The Top 10 Most Important Zatanna Facts That You Should Know

Top 10 Zatanna Facts

Above being as powerful or more powerful than most other characters, Zatanna has a history that many clamor for. A quick look into her backstory and you’ll see that she’s a practitioner of magic, lives in a home that’s a literal Rubik’s Cube, is the on and off again girlfriend of John Constantine and is the one that most heroes call upon when things get strange. Furthermore, Zatanna is one of the most cosplayed characters in comic history and one of the most popular characters of all time. 

With so much going for her, it can be hard to keep track of everything that makes her great. Luckily, I’ve taken some time to write down all the reasons that I think she’s awesome. 

And if you’ll give me 5 minutes, I’d like to tell you what they are.

Here are The Top 10 Most Important Zatanna Facts That You Should Know. 

10. First Appeared In A Hawkman Comic


Zatanna first appeared inside the pages of Hawkman #4 back in November of 1964. She was created by all-time greats Gardner Fox and artist Murphy Anderson. 

Yep. That’s right. She didn’t first appear in her own book. She actually appeared in an issue of Hawkman. 

In her first appearance, we learn that she is on a quest to find her father. Although her father made his first appearance inside the pages of Action Comics, he had not been seen in regular publication for many years. Her search for him crossed over into many other books eventually ending in multiple issues of Justice League of America. Having appeared across multiple books, it’s easy to see that Zatanna was destined for fame. 

9. She Jumped From DC To Vertigo and Back Again

Zatanna Comic

There are a few characters under the DC umbrella that have jumped back and forth between Vertigo and DC. John Constantine, Swamp Thing, Sandman, Animal Man and even though she’s primarily associated with DC, Zatanna. 

There have been a few times where Zatanna moved from DC to Vertigo. In one such instance, Zatanna attended the 40th birthday of John Constantine. In another, Constantine organized a party for the supernatural characters in the Vertigo Universe. This moment was as memorable as any between the two. Not only did he drunkenly come onto her, but she also rejected his offer with a simple “reven niaga” or “never again”.

8. Has A Famous Father

DC Zatanna

Zatanna is the daughter of Giovanni Zatara and Giovanni Zatara was a great stage magician. More than that, however, Giovanni Zatara was also a practitioner of actual magic. 

Giovanni’s love of magic began early in his life after his uncle gave him a magic kit. Although he practiced for years, it wasn’t until his first few professional performances that he realized his magic wasn’t that great. After this realization, he began working on his stage performance and his ability to draw the viewer in. Once he became good at this, he turned his attention to learning actual magic. Now focussed on actual magic, he learned how to cast spells telekinetically, harness elemental spells, and became extremely knowledgeable in most forms of mysticism.

Giovanni is one of the most important people in Zatanna’s life. If not for her father, Zatanna might never have walked the magical path. In thinking about it, I probably owe him a debt of gratitude as well. If not for him, I wouldn’t have had a Zatanna facts list to create.

7. Is Half Homo Magi


While her father Giovanni Zatara is a Homo Sapien, her mother Sindella is a Homo Magi. A Homo Magi, for reference, is a race that is inherently gifted with magic. 

According to Dr. Most, the Homo Magi are a species that evolved in a parallel, yet separate line to the Homo Sapiens. Homo Magi are naturally good at magic and often require very little to use it. Because many Homo Sapiens carry some degree of Homo Magi in them, some can learn to use magic, albeit in the form of rituals (Giovanni Zatara). Although Homo Magi have been around as long as Homo Sapiens, they did not expand as rapidly or as widely. This is primarily due to their innate abilities.

Being half Homo Magi means that Zatanna is naturally gifted with magic, extremely dangerous, and one of the most powerful characters in DC.

6. Part Of Justice League Dark

The History of Zatanna

Over the years, the Justice League has undergone multiple lineup changes and even created alternate groups to focus on things and areas the primary group can’t. One of these groups is the Justice League Dark.

The Justice League Dark is a group of heroes with an affinity for magic and dark arts. The group made its first appearance back in 2011 and has since appeared in animation and numerous crossover comics. It’s founding members included John Constantine, Deadman, Madame Xanadu, Shade the Changing Man, and you guessed it, Zatanna.

Although the group serves as a link between mainstream DC and the occult, it was created in an effort the bring the stranger characters appearing outside the DC Multiverse over to DC. Many of these characters came from the Vertigo imprint.

5. She Mind-Wiped Dr. Light

Zatanna Facts

In one of the most controversial moments of her life, Zatanna mind-wiped Dr. Light. 

Let me explain.

In the 2004 story arc, Identity Crisis the Justice League learns that Dr. Light is responsible for the rape and murder of Sue Dibny. When they find him, the group must decide exactly what to do with him. Their discussions lead to having Zatanna wipe his mind. After being mind-wiped, Dr. Light’s actions were erased from his memory and his personality was changed.

This caused two massive changes to the DC Universe. First, it showed that Zatanna was capable of practically lobotomizing her enemies. Second, when Batman disagreed and tried to intervene, the Justice League asked that she erase his memories of the event from his mind. So she did. Once Batman learned what happened, his trust in her had been broken…something that still exists today.

4. Casts Her Spells Backwards

History of Zatanna

A quick read of any comic with Zatanna might leave you a little confused if you’re not familiar with the character. Zatanna, unlike most other magic users, casts her spells backward. For example, if she wanted to say Foul Demon Be Gone, she says LUOF NOMED EB ENOG. 

While it might seem strange to do things that way, she has good reason. First, casting a spell backward forces her to focus more on the spell, thereby making it more powerful. Second, by casting backward she pays homage to her father who did the exact same thing. 

3. Has A Castle That Contains Portals and Gateways

Origin of Zatanna Zatara

Zatanna calls Shadowcrest home. Inside the walls of Shadowcrest lie some of DC’s most powerful books, artifacts, and other magical equipment. Of the books Shadowcrest is home to, many are hundreds of years old and house the most powerful spells in the world. 

When it comes to size, Shadowcrest is as large as a mansion. However, it’s impressiveness does not lie in its outward appearance. Instead, it’s impressiveness lies in the fact that it is actually bigger on the inside than the outside. If you’re wondering how this is so, many of the rooms in Shadowcrest are portals and gateways. 

Finally, the home is not for the faint of heart as it has a failsafe if intruders somehow found their way in. 

And what is the failsafe?

It has the ability to do terrible things to any who enter including but not limited to leaving the intruder stranded in other areas of the world. Of all the Zatanna facts, this one might just be the coolest.

2. Has Been Proclaimed The Most Powerful Member of the Justice League

Zatanna Zatara

Just think about that point for a second. Think about how impressive that is. She’s been proclaimed the most powerful member of the Justice League. Not Superman who can do practically anything he wants. Not Wonder Woman who can stand up to nearly anyone and walk away without a scratch on her. And not The Flash who has reset the entire DC Universe on more than one occasion.


As a member of the Homo Magi, Zatanna is capable of casting spells that control the Earthly elements, is able to heal wounds, and manipulate the minds of others. These few things and more have caused Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow to claim that she is the most powerful member of the Justice League. 

1. She’s Related to Leonardo da Vinci

DC Zatanna


Zatanna Zatara is a direct descendant of Leonardo da Vinci. Yes, the artist, scientist, mathematician, and guy the Ninja Turtle with the blue mask is named after. That Leonardo da Vinci.

But she isn’t just related to him. Zatanna comes from a long line of famous people. Just look at this list. Nostradamus, Alessandro Cagliostro, Nicholas Flamel, and even Evan Fulcanelli. 

Put it this way. If someone in history has done something of note, there’s a good chance Zatanna’s related to him. 

And that’s it. The Top 10 Most Important Zatanna Facts That You Should Know. What do you think? Did I miss any important Zatanna facts?



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