‘Ahsoka’: Why Does Sabine Call Ahsoka “Master?” Explained

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One of the things that we saw in the latest ‘Ahsoka’ trailer was that the storyline focuses more on Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren. The relationship between the two strong women was a highlight in the trailer as there was a point wherein Sabine actually called Ahsoka her “Master.” This means their relationship has grown ever since the end of ‘Star Wars: Rebels.’ So, why does Sabine call Ahsoka “Master?”

Ahsoka Tano hinted in the trailer that she “abandoned” Sabine. This means that, at one point in time, Ahsoka acted as a mentor to Sabine. It is possible that Ahsoka taught Sabine how to use a lightsaber while they were traveling since we know that Ezra Bridger’s lightsaber is still with Sabine.

We cannot help but speculate what kind of relationship Ahsoka and Sabine have, especially now that there are a lot of people that claim that there’s a good chance that Sabine is sensitive to the Force. While that remains to be seen, we know that Ahsoka clearly acted as a master to Sabine for quite a while. That said, let’s look into this relationship more.

Ahsoka taught Sabine how to use a lightsaber

The latest trailer of the ‘Ahsoka’ series has gotten fans talking more about this upcoming Disney+ original. That’s because the focus shifted to the Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren duo, who were already familiar with one another in ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ but were never very close back then. But the fact that they now have a more interesting relationship changes things for the upcoming ‘Ahsoka’ series.

Those who may have forgotten should refresh their memory of what happened in the finale of ‘Rebels.’ Ezra Bridger left his lightsaber with Sabine before he went to confront Grand Admiral Thrawn.

His strategy worked because he was able to place Thrawn in a position where he couldn’t do anything. And when Ezra asked his Purrgil friends to take them to hyperspace, he and Thrawn went missing for years.

So, in the final scenes of ‘Rebels,’ we saw that Ahsoka met up with Sabine at the end of the Rebellion. Their goal was to look for Ezra in different parts of the galaxy, as no one knew where Bridger was or what happened to him after he and Thrawn disappeared. Of course, we know that Thrawn is set to return in ‘Ahsoka.’ But we aren’t sure what happened to Ezra.


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Whatever the case, we know that Ahsoka and Sabine went on a journey together, which allowed their relationship to evolve. And the fact that Ezra left his lightsaber with Sabine may have prompted her to train in using the lightsaber.

We already know that Sabine is a weapons expert and a trained martial artist because she was born a Mandalorian and she trained in the Imperial Academy before she defected from the Empire. Meanwhile, in the events of ‘Rebels,’ Sabine found the Darksaber and decided to try to learn how to use this rare lightsaber. She trained under Kanan Jarrus even though she wasn’t strong in the Force.

Sabine was a natural in the use of the Darksaber but initially struggled with it due to how “heavy” it felt in her hands. But while she may have learned how to use a lightsaber, Sabine had to give up her lightsaber training because she gave the Darksaber to Bo-Katan Kryze. Of course, after Ezra gave his lightsaber to Sabine, she didn’t have a teacher because Kanan was already gone as well.

sabine darksaber

So, it is possible that Sabine continued her lightsaber training under the guidance of Ahsoka Tano while they were traveling together. This allowed Sabine to hone her talents as a swordsman and use a lightsaber even though she probably isn’t sensitive to the Force. And we did see in the trailer that she was good enough in using the lightsaber to give problems to Shin Hati, who is undoubtedly strong in the Force.

There’s a mentor-apprentice relationship between them

Of course, the trailer also allowed us to see that Ahsoka and Sabine were now trying to fix their relationship. In one of the scenes, Ahsoka was talking to Hera Syndulla and told her that she had never completed her training under Anakin Skywalker because she “abandoned him.” And she also said that she also abandoned Sabine as well.


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In that regard, it is clear that Sabine called Ahsoka her master because they had a mentor-apprentice relationship in the past and that Ahsoka must have acted as Sabine’s master in lightsaber combat or even in the use of the Force (if Sabine is strong in the Force).

Of course, they must have spent a long time together because we know that at least five years have gone by since the end of ‘Rebels’ and the start of ‘Ahsoka.’ And that means they probably traveled the galaxy together for years before Ahsoka needed to leave Sabine.

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As such, Ahsoka Tano is not just looking to stop the return of Grand Admiral Thrawn as the heir to the Empire but is also looking to repair her relationship with Sabine Wren, who may have felt that the people that cared about her had abandoned her. 

We know that the crew members of the Ghost went their separate ways after the end of the Rebellion, as Zeb worked for the New Republic. Hera went on to raise her son. We know that Ahsoka was basically the only person that Sabine had because Kanan was dead, and Ezra was missing in action. 

But the fact that Ahsoka also “abandoned” Sabine might have affected the Mandalorian girl, and that was why she wasn’t exactly happy about seeing her old master, as suggested by the ‘Ahsoka’ trailer. And Ahsoka may be now looking to try to fix her relationship with Sabine because this was something that she could do with Anakin.

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