All 13 Characters Kylo Ren Killed, Ranked by Importance

kylo ren

The story of Kylo Ren is very tragic in that he was also a Skywalker who fell to the dark side of the Force because of certain personal issues he couldn’t get over. In that regard, he was a man who became very angry and was hellbent on destroying the Jedi Order and the family members tied to his past as a Jedi named Ben Solo. That was why the early storyline of the sequel trilogy saw Kylo Ren as the main antagonist.

Of course, because he fell to the dark side and had to do evil things for the sake of the First Order, Kylo Ren killed many people. Many of the people he killed during the events of the sequel trilogy were some of the most important characters in the storyline. In that regard, let’s look at all the characters Kylo Ren killed in Star Wars.

13. Filin


‘Star Wars: The Rise of Kylo Ren’ is a canon comic book that details the story of Ben Solo and how he fell to the dark side to become Kylo Ren. One of the characters he killed during the earlier part of the comic book series was Filin, who wasn’t a Force-sensitive person. Although Filin played a part, Kylo Ren ultimately killed him when h slashed him with his lightsaber off-panel.

12. Lor San Tekka

lor san

The early part of ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ allowed us to see one of the things that Kylo Ren did as an evil enforcer working for Supreme Leader Snoke and the First Order during the battles between the Resistance and the First Order. We know that Ren was actively looking for BB-8, who had information relevant to Luke Skywalker’s whereabouts, and that was why the droid was so important to Rn.


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During the earlier part of ‘The Force Awakens,’ Ren captured Lor San Tekka and the people of his village as he believed that they knew where Poe Dameron and BB-8 were. When San Tekka didn’t want to tell him where they were and even brought up his past, Kylo Ren killed him without remorse. In that regard, he was an important character that was killed rather quickly in the movies as he was the first victim of Ren in the sequel trilogy.

11. Defenseless Villagers


Of course, after Kylo Ren killed Lor San Tekka in the village of Jakku, he eventually allowed his Stormtroopers to massacre all of the other villagers that were basically defenseless. In that regard, it was clear that he had no conscience whatsoever, as these villagers didn’t even pose a threat to him and the First Order.

Of course, this is one of the crimes often overlooked concerning Kylo Ren because he didn’t kill the villagers himself. But the fact of the matter is that he was still responsible for their deaths, albeit in an indirect manner.

10. Resistances Pilots

kylo ren tie

During the events of ‘Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi,’ we saw the First Order battling the Resistance fleets during one of the most important parts of the story.

The Resistance escaped the First Order through hyperspeed, but Kylo Ren and the other pilots continued to attack the main ship. In that regard, we saw Kylo Ren firing and killing several Resistance pilots as he shot them down during a dogfight.

In fact, there was a point wherein Kylo Ren had a chance to kill Leia Organa, who was on board the main ship. However, he paused for a moment after sensing his mother, which was why he hesitated, only for another pilot to take the shot that destroyed the bridge of the main ship and nearly killed Leia.

9. Alazmec


During the events of ‘Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker,’ Kylo Ren went on a journey to try to find Exegol and Palpatine, who was believed to be hiding in that ancient Sith world. Along the way, he killed the Alazmec, who belonged to a Sith cult called the Sith Eternal.

Ren eventually found Palpatine, who revealed that he was the one who had been manipulating everything that had happened to him during the events of his downfall to the dark side. That was when he ordered Kylo Ren to track Rey down and bring her to him. Of course, the people working for Palpatine on that planet were similar to the ones that Kylo Ren killed when he was still searching for Exegol.

8. Agent Tierny


‘Star Wars: Resistance’ is an animated TV show that allows us to see more of the other Resistance members during the different battles between the Resistance and the First Order. In that regard, Kylo Ren was one of the characters featured in this series, although he took a backseat to the other characters of this show. 

One such character was Agent Tierny, who worked for the First Order during the events of the storyline. However, when she fails to capture the members of the Resistance, Tierny is killed by Kylo Ren, who strangled her because of his disappointment.

7. Members of the Praetorian Guard

ren and rey praetorian

One of the things that we saw during the events of ‘The Last Jedi’ was the fact that Kylo Ren betrayed his own master so that he could save Rey. Of course, we’ll get to that later.

But after he killed Supreme Leader Snoke, the members of the Praetorian Guard, who were in charge of keeping the Snoke safe, had to step in to avenge the treachery of Kylo Ren.


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Ren and Rey worked together to defeat all of the members of the Praetorian Guard, who were well-trained fighters that could use various forms of martial arts and different styles of fighting with weapons.

This was one of the best action scenes in the movie, as Ren and Rey ended up defeating the Praetorian Guard with moderate difficulty due to how skilled these fighters were.

6. His Knights of Ren

knights of ren

One of the things that Kylo Ren could do after becoming Kylo Ren during the events of ‘The Rise of Kylo Ren’ was that he obtained the disciples of Ren, who was a powerful leader of a group of fighters. In that regard, he became the leader of the Knights of Ren after he had proven himself strong and capable enough to lead them.

During the tail-end of ‘The Rise of Skywalker,’ we saw Kylo Ren attempting to save Rey from Palpatine after he returned to the light side of the Force. Equipped with Anakin Skywalker’s blue lightsaber, Ben Solo went on to fight the Knights of Ren after he received the Skywalker Lightsaber from Rey. He ended up killing his own men, who were more loyal to Palpatine than they were to him.

5. The Jedi


One of the things that we learned about Kylo Ren when he fell to the dark side was that he did so after he thought that his own uncle, Luke Skywalker, was about to kill him. What happened was that he set his tent on fire and believed that he had killed Luke.

After that, he destroyed the Jedi Temple after summoning a lightning bolt from the sky due to his immense anger and growing power in the dark side. Doing so killed a lot of different Jedi students that Luke was training at that time.

After that, Ren continued his descent down the dark side of the Force when he joined the leader of the Knights of Ren. Hinnix, Voe, and Tai pursued him, the last of Luke’s students. While Ren was close to them while he was still a Jedi, he killed all of them. This meant he no longer had any problems killing people that used to be friends.

4. Ren and the Knights of Ren

ren and knights of ren

While Kylo Ren did indeed join Ren and the Knights of Ren, he ended up doing one of the things that dark-side Force wielders are known for—betraying their allies. What happened was that Kylo ended up challenging Ren and killing him in the process.

He also killed some Knights of Ren before he earned the status as the leader of the Knights of Ren. This was when he finally became Kylo Ren after living his entire life as Ben Solo before that moment.

3. Han Solo

han death

One of the things that we saw during the events of ‘The Force Awakens’ was that Rey had grown close to Han Solo, who she saw as the father that she never had. While that may be the case, what was also true was that Han was the father of Kylo Ren, who used to be Ben Solo.

And the one thing that Snoke wanted Ren to do was to sever his ties with the people that were dear to him when he was still Ben.

On Starkiller Base, Han Solo finally saw his son again as he attempted to bring him back while apologizing for his mistakes as a father. This was a heartbreaking moment for Star Wars fans because Kylo Ren decided to kill his father in cold blood, even though Han simply wanted to see his son once more.

Killing Han allowed Kylo Ren to get closer and closer to the dark side as it was seemingly becoming clear that there probably wasn’t anything that was going to bring him back.

2. Supreme Leader Snoke

snoke death

As mentioned, during the events of ‘The Last Jedi’ events, Kylo Ren brought Rey to his master, Supreme Leader Snoke. Ren, however, had grown attached to Rey due to their unique connection through the Force. But Snoke wanted Kylo Ren to become the strongest version of himself, so he wanted his apprentice to kill Rey, who was becoming the greatest threat to the First Order, even though she had just started training as a Jedi.


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Snoke closed his eyes and started seeing a vision of Kylo Ren igniting his lightsaber and killing his “true enemy.” But the truth was that Ren was using the Force to slowly ignite the Skywalker Lightsaber next to Snoke. He immediately ignited the lightsaber, cutting Snoke in half. In that regard, Kylo Ren defeated and killed the Supreme Leader by betraying him. But he did so to take Snoke’s position as the new Supreme Leader of the First Order.

1. A Heroic Sacrifice

kylo ren dying

During the climax of ‘The Rise of Skywalker,’ Kylo Ren decided to return to the light side of the Force after losing Rey and saw a vision of his mother, who used the last of her energy to connect to her son.

Leia’s death ultimately allowed Ren to return to the light side and become Ben Solo again. And he decided to help Rey fight Palpatine in the final battle of ‘The Rise of Skywalker.’

However, Palpatine used the connection between Rey and Solo to re-establish his connection to the dark side of the Force and become stronger than he ever was. Rey died as a result of what Palpatine did to her.

Kylo Ren did what he needed to do by using the Force to revive her so that she could use the power of all of the Jedi to defeat Palpatine. But in saving Rey, Ben Solo used all of his energy, which was why he sacrificed himself so that Rey could finally defeat the revived emperor.

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