8 Villains That Could Appear In A Deadpool Movie

Deadpool Movie

The first Deadpool movie was a resounding hit. The second, while not out at the time of this writing, will certainly be the same. If Marvel decides that a third Deadpool movie is on the docket, who should the villain be? I present to you, 8 Enemies That Could Appear In A Deadpool Movie.

1. Hit-Monkey

Hit MonkeyAs his name implies, Hit-Monkey is a man who is also, get this, a monkey. While his story is complicated, understand this, it is easily explained. Hit-Monkey is from a tribe whose inhabitants took in an assassin. Unbeknownst to them, the assassin had be pursued and when the pursuers find him, they wiped out Hit-Monkey’s tribe. From there, he equipped himself with a bag filled with guns and waged his personal war on the world.

In 2010, Deadpool crossed paths with the monkey on a mission and hilarity has ensued ever since.

2. Doctor Killebrew

Doctor KillebrewSomewhat done already…as in already done once…Dr. Killebrew is the actual Doctor who treated Wade Wilson in the Weapon X program. Killebrew was assigned to the Weapon X program as the Doctor who treated the failed experiments until they finally died. These experiments were treated in a laboratory that he called “The Workshop” and among them was his favorite, Deadpool.

He took a liking to Deadpool because the nature of his demeanor made him extremely difficult to kill and thus allowed him the ability to constantly work on him. With all the wanted/unwanted attention Wade’s mutation manifested and the rest, as they say, is history.

Aside from the irony of Fox/Marvel admitting that the original script was not on par with the way Wade’s story actually goes, it would be a lot of fun to watch Deadpool break the fourth wall and explain to his audience that the executives had made a mistake.

Just watching this unfold makes Doctor Killebrew a serious contender for a future Deadpool movie.

3. Typhoid Mary

Typhoid Mary

Seeing someone just as crazy, deranged, and torn apart as himself, Deadpool immediately took a liking to Typhoid Mary. He did so because he was trying to earn the affection of a mutant named Siryn and to do so, he tried to become a hero. As good as his intentions, Typhoid Mary pretended to be Siryn and wound up tricking him into sleeping with her. This moment makes him crack and he immediately gives up all hope of becoming a hero.

While this may not sound like that interesting of a story, imagine the possibilities of watching someone pull the wool over Deadpool’s eyes. Imagine the banter, wit, and all-out swear-fest that would happen once he realized that he had been deceived.

Given that the previous Deadpool movie and the next Deadpool movie are Rated “R”, nothing should be left on the table, including deceit and sex, for the third Deadpool movie.

4. Madcap

MadcapWhat happens when the writer’s at Marvel decide that their comic needs its own version of DC’s Joker? I suppose just by me asking this question under the Madcap heading, you already have the answer, don’t you?

Well on his way to insanity (even before meeting up with Deadpool) Madcap is a mutant, who like Deadpool possesses a healing factor. While traveling on a bus, the bus accidentally crashed into a chemical tanker. Of course, the only one to survive was Madcap and from that point forward, he dedicated his life to wreaking havoc on the world.

What makes his story so interesting is that after he met up with Deadpool, the two, through a series of events, became one…literally. The two wound up fused together until Deadpool found a way to have himself torn in half by Thor and Luke Cage.

Think about the on-screen possibilities of watching Deadpool argue with himself…

5. T-Ray

Claiming to be the real Wade Wilson, T-Ray has an intense hatred for Deadpool. Not only has he claimed that Deadpool is not Wade Wilson, he has also claimed that his actual name is “Jack”.

And why “Jack”?

Simply because “Jack” is responsible for the death of his wife.

Seeking revenge, T-Ray has sold his soul to the Dark Masters and trained to become a deadly assassin and sorcerer. He then uses these skills to compete with Deadpool for jobs so as to push him out of work. Not only would watching this play out on screen be downright entertaining but the visual effects involved with sorcery and the Dark Masters could be second to none. For these reasons, T-Ray should be considered for the next Deadpool movie.

6. Lady Death

Lady DeathI know this one will probably never happen, mainly due to the fact that Thanos is already appearing as the big bad guy in the Avengers movies, but had Marvel acquired Fox earlier, Lady Death would have been a no-brainer.



During a period that saw Deadpool as the focus of torture, Lady Death and he developed a little bit of romantic chemistry. Naturally, she makes him aware that in order for anything to every happen between the two he must be dead. This fact, coupled with his unwillingness to die, makes for a romantic comedy unsuited for television. Now throw in Thanos, who granted him immortality, and T-Ray and their never-ending quest to keep him alive and we’ve got something that even Three’s Company couldn’t touch.

7. Evil Deadpool

Evil DeadpoolQuestion: What happens when the ridiculous nature of Deadpool comes full force?

Answer: Evil Deadpool.

After learning that one of his fans had secretly been collecting and storing his severed limbs, Deadpool took it upon himself to take them back and throw them away. What he didn’t realize was as they began to thaw, their collective healing factors kicked in and they began to make their way back to each other. This, in turn, enabled them to reattached themselves to each other and form a new being.

The new being, Evil Deadpool, then began seeking out the most dangerous work it could find.

Yes, just about every storyline that surrounds Deadpool is a little bit ridiculous. And yes, this one may be the most far-fetched yet but understand that this would not stop it from becoming a potentially good Deadpool movie.

8. Ajax

AjaxI don’t think I need to rehash exactly who Ajax is.

Instead, I ask you to try to convince yourself how ludicrous it would be to see him once again on the big screen. If Marvel decided to reuse a character, Ajax may be the one to use.

I acknowledge that as a villain, he was borderline boring. However, by reusing him in another Deadpool movie, they may be able to undo exactly how boring he was and as some of the best chefs in the world may say, spice him up…and then Deadpool could acknowledge it.

And there is it. 8 Enemies That Could Appear In A Deadpool Movie. What do you think? Who would make your list? Leave it in the comments below.



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