‘Ahsoka’: Here’s How Baylan Skoll Might Die


There are a lot of things that we still don’t know about the ‘Ahsoka’ series despite the fact that it only has one more episode left. The one thing that has always evaded us is Baylan Skoll’s goal. With one episode left on the docket, Baylan has been quite ambiguous with the things that he wants to achieve and how he wants to achieve them. But we do know that he has been seeking power on Peridea in the hopes of achieving this goal of his.

At this point, we aren’t sure what Baylan’s ultimate fate is, even though his actor died earlier this year. But there’s a good reason to believe he might die in the season finale of ‘Ahsoka,’ although we aren’t sure of that. So, with that said, let’s look at some of the theories that we have regarding Baylan Skoll’s possible death.

Fighting for his goal

We know that Baylan Skoll has a goal that he believes is so important that he is willing to allow Grand Admiral Thrawn to return to the known galaxy and wage war with the New Republic. In fact, he was even willing to allow his disciple to part ways with him as he thought that this goal was far more important than anything in the galaxy. And we only know bits and pieces of the goal that Baylan wants to achieve.

We do know that he wants to return to the beginning, whatever that may be. He seeks something powerful on Peridea because he believes that this great power could allow him to undo and destroy the repeating cycle of death and destruction associated with the Jedi Order and its history. And he seems to be so invested in this goal that he is willing to drop everything.

We know that Ahsoka, Ezra, and Sabine likely don’t have another way to return to the known galaxy, and that is why there’s a good chance that the power that Baylan is seeking is the only way for them to return home. That is why they might have to fight Baylan in the finale, and that Baylan dies trying to achieve his goal.

A hero’s death

Another thing that we have all noticed about Baylan is that he isn’t totally evil. Some fans even call him a true Grey Jedi because he doesn’t seem to be doing evil things for evil’s sake. There are hints of him still honoring his Jedi upbringing, as he didn’t want to kill Ahsoka. In that regard, it is clear that Baylan hasn’t entirely fallen to the dark side of the Force.


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So, because of that, there’s still a good chance that he will see the mistake in his ways, especially if he realizes that the power that he has been searching for on Peridea isn’t what he thought it was. Even Shin noticed that the Great Mothers were likely fleeing from this power on Peridea, and there was a good chance that this entity might be something so great and evil that not even Baylan wanted something to do with it.

If that’s the case, Baylan might switch over to the good side at the very last moment after realizing his faults. Even though he has done evil things, he still has his Jedi honor intact. But the fact that there is still some good left in him could still allow him to make up for his mistakes and join the good guys. And doing so will likely allow him to die a hero’s death, as that is the only way for him to redeem himself for his past mistakes.

Falling to the dark side

There’s a really good reason why Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati have blood-orange-colored lightsabers instead of the usual red lightsabers that the bad guys are associated with. To some, this symbolizes that they are yet to completely fall to the dark side of the Force and that there is still something good left in them, especially when you look at the fact that they seem to operate in the grey areas of morality.

This opens up the possibility that his obsession with the goal that he is trying to achieve and the fact that this powerful entity on Peridea is possibly quite too evil could lead him to the dark side of the Force completely. We already know that one foot has already stepped through the door of the dark side while the other foot is still undecided. But whatever he is looking for could completely drive him to the dark side.


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Of course, we aren’t sure what this power on Peridea is or its nature. We only know that Baylan Skoll seems to be quite obsessed with it because he believes his goal is to help the entire galaxy. That is why there’s a chance that he might fall to the dark side and end up dying at the hands of none other than Ahsoka, Ezra, and Sabine, who might have to work together simultaneously to defeat Baylan.

Shin’s possible betrayal

Finally, we know that Baylan parted ways with Shin because he believed she was trying to achieve a different goal. He believed that Shin wanted to be part of Thrawn’s Empire, so he gave her a chance to prove herself to be good enough to earn her place within Thrawn’s Imperial troops.

But when Shin failed to defeat Ahsoka, Ezra, and Sabine, Thrawn’s troops abandoned her on the battlefield, leaving her all alone. She even rejected Ahsoka’s offer of joining them so that they could help her. And we know that Shin could either turn good or become evil.

A devastated Shin could turn totally evil by going to where her master is so that she could betray him out of anger for abandoning her. At this point, she is still just a confused young girl who doesn’t know what she wants and is still trying to make sense of her emotions and feelings. Shin could possibly kill Baylan after realizing that her master had abandoned her for the sake of his goals.

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