Star Wars: All 7 Sith Ranks, Ranked & Explained

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There was once a point in time wherein the Sith Order was a vast empire, as this was something that was shown in the Legends side of Star Wars, especially during the Old Republic era. While the Old Republic is yet to be explored by the current Star Wars canon, we know that this is an era of Star Wars that fans love due to how chaotic and downright enjoyable it is because of the constant battles between the Jedi Order and the Sith Empire.

Because the Sith Order was once a large empire, there were a lot of different members of the Sith. Unlike the Rule of Two, which states that there could only be a master and an apprentice, there were different ranks in the old Sith Empire. So, with that said, let’s look at all of the Sith ranks in Legends.

7. Sith Acolyte​

The lowest rank within the Sith Order was the Sith Acolyte rank. Also known as Sith Initiates, these were the “younglings” of the Sith and were young members of the order. They were still trying to make their way up the ladder of the Sith Order as they were still raw recruits who needed to undergo strict training in the dark side of the Force. That means that they possess raw potential in the Force.


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However, high-ranking Sith don’t see the Sith Acolytes as actual Sith but are merely users of the dark side of the Force. That is why they have to train hard to become true Sith. The problem for the Sith hopeful is that the Acolyte stage can be tough because the Sith tend to be much harder on their recruits than the Jedi because they believe being hard on them would make them stronger and angrier.

6. Sith Crusader​


We know that the Sith needed to have foot soldiers when they went to war against the Jedi Order. That’s where the Sith Crusaders come in, as these make up the bulk of the Sith’s forces whenever they wage war against different armies in the galaxy. In short, the Sith Crusaders are low-level soldiers who act as the frontline attackers for the Sith. 

Acolytes who can complete their training are given the mantle of “Sith” and are usually called Sith Crusaders. They usually take on most of the missions for the Sith and are often scattered throughout the galaxy so that they can do the will of the Sith Order. So, while they are foot soldiers, they are also operatives sent out to take on different missions and are often the main weapons of the Sith Empire.

There are two higher subtypes in this Sith rank, and we will talk about the next two Sith ranks to understand more about the Sith Crusader and why it is very important to the Sith Order.

6a. Sith Warrior​

The Sith Warrior is the first subtype of the Sith Crusader rank and is the one who mostly represents the Sith in different parts of the galaxy. They are feared throughout the galaxy because they are known for their strength in lightsaber combat, and that’s why they always have their lightsabers with them, as doing so will allow them to instill fear into the hearts of their enemies. They are also the most brutal members of the Sith, as they aggressively execute any order that they are given.


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Sith Warriors are also the ones that the Sith Order often sends out to war against different enemies because they are frontline soldiers who specialize in close combat affairs. As such, the Sith Warriors are some of the most skilled combatants within the Sith Empire, and that’s why the Sith value their presence within the Empire.

6b. Sith Sorcerer​

While they are not as abundant or as feared as the Sith Warriors, the Sith Sorcerers tend to be the most cunning and sinister among the Sith because they focus more on manipulating people and using their Force abilities to get what they want. They are known to be deadly spellcasters who know how to use the dark side of the Force in the most sinister ways. In that regard, they prefer to use Force abilities instead of engaging in lightsaber duels.

Nevertheless, Sith Sorcerers can still defeat any other warrior in combat using their mastery over the lightsaber. It’s just that they are usually the most skilled when it comes to Force abilities and ancient dark alchemy. And that’s why they tend to be important to the overall goal of the Sith Order, which is to gain power and dominion over everything.

5. Sith Assassin​

Arguably the most feared members of the Sith Order, the Sith Assassins are the ones who are trained to live in the shadows and darkness because they are the ones who the higher-ups of the Sith Empire usually call to deal with some of the most dangerous enemies of the Sith. They are masters of hiding their presence from both dark and light side users and are the most ruthless killers within the Sith Order.


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Sith Assassins are trained to learn how to kill as swiftly as possible, and that’s why they are excellent lightsaber duelists. They can use all sorts of different techniques and methods to kill their targets. And some Sith Assassins are even strong and skilled enough to infiltrate the Jedi Order.

4. Sith Master​

Sith Masters are some of the elite members of the Sith Order and are usually the ones who have reached a higher level of understanding of the dark side of the Force. They know how to bend the dark side of the Force to their will and are renowned as some of the most feared members of the Sith due to their knowledge and skills.

The thing about Sith Masters is that they are both deadly in lightsaber combat and dangerous when using Sith powers. This is why they are masters of the dark side of the Force and are some of the most ferocious members of the Sith. And Sith Masters also usually take on apprentices of their own.

3. Sith Lord​


While Sith Masters are already elite, only a few Sith can obtain the title of Sith Lord, which is the most elite title that a member of the Sith Order can achieve outside of the coveted Sith Emperor rank. The Sith Lords and Ladies are truly the most terrifying of the Sith because their command over the dark side and their skills in the lightsaber tend to be unimaginable.

Those who earn the rank of Sith Lord are given the “Darth” title. While only the elite Sith during the time of the Old Republic were known as Sith Lords, this is the default title of the Sith during the era of the Rule of Two. But while there were quite some Sith Lords during the time of the Old Republic, all of them were as mighty as any other Sith Lord in the galaxy’s history.

2. Dark Council​

The Dark Council isn’t necessarily a rank but is actually a gathering of the most powerful and prominent members of the Sith Order during the Old Republic. You can think of this as the Sith version of the Jedi High Council. That means that only Sith Lords were allowed to sit in the Dark Council. All Sith Lords covet a Dark Council seat due to its power and influence.


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Members of the Dark Council are the ones who oversee the day-to-day dealings of the Sith Empire. Their responsibilities are second only to the Sith Emperor. That’s why those who cannot become the Sith Emperor dream of sitting on the Dark Council, as those who are part of this elite group tend to have the most power within the Sith Order.

1a. Dark Lord of the Sith

At a point in time, the Dark Lord and the Sith Emperor were separate titles. At one point, the Dark Lord of the Sith was the one who was in charge of the Sith Order. Think of it as a title given to the head of a religious order instead of the ruler of an entire nation. As such, the power of the Dark Lord is second to none as far as the Sith Order is concerned because the one given this title has power over all of the members of the Sith. 

1b. Sith Emperor


After the separation of the Dark Lord and Sith Emperor ranks, the role of the Sith Emperor became clearer. While the Dark Lord was the leader of the Sith Order, the Sith Emperor controlled the Empire established by the Sith.

That means that the Sith Emperor is the military and political leader of the Sith. But while the Dark Lord is the leader of the Sith Order, the Sith Emperor has a larger influence over the military forces of the Sith Empire, including those who aren’t members of the Sith but fall under the jurisdiction of the Empire.

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