What Are ‘Sith Purebloods’ & Can They Still Be Jedi?  


For the longest time possible, the Sith Order has been the ancient enemies of the Jedi Order. These two orders, which dwell on opposite sides of the Force, have been at war for thousands of years. But the thing about the history of the Sith Order is that it can be traced to a group of people called the Sith Purebloods. So, what are the Sith Purebloods in Star Wars?

In Legends, the Sith Purebloods had a higher concentration of Sith blood. The Sith race lived on Korriban and started breeding with the human exiles of the Jedi Order. As such, the children born out of the unions within the Sith Empire produced strong Force wielders in the dark side.

The Legends lore of Star Wars tends to be quite deep and expansive in terms of the history of the Sith Order, which means that the history of the Sith Purebloods is also included in this long storyline involving the Sith Order. But while we don’t know much about the Sith Purebloods in canon, we know that they still exist. Now, let’s look at what we know about the Sith Purebloods.

Sith Purebloods explained

The storyline of Star Wars would never be complete without the Sith, an ancient order of users of the dark side that has always been at war with the Jedi Order. Of course, the thing about the Sith Order is that it wasn’t always called that. Instead, these dark side users were still Jedi before they were exiled from the Jedi Order.

According to the Legends storyline of Star Wars, there was a Dark Jedi who was ostracized from the Jedi Order for using the dark side of the Force. However, he gathered many followers who believed in his desire to obtain absolute power using the dark side.

These Dark Jedi, however, were defeated and exiled from the Jedi Order. And that was when they ended up on a planet called Korriban, home to a group of powerful Force wielders gifted in the dark.

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These people were called the Sith. They were red-skinned humanoid beings that had tentacles on their faces and unique facial structures. The Sith people were powerful in the dark side of the Force and were naturally gifted at it regardless of whether they gave in to their dark impulses or not. In many ways, the Sith people were unique as they were born left-handed and were actually born genetically inclined to use the dark side.

Because of the fact that the Sith used the dark side, the exiled Jedi were drawn to them. They formed an alliance and eventually formed an Empire led by the first Dark lord of the Sith, Ajunta Pall. Because of this alliance, the Sith and the human exiles started to breed and produce hybrid children, who also became part of the Sith Empire.


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In that regard, the Sith species was altered due to inbreeding and genetic manipulation after the Dark Jedi arrived on Korriban. The original Sith blood became a symbol of status and power on Korriban, as those who had a higher percentage of Sith blood were called “Sith Purebloods.”

Are Sith Purebloods stronger?

As mentioned, the Sith Purebloods used their blood within the Sith Empire as a status symbol. Those who had higher concentrations of Sith blood within them were quite proud of the fact that they were closer to the true Sith than others. So, with that said, does that mean that Sith Purebloods were stronger?

The fact that Sith Purebloods were genetically closer to the original Sith race in terms of their bloodline means that they were genetically predisposed to be stronger in the dark side of the Force. After all, the Sith race was known to be naturally gifted in the dark side, unlike other Force-sensitive people in the galaxy.

Unlike the Sith race, other people born strong in the Force are usually born strong in the light side. But they can turn to the dark side if they give in to their negative thoughts and emotions and embrace them. On the other hand, the Sith race was known to actually be naturally strong in the dark side without the need for them to give in to the negative emotions and thoughts that force people to go down the path of the dark side.


As such, those who are born with higher concentrations of Sith blood are known to be stronger in the dark side of Force compared to those who aren’t Sith Purebloods. But while that may be true, they aren’t necessarily stronger in the Force per se. They are simply stronger in the dark side of the Force due to the Sith race’s natural predisposition to be stronger in the dark side than the light side.

Can Sith Purebloods become Jedi?

Similar to the fact that those strong on the light side of the Force can walk down the path of the dark side, there’s also a chance that those strong on the dark side can still walk down the light side. That includes Sith Purebloods, who were supposed to be stronger on the dark side but are still capable of walking the light side of the Force if they want to.


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So, just like how Jedi can become Sith by embracing the dark side, those born naturally evil can still choose to be good. While she may not be a Sith Pureblood, Rey is a good example of this because she was born naturally strong in the dark side of the Force because of her Palpatine bloodline. But she chose to be a Jedi instead of choosing to become a Sith.

In that regard, those who are Sith Purebloods could also choose to walk down the side of the light instead of the dark side if they want to. Choosing to be good or evil is up to the person, which means that those who are strong on the dark side can still become Jedi if they choose to become good.

Do Sith Purebloods still exist?

As far as the canon side of Star Wars is concerned, Sith Purebloods don’t exist. The canon storyline does recognize the existence of the Sith race. But there has never been any mention in canon about the existence of Sith Purebloods. As such, we can’t say for sure whether Sith Purebloods exist in canon or if they ever existed.

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