What Happened to Ezra Bridger at the End of the ‘Rebels’? He Survived

What Happened to Ezra Bridger at the End of the ‘Rebels Is He Dead

Because ‘Ahsoka’ series was always going to continue the story of ‘Star Wars: Rebels,’ the interest of fans in the ‘Rebels’ storyline has increased. Of course, while we know that the characters of ‘Rebels’ appeared in ‘Ahsoka,’ one Rebel’s fate was always a great mystery, especially with how the ‘Rebels’ series ended. We are talking about Ezra Bridger, the main character of the series. So, what happened to Ezra Bridger?

Ezra Bridger sacrificed himself at the end of ‘Rebels’ to outsmart General Thrawn. He allowed himself to get captured in Thrawn’s ship to summon a pod of Purrgil that used their abilities to take Thrawn’s ship into hyperspace. ‘Ahsoka’ series eventually revealed that Ezra and Thrawn were transported to Peridea, the ancient homeworld of Nightsisters in a different galaxy. Once there, Ezra continued evading Thrawn’s forces and allied himself with different creatures in order to survive.

Of course, now that we have confirmation that Ezra is, in fact, alive. We’re excited to see what the Star Wars franchise has in store for him. If you’re interested in Ezra’s journey so far, stay with us and keep reading!

Ezra’s fate explained

The entire storyline of ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ focused a lot on the rise of Ezra Bridger from a common street thief to a young Jedi prospect. Initially impatient and difficult to teach, Ezra’s heart was in the right place because he wanted to be a Jedi to have the power to protect the people of Lothal and those on the wrong end of the abusive nature of the Empire.

And while he lost his master, Kanan Jarrus, along the way, Ezra proved more than capable of handling his own even though he struggled a bit with his inner darkness.

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Of course, Ezra and the entire crew of the Ghost and the different Rebels that they befriended along the way fought hard against the might of the Empire and the amazing tactical brilliance of Grand Admiral Thrawn, who was almost seemingly one step ahead of them every single time. But during the series’ final moments, Ezra finally saw the chance to free Lothal from the Empire and defeat Thrawn.

During the final few moments of ‘Rebels,’ Ezra found a way to seemingly put Thrawn in the middle of a tough situation about the Imperial forces on Lothal. On board his ship, the Chimaera, Thrawn wasn’t intimidated by Bridger. And that was when he decided to open fire on the capital city of Lothal, hurting innocent people and destroying many buildings along the way.

Ezra had no choice but to give himself up to Thrawn to save the city’s people from the Empire’s wrath. He boarded the Chimaera, and that was when the other Rebels moved to find a way to secure the city’s shield generator to protect it from the laser cannons of the ship.

Aboard the Chimaera, Ezra met up with Thrawn as the grand admiral realized his surrender was a sign of his nature as a true Jedi. Thrawn told Ezra that he may have been powerful in the Force but didn’t know how to wield it as a weapon. But Ezra disagreed with him as it was clear that he had other plans in mind.


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Thrawn sent Ezra to meet Emperor Palpatine via hologram as the Sith Lord tried to convince him to unlock the door to the World Between Worlds, which was one of the things that the emperor wanted to control.

However, Ezra rejected the offer to join Palpatine, who offered him a chance to reunite with his deceased parents. Palpatine sent guards and troopers to kill Ezra, who used the Force to defeat them. While that was happening, the Rebels on the ground could restart the city’s shield generators to protect the people from the Chimaera’s bombardment.

Unknown to Thrawn, Ezra had sent some of his comrades on a mission to summon a pod of Purrgils, creatures that could travel through hyperspace naturally. The Purrgils arrived to destroy a good part of Thrawn’s fleet. While the Purrgils were attacking, Ezra reached the bridge to confront Thrawn. Clearly, Ezra had found a way to outsmart the man that was almost impossible to outsmart.

Ezra disarmed Thrawn and allowed the Purrgils to grab onto the Chimaera. He used his ability to communicate with animals to tell the Purrgils to jump into hyperspace. As they were about to jump into hyperspace, Ezra told his friends that it was up to them to defeat the Empire and that the Force would always guide them. 

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After that, the Purrgils carried the Chimaera into hyperspace as Ezra and Thrawn were thrown into unknown parts of the galaxy without the means of returning to their comrades.

More than four years later, the Rebels were seen celebrating the victory over the Empire when the second Death Star was destroyed and the emperor was defeated. However, Ezra was nowhere to be found as Ahsoka and Sabine were about to go on a quest to go looking for him.

Five years after that, Ahsoka appeared in season 2 of ‘The Mandalorian’ when she went up against one of Thrawn’s men to ask the whereabouts of the grand admiral. That was when it was clear that Ezra’s fate was still unknown.

Ezra’s and Thrawn’s location was revealed in ‘Ahsoka’

Episode 6 of ‘Ahsoka’ finally revealed what happened both to Ezra and to Thrawn after Purrgils carried them to the unknown Galaxy. Leaving their home Galaxy, Ezra and Thrawn were carried to Peridea, an ancient Nightsister Homeworld that Purrgils used as their final resting place.

Thrawn spent the last decade building his mysterious army of Night Troopers with the help of the Trio of Great Mothers, who were the ones to make contact with Morgan Elsbeth. Ezra spent his time on Peridea eluding Thrawn and his forces, as the Chiss never managed to catch him and didn’t have resources to spare to locate him on a vast and desolate planet.

The mystery of Ezra’s location is revealed when Thrawn sets Sabine free, hoping she will lead them to him. Sabine located the Noti village where Ezra was hiding for who knows how long, surviving through his resourcefulness and wit.

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