Author: Gabriel Sanfins Rodrigues

Gabriel Sanfins Rodrigues

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Gabriel Rodrigues is a queer freelance entertainment writer based in Brazil, holding a bachelor’s degree in Modern Languages. He has always been in love with comics and superheroes, mainly the X-Men, which he still is obsessed about. But he didn't stop there, as nowadays Gabriel spends way too much time thinking about everything pop culture related. If you want to check out more of his thoughts on comics, movies, anime, and streaming shows, he has appeared on websites like Comic Book Herald, Hear Us Scream, Lay It Out, and Attack of the Fanboy. Right now, Gabriel is trying his best to watch and read some of the classic horror movies and comic he is sure to love but haven't checked out yet, like Grant Morrison's X-Men, The Thing, Daredevil: Born Again, and Kingdom Come. Gabriel is always seeing and studying new things to use what he learns to complement his writing.


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