10 Best Baylan Skoll Quotes From ‘Ahsoka’


Baylan Skoll has been the most interesting character in ‘Ahsoka’ so far because of the fact that he has a very mysterious past and an equally mysterious goal that he wants to achieve. But the best part about him is that, while he has done a lot of evil things, he seems to be someone who thinks that he has a greater goal in mind. Of course, let’s not forget that he has retained his Jedi honor.

Because Baylan seems to have a very interesting personality, he has said some of the deepest things in the storyline of ‘Ahsoka.’ Based on the things he said in the series, he seems to think that the ends justify the means. These can be seen in his words. So, with that said, let’s look at some of the best Baylan Skoll quotes from the ‘Ahsoka’ series.

10. “Our existence remains a mystery to most, Captain Hayle.”

One of the first things that Baylan Skoll said was this one. When Captain Hayle of the New Republic doubted that he was a Jedi because the Jedi were all but gone, Baylan told him that his existence was a mystery to most. After all, he survived Order 66 and lived through the entire Imperial era without getting caught by the Empire or even joining the Rebellion. In that regard, he was able to make his presence and existence a mystery from the Empire the entire time, only for him to resurface five years after the destruction of the Imperials.

9. “This is a new beginning. For some… War. For others… Power.”

When Shin Hati asked her master, Baylan Skoll, what was in store for them upon Grand Admiral Thrawn’s return to the known galaxy, that was what the fallen Jedi said. He believed that helping Morgan Elsbeth in her mission to get Thrawn back would give them the power that they needed to achieve their goals. Of course, he was still quite ambiguous as to what this power was and what goal he was trying to achieve.


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8. “Your legacy, like your Master’s, is one of death and destruction.”

During the duel between Baylan and Ahsoka, the fallen Jedi often spoke about Anakin Skywalker and the things that he did. He tried to keep Ahsoka unbalanced with his taunting about Anakin and their past as a master-and-apprentice duo. During the latter part of the duel, Baylan told Ahsoka that she carried the same legacy that Anakin carried, and he was talking about the legacy of death and destruction that came with Skywalker when he contributed to the fall of the Jedi Order.

7. “I miss… the idea of it. But not the truth, the weakness. There was no future there.”

During the events of episode 6, Shin Hati asks her master if she misses the Jedi Order, only for him to say this quote. Baylan surely missed the Jedi Order and the idea of having an Order of peacekeepers. However, what became clear to us was that he didn’t miss what the Jedi Order had become during the latter parts of its existence. He knew that the Jedi Order had become a group of hypocrites and weak people who couldn’t lead it to a new future.

6. “That sort of power is fleeting. What I seek is the beginning, so I may finally bring this cycle to an end.”

In episode 6, Shin thought that she and her master would take their place together with Thrawn in the Empire as the new Jedi Order, only for Baylan to dismiss that idea. For him, that kind of power is temporary and fleeting, just like how the power of the Jedi Order and the Empire were also fleeting. Instead, he was looking for the kind of power that could bring him back to the beginning so that he could end the endless cycle of death and destruction that seems to be associated with the Jedi.

5. “The only reason I’m here is to secure the future.”

When Ahsoka first encountered Baylan, the titular character asked why Baylan was trying to bring Thrawn back to the known galaxy and why he was helping Morgan Elsbeth achieve her goals. That was when Baylan told her he was there to secure the future, only for Ahsoka to wonder if this future was selfish. Clearly, Baylan had no plans of telling Ahsoka what his goals were and what kind of future he was trying to achieve.

4. “I couldn’t make sense of it at the time. As you get older, look at history, you realize it’s all inevitable. The fall of the Jedi, rise of the Empire. It repeats again and again and again.”

In a scene involving Baylan and Shin, the master told his apprentice that he was devastated when the Jedi Order, which was everything that he knew his entire life, was destroyed. But he spent the entire Imperial era realizing that there were problems associated with the Jedi Order and that there has always been an endless cycle of war between the Jedi and any kind of empire that was looking to take over the galaxy. He saw an endless cycle of death and destruction associated with the Jedi, which was why he wanted to stop this cycle.

3. “Your ambition drives you in one direction, my path lies in another.”

Episode 7 allowed us to see Baylan and Shin finally catching up with Ezra Bridger and Sabine Wren. However, instead of attacking the duo, Baylan left the job to his apprentice, who was wondering why he had no plans to help her. That was when Baylan told her he realized she had a different ambition that was not in line with his own goals. As such, he parted ways with Shin because he thought he had a different goal he needed to achieve with or without his apprentice.


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2. “War is inevitable. One must destroy in order to create.”

During the earlier part of the ‘Ahsoka’ series, Baylan said that it was important for them to allow Thrawn to wage war on the New Republic because he needed to destroy the current system to create a new one. Of course, while Baylan had no interest in Thrawn’s war, he still thought that he needed to destroy the current system to give rise to something new. And that was what he wanted to achieve with the power he sought on Peridea.

1. “One parting lesson, Shin. Impatience for victory will guarantee defeat.”

When Baylan parted ways with Shin, he left her with one last lesson that he wanted her to remember. He told her that she needed to be patient because impatience almost always guarantees defeat. Of course, they parted ways on good terms, but Shin eventually became a bit too impatient with her approach to Ezra and Sabine. In that regard, she ended up getting defeated and abandoned by both her master and even Grand Admiral Thrawn.

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