Anthony Mackie on ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ Season 2: “I Was Actually Excited to Do a Second Season”

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Following the events of ‘Endgame’ Anthony Mackie aka Sam Wilson took over the role of Captain America. Some fans greeted the idea some did not. The next opportunity to see Mackie in action after he was handed the mantle was ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ set six months after the events of the ‘Endgame.’ Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie reprised their respective roles as Barnes and Wilson from the film series.

‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ received praise for its exploration of the Black experience and dealing with issues of racial discrimination and America’s historical injustices. It was noted because of the significance of Sam Wilson, a Black man, taking on the role of Captain America. The timing of the series’ release, aligned with the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder verdict.

The overall themes of the show were extremely polarizing with part of the fandom praising the show and part of the fandom once again disappointed that political themes took precedence over telling a good comic-inspired story. ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ did not get a second season, it had nothing to do with the critical reception of the movie, as, during that time, all Disney+ series were miniseries meant to run for only one season. It was always known that Wilson’s story was going to continue through the movies. However, in his recent interview with RadioTimes, Mackie explained that he was disappointed that the show didn’t get a second season:

The Falcon and [the] Winter Soldier, I really enjoyed doing that show. I was actually excited to do a second season, just so me and Sebastian [Stan] can get paid to hang out. Because it’s like me, him and Daniel Brühl. It’s kind of like the perfect storm of happiness.

I gotta admit Mackie’s reasoning is extremely wholesome. Mackie’s and Stan’s chemistry on-screen was noted by the fans and was just one more aspect of the show that was praised:

When they decided to go back to the movies, it is what it is, but I don’t have my friends anymore, so it kind of dampens it a little bit. Anything I can do to hang out with Daniel, a dancing Daniel Brühl, makes me very happy

Mackie’s next appearance as Captain America will be in his standalone movie, ‘Captain America: Brave New World’ bound to be released in 2025. Following a difficult development, the movie was delayed by a year needing extensive reshoots and rewrites.

Nothing has been confirmed but as the rumors put it, test audiences considered the movie boring with unsatisfactory action scenes compared to previous Captain America movies. There’s also talk that the chemistry between the leads was lacking, but this bit of info came from unreliable sources.

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