Alaqua Cox Star of ‘Echo’ Has Neat Ideas for Season 2 of the Show: “I Think I’d Like to Face the Green Goblin”

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MCU’s ‘Echo’ was a significant show for many reasons. First, it was the first TV-MA show released on the platform as a part of the MCU, it was also the first show to release under the ‘Marvel Spotlight’ banner, and the first to release on Hulu simultaneously. The show also changed the MCU timeline canonizing Netflix’s Defenders Saga.

While plenty of fans expected the show to fail since Echo is in large part, a lesser and not exactly popular character in the comics, it was a breath of fresh air. Fans were surprised both by the action and by Cox’s performance, and needles to say, we can expect to see more of Echo in the future, considering that the show, through the post-credits scene, directly led to the events of the upcoming ‘Daredevil: Born Again.’

We don’t know whether ‘Echo’ will have a season 2, as ‘Loki’ is currently the only MCU show that had a second season, but Cox would certainly like for Maya’s story to continue and she discussed that recently in her interview with Screenrant.

[I’d like more of] Maya’s family. I wouldn’t mind if they went to New York City and all got revenge on those people that have hurt them and also used the powers of their ancestors that they have. I think that’d be cool storyline. And the Green Goblin. That would be pretty cool. I think I’d like to face the Green Goblin.

Cox explained that she would like to take her story (and her family) to New York City and that she would like to fight Green Goblin. While this seemed a bit far-fetched, in recent times, there is more and more talk that the next few MCU projects will be focused on street-level stories until the execs figure out what to do with Multiverse from now on, this opens up quite a lot of possibilities for characters like Daredevil, Kingpin, Spider-Man, Echo and similar. Fans certainly react well to those types of rumors, feeling that the Multiverse concept is getting a bit tiring.

Cox also explained that she would like to cross paths with the Avengers and other superheroes, which likewise seems likely.

I would hope that she’s able to cross paths with other superheroes as well, for example, the Avengers. That would be a dream come true if she was able to meet any of the Avengers or even if she was in Daredevil [Born Again]. We just don’t know. I’d like to see any of those possibilities.

What do you think? Would you like to see ‘Echo’ Season 2? Let us know in the comments below!

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