aged, I learned to understand that she wasn’t perfect and her best years were not her early years. The more I read, the more I realized that Kitty became a really good character after her formative years. When we first met the character, she was a child in a child’s school. As she aged, however, she became a woman leading the children in a child’s school. For this, she differed herself from most other comic book characters.

Think about it.

Kitty entered the Xavier Institute as a child uncertain about life and later joined the Jean Grey Institute as a teacher. For a medium where characters rarely age a day, Kitty aged a lifetime. 

And it’s this coming of age that makes her such a compelling choice for an X-Men Origins movie.

5. Storm

The History of Storm

If you didn’t already know, Storm is an Omega-Level mutant, who has, for a time led the X-Men, ruled a nation, was the first would-be member of the X-Men that Professor Xavier met, rocked an iconic haircut, and beat Wonder Woman in battle. She’s one of the most recognizable superheroes in existence and has done more for the genre than most comic book characters have ever dreamed of doing.

Storm is a quintessential leader. She’s fearless, tactile, compassionate, and willing to do what others won’t. Although it wasn’t easy, she paved the way for every eventual leader of the X-Men not named Cyclops.

Here’s why.

Storm was the leader of the X-Men when very few female characters were anything more than sidekicks, caregivers of teams, and tropes for men. She led them at a time when their popularity was growing as fast as the turquoise killifish (it’s a thing, look it up). Like most things in her life, her ascension wasn’t easy. In fact, to be given the right to lead, she had to best the greatest leader the team had ever had in battle…the aforementioned Cyclops.

Marvel is making a big and deservedly so push for female leads in their movies. Of all the females on the X-Men, Storm is arguably the most important.

4. Magik 

The History of Magik Illyana Rasputin

If you haven’t seen Fox’s New Mutants movie, you should. No matter what you think of the movie, it gives a great introduction to Magik. 

At her core, she’s a mutant. As a mutant, she has the ability to create warping discs. While the discs are typically used to transport her and/or others to and from various locations, they have been used as a weapon in battle. When she draws the Soulsword, not only does the weapon appear, but so too does a suit of armor that protects her against all attacks… even the most powerful of magical attacks.

Different from most mutants, Illyana is so proficient with magic that it can be difficult to remember that she was a mutant first. As the on and off again ruler of Limbo, she’s also its version of the Sorcerer Supreme. Even the Eye is Agamotto recognizes this. Should Steven Strange die, she’s one of a few considered to replace him. 

The demonic part of Magik’s being, Darkchylde, comes to be as Magik uses her magical abilities more and more. As this happens, she’s consumed by evil and begins to transform. If she’s not careful, she will eventually lose control. When this happens, she grows horns, turns a slight shade of red, and grows hooves. As Darkchylde, her power is considerably heightened and extremely formidable. 

Magik has one of the most bizarre origins in history…and it would look great on a screen.

3. Professor Xavier

Professor X

Although X-Men First Class touched on it, Professor Xavier has an origin worth exploring.

Brian, the father of Charles Xavier was accidentally killed in New Mexico at the site of a nuclear bomb test. At his funeral, Sharon, his mother, was consoled by Brian’s colleague Kurt Marko. After a few short months, the two married, and Kurt moved into the Xavier Mansion. Charles, whose mutation had already manifested correctly realized that Kurt wanted Sharon’s power, wealth, and prestige.

Not too long after the arrival of Cain (Kurt’s son), Sharon died leaving Charles to live with Kurt and Cain.

A short time after his mother’s death, Charles overheard a conversation between Kurt and Cain. The conversation revealed that it was Kurt who caused the explosion that resulted in Brian’s death. Troubled, Charles confronted and accused the Marko’s of wrongdoing. This resulted in A) Kurt threatening Charles and B) Cain throwing some test tubes at him. After being thrown, the test tubes ignited, and exploded, and killed Kurt.

Not long after Kurt’s death, Charles began finding more mutants like him.

While traveling the Himalayas, Charles came to understand that the residents were under the control of a being known as Lucifer. With his mutant power, he convinced the residents to storm the palace and fight for their freedom. With the people free, Charles confronted Lucifer. What he didn’t realize was that Lucifer had set a trap. When Charles walked in, the trap was sprung and a block came down crushing his legs and leaving him paralyzed. 

He returned to New York and founded a school for all mutants to learn to use their powers for the betterment of society.

2. Juggernaut

Juggernaut Origin

Don’t step in front of the Juggernaut if he gets any sort of momentum. Even if you had the strength of an entire army, you’ll likely not be able to stop him.

Juggernaut is the stepbrother of Professor Xavier and unlike his brother, isn’t a mutant. Instead, his power derived from the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak. With the Gem, he is given strength that allows him to stand tall against the likes of the Hulk and the aforementioned forward momentum that just can’t be stopped. 

The Juggernaut is so strong that more often than not, the only way for the X-Men to bring him down is to pull his helmet off and attack his mind. 

Think about that.

A team comprised of the world’s most powerful mutants struggle to stop him. His strength, however, isn’t why an X-Men Origins movie should be made about him. 


An X-Men Origins movie should be made about him because introducing the Gem of Cytorrak opens up a world of possibility for universe building. 

1. Mr. Sinister

Mister Sinister 1

Of all the X-Men enemies not named Magneto, there isn’t an origin that is as made for a screen as good as Mr. Sinister’s. 


Different from many others, Mr. Sinister is centuries old. He begins as a geneticist focused on human evolution and mutation, and, with the help of Apocalypse, morphs into a being hellbent on cloning, DNA splicing, and mutant experimentation. 

Mr. Sinister has a dark story filled with love, loss, and infatuation. He’s one of the greatest X-Men enemies, and most importantly, an X-Men Origins movie focused on him would almost guarantee a sequel focused on the Summers family. 

That’s right.

More than any others in X-Men history, Mr. Sinister has played a pivotal role in shaping, molding, and guiding the entirety of the Summers family. Without him, characters like Madeline Pryor, Cable, and Hope Summers wouldn’t exist.

And that’s it. The most important characters that Disney should consider making an X-Men Origins movie about. Agree? Disagree? Who would make your X-Men Origins movie list?

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