Zack Snyder’s ‘Justice League’ Sequel Plans Make Us Feel Better Than the SnyderVerse Is Over


We know that Snyder’s DCEU was highly controversial due to his tendency to change some vital characteristics of the characters, among other things. Snyder had a dark and twisted approach to some of the most iconic characters, so it’s no wonder that the response to his ideas was either “praise” or utmost hate.

Fans either loved DCEU or loathed it, so when SnyderVerse was finally over, the world of adaptations breathed a collective sigh of relief.

One of the most criticized aspects of DCEU was definitely the fact that both Batman and Superman were overly violent. Snyder recently explained it by claiming that Batman is boring if he can’t kill and that Superman is fake if he can’t kill Zod.

This sounded like sacrilege to fans, with many claiming that the director is missing the point of Batman’s and Superman’s notable characteristics completely.

We also recently discovered plans for a scrapped Wonder Woman movie. He explored the concept of Wonder Woman’s journey beyond Themyscira in search of Ares. She would travel the world, encountering conflict and taking on mortal lovers who eventually aged or died in battle. This idea, although never fully developed into a screenplay or actively pursued, envisioned Diana’s experiences and relationships during her quest.

There’s also that cursed relationship between Batman and Lois Lane. In Snyder’s original plan for the ‘Justice League,’ there was a romantic subplot between Ben Affleck’s Batman and Amy Adams’ Lois Lane. After Superman’s death in ‘Batman v Superman,’ Snyder intended to depict Bruce and Lois in love, eventually starting a relationship, ultimately leading to the birth of their son.

In later installments, Snyder planned for Superman to be revived while Batman would die, leaving Lois to raise their son with Superman. However, Snyder’s concept of a love triangle involving Superman, Batman, and Lois Lane faced resistance from the studio, leading to the rejection of such a subplot. There are also no indications of a romantic relationship between Batman and Lois Lane in Snyder’s cut of ‘Justice League,’ likely due to studio interference.

But, ultimately the plans for the ‘Justice League’ sequels were as follows: In the original storyboards, following the Justice League’s prevention of a natural disaster, each member embarks on their own side story: Aquaman and Mera work to unite Atlantis’ seven kingdoms, while Flash, Cyborg, and Iris West aid Henry Allen’s legal case.

Wonder Woman returns to Themyscira with a fellow Amazon, facilitated by her magic lasso. Superman presumed dead as Clark Kent, learns of Lois Lane’s pregnancy, a storyline hinted at in Zack Snyder’s Justice League with a pregnancy test and Bruce Wayne’s congratulations to Clark.

Superman would eventually turn evil, and Batman would be forced to team up with Joker to find Kryptonite, which means that Batman’s reputation as the world’s greatest detective would go down the drain. But, this is not all.

Snyder’s grand vision for the Justice League trilogy included a climactic battle uniting armies of men, Atlanteans, Amazons, and Green Lanterns against powerful adversaries. He planned to reveal Zeus as a Kryptonian and Ares as the one who caused the scout ship’s crash in “Man of Steel,” leading to the origin of the Amazons. This ambitious concept wanted to unite human, divine, and superhero mythologies, promising to provoke strong opinions among fans and critics alike.

And provoke opinions it would, Snyder wasn’t exactly famous for sticking to the source material, and this would no doubt cause even more controversy. SnyderVerse is perhaps, better off dead.

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