Adam Warlock vs. Thor: Who Wins the Fight? (MCU & Comics)

thor vs adam warlock mcu and comics

Adam Warlock and Thor are known to be among the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe. Both possess god-like abilities and immense strength, making them formidable opponents in any battle. With the upcoming addition of Adam Warlock to the MCU with the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, we decided to check how the two would fare against each other in both comics and the MCU. Both are capable of planet-level destruction, and both survive blows dealt to them by Marvel’s toughest characters. When it comes to a battle between Adam Warlock and Thor, who would win in a fight both in the comics and in the MCU? 

Thor would win in a fight against Adam Warlock. The two clashed in the comics several times, and Thor simply proved to be the superior between the two each time. He simply has more potent powers. He is stronger, faster, and more durable. Even though we don’t know the full extent of Adam Warlock’s powers and abilities in the MCU yet, we can only assume that after Thor’s display of powers during Love & Thunder, Thor would likewise be victorious since Adam Warlock is newly created and doesn’t understand how things work yet. 

Now that we’ve covered that Thor would be victorious against Adam Warlock in both comics and the MCU, it’s time to analyze both characters in a bit more depth. We will take a closer look at the powers and abilities of both Adam Warlock and Thor, comparing their physical strength, combat skills, and special abilities so you can see how we came to our conclusion. If you’re interested, stay with us!

Powers and abilities

Thor has immense control over energy. He has abilities like manipulating elements, the soul, light, summoning, antimatter, warping reality, controlling space-time, traveling through time, and astral projection. As an Asgardian god, his abilities are nearly limitless, and he has many impressive feats of power in his history. One of his most powerful abilities is the God-Blast, an attack so strong it can even intimidate Galactus. The God-Blast is comprised of concentrated cosmic energy and can destroy almost anything. 

In the MCU, we’ve seen Thor at his worst and his best, the latest entry in the series of Thor standalone movies, Love & Thunder, proved that Thor is currently at his peak. We’ve seen feats from destroying a chunk of Gorr’s planetoid to harming Zeus with his own lighting. It would be hard to go against the current Thor.  

Thor stormbreaker

Adam Warlock is the embodiment of perfect physiology. He has an array of god-like powers, such as energy manipulation, creating energy constructs, and utilizing a unique form of magic. He also has access to the Soul Gem, which enhances his mystical abilities and allows him to perform body transmutation and astral projection. 

He is skilled in casting spells and opening portals to distant parts of the universe. He has limited control over reality, time, and space and can manipulate certain elements like fire. As a master of Quantum magic, Adam Warlock can control souls and time travel.

Adam Warlock powers

In the MCU, Adam Warlock was created as a representation of a perfect Sovereign created by Ayesha to oppose the Guardians of the Galaxy, and this is the most that we know about him now. We’re not sure what kind of powers and abilities Adam will have at his disposal, but they probably won’t be able to counter current Thor. At least not when Adam Warlock is in his “infant” stage.  

Going by the comics history, this point goes to Thor. 

Points: Adam Warlock (0:1) Thor


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Strength and Stamina 

Thor has immeasurable strength in the comics and unlimited reserves of stamina. His Asgardian physiology allows him to fight for days without getting tired, as his muscles do not produce fatigue toxins.  

In the MCU, Thor has multiple impressive feats of strength as well. Most recently, he managed to toss multiple speeders dozens of feet away and stop two of them by using nothing but his legs. It would be hard to beat this level of raw strength.

Thor stops speeders with legs

Adam Warlock likewise has impressive strength at his disposal. He was previously listed to be class 4 but has proven time and time again that he can greatly enhance it. In terms of stamina, in Warlock’s case, it’s not unlimited. His advanced physiology produces fewer fatigue toxins, but still, he can perform at his maximum capacity for a few hours until the effects of fatigue overcome him. 

Adam Warlock manhandles thor

Points: Adam Warlock (0:2) Thor


Thor can achieve massively faster-than-light speeds. He can fly, and he can teleport by using Mjolnir. In terms of combat speeds, Thor is known to be among the fastest combatants in the Marvel Universe, and he is barely outmatched by only the likes of Sentry, who is, as we know, currently among the strongest characters in the Marvel Universe. In the MCU, Thor managed to dodge hypersonic energy blasts on several occasions and demonstrated lightning-fast reflexes. 

Thor lightning

Adam Warlock can match speeds faster than the speed of sounds. He can likewise fly by neutralizing Earth’s gravitation field. Utilizing his quantum magic, Adam Warlock can likewise teleport. In terms of traveling speeds, Warlock can match every Thor’s ability, but in terms of combat speeds, he is simply slower between the two. We don’t know what kind of speeds Warlock will demonstrate in the MCU, but they will probably match his comic book history with all adjacent extra abilities at his disposal. Still, he surely won’t be able to compare to Thor. 

Adam warlock dodges missiles

Points: Adam Warlock (0:3) Thor


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Adam Warlock can withstand more damage than an average human, as was seen when he was able to withstand attacks from Thor and Hulk. He also has a powerful healing factor, making him nearly immortal and not subject to regular aging. While he is not invincible, he is difficult to kill compared to other superheroes in the Marvel universe. 

Thor, during his long comic-book run, proved himself nearly indestructible. He managed to tank hits from some of the universe’s strongest entities. His powerful healing factor allows him to repair even the most severe damage in a matter of seconds, and his Asgardian physiology afforded him bodily tissues more durable than anything we’ve seen on Earth. 

Thor vs gorr

Most recently, in the MCU, we’ve seen Thor resisting and passing almost unharmed by several strikes dealt by Gorr with the Necrosword. 

Going by the comics. Adam Warlock is nowhere near as durable and damage-resistant as Thor, so the point goes to the God of Thunder

Points: Adam Warlock (0:4) Thor


Adam Warlock was gifted with heightened senses, giving him a greater connection to the forces of the universe. He has a cosmic awareness and can detect anomalies from across the universe. Additionally, as a powerful telepath and clairvoyant, he can see through time and has shown a level of precognition. This is partly due to his enhanced brain structure and his mystical abilities. Adam Warlock is extremely intelligent and has demonstrated a vast knowledge of the universe’s workings. However, he has shown on several occasions that his practical knowledge of life is nearly nothing. And since Warlock in the MCU will, at that stage, probably be an infant, we can expect the same. 

Thor might be more intelligent than the average human, but that’s about it. He was never considered among the smartest characters in the Marvel Universe, even though he possesses a vast knowledge of warfare, tactics, and strategies. But this, likewise, is probably due to his unnaturally long lifespan, if anything else. In the MCU, Thor was never able to compete with the rest of the heroes in the battle of wits, and we can only assume it would be the same compared to Adam Warlock. 

We can safely award this point to Warlock. 

Points: Adam Warlock (1:4) Thor

Combat Skills 

Thor has had centuries of experience in the art of warfare, honing his combat skills and proficiency with weapons. He is considered one of the most skilled fighters in the Marvel Universe due to his extensive training and practice with Asgardian weapons and his mastery of energy manipulation powers. It would be hard to beat Thor even by more experienced fighters, and experience is something that Warlock is not.

Thor combat skills

Adam Warlock never had to focus on his combat skills due to the array of other god-like abilities at his disposal. In this category, he is severely outclassed by Thor, especially as a newborn. 

Points: Adam Warlock (1:5) Thor


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Adam Warlock vs. Thor: Who wins in both the comics and the MCU 

As you can see in our analysis, according to the comic book history, Thor outclasses Warlock in just about every aspect. He is a more powerful, faster, stronger, durable, and better combatant. Their fights in the comics demonstrate the same thing, as Warlock himself stated that Thor is more powerful than him, and on some occasions, Thor ended up seriously injuring him when the two fought. 

We don’t have enough info to compare Adam Warlock’s and Thor’s MCU versions. Still, considering the crazy feats that the most recent Thor version demonstrated in Love & Thunder, it would be especially hard to defeat him. 

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