Power Girl Is Not Supergirl: Here’s What the Differences Are


Most of us might know Power Girl from her participation in ‘Justice League Unlimited,’ where she is a Supergirl clone. Because of that, you probably think they are incredibly alike, but you couldn’t be more off the mark. Let’s see why Power Girl and Supergirl are very different characters in the comics.

Power Girl is Supergirl from Earth-Two, an alternative universe. She is more powerful and has a very different origin, coming to Earth after Krypton’s destruction and being treated like a daughter by Superman. Unlike her, Supergirl is closer to the Superfamily and was a Red Lantern once.

Power Girl and Supergirl are similar in many aspects, but they couldn’t be more different. Not only do they have different personalities, but they also come from different Earths, accomplished other things, and now even have different power sets. That’s why, while Power Girl is less prevalent, she still has a big fanbase.

Supergirl’s childhood was far more terrifying before arriving on Earth

Supergirl’s city survived the destruction of her planet but soon proved itself to be doomed as well. Argo City was part of Krypton, but her father saved separated it from Krypton and saved the city. However, the soil of the place was turning into Kryptonite, poisoning the inhabitants.

Despite the citizens’ efforts, Argo and its people died. Supergirl’s mother died, so her father, Zor-El, decided to mass-produce lead shields to cover the exposed ground. Everyone helped with the task, but even after completion, half the inhabitants had died, and many others were still suffering from poisoning.

Asteroids were the last straw that forced Supergirl to escape to Earth. Debris hit the city, destroying its air bubble and the lead shield. Then, Kara Zor-El was sent by her father to Earth, where she would soon receive the name Supergirl. She arrived there when her cousin, Superman, was in his early career as a hero.


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Power Girl, carrying the similar name of Kara Zor-L, has a much simpler origin. Due to retcons and other changes, a few things about the current character still need to be explained. However, it’s noted she is at least very similar to her original version, in which she comes to Earth after the destruction of Krypton.

Before ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths,’ Power Girl had a pretty happy and uneventful childhood in the current continuity. In Earth-Two, Kara has a daughter-like relationship with Superman and his wife, Lois Lane. But, after the multiversal catastrophe that destroyed many universes, she stayed on Prime Earth with Supergirl and all the heroes we know well.

Power Girl is a member of the Justice Society of America and Supergirl was a red lantern

On Earth-Two, Power Girl took Superman’s place in the Justice Society of America (JLA). She worked with many heroes like Green Lantern, Flash, and Hourman. She also became the best friend of Helena Wayne, the Huntress of that Earth.

For a while, Power Girl was one of the only survivors of Earth-Two. Following the events of ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths,’ she became part of the mainline universe with a new origin as an Atlantean. However, that backstory was soon retconned and forgotten.

Power Girl became the leader of the JSA and helped the team deal with Gog, an Old God. After a conflict, the team was divided in two, and she formed JSA All-Stars with other younger members. While doing that, she took care of her own company, Starrware.

More recently, during the ‘Lazarus Planet’ event, Power Girl got into contact with Lazarus Resin, a substance with resurrection properties, and obtained telepathic powers.

At the start of her career, Supergirl already met Superman and Superboy and had adventures with them. She helped them fight enemies like H’el, an evil Kryptonian clone. She also became a friend of Jonathan Kent, the new Superman, and joined his Justice League.


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That wasn’t the first time she was part of a Justice League formation, but she also was a member of other groups, like the Red Lanterns. During a fight with Lobo, Kara’s long-repressed anger attracted a red ring. After regaining her sanity, she joined Guy Gardner’s Red Lantern Corps.

However, that event helped Supergirl accept and let her anger go soon after leaving the Red Lanterns. Although she got the chance to join them again after battling Atrocitus, she refused.

Different characters assumed their mantles

While both ‘Karas’ are the best-known Supergirl and Power Girl, other heroines took on their mantles. We’ll present the most popular ones, Tanya Spears (Power Girl) and Linda Danvers (Supergirl). Each of them assumed the mantle for different reasons at different times but aren’t as relevant today.

Tanya Spears assumed the mantle after the Power Girl from ‘the New 52‘ returned to Earth-Two. The 17-year-old girl received her powers after the other Power Girl went away, making Tanya inherit her name. She was a major character in the 2014 ‘Teen Titans’ run and appeared in the 2017’s ‘Deathstroke’ with her friend Kid Flash.

Linda Danvers is a version of Supergirl from New Earth, the main DC Universe between 1986 and 2011. She was a normal girl but, after almost dying, fused with Matrix, a shape-shifting life form created by an alternate Lex Luthor. They became Supergirl, who had the usual powers, but had no Kryptonian blood and could use telekineses.

Obviously, there are many other Supergirls and Power Girls in alternate universes, but Tanya and Linda are the ones from the main DC reality (or, in Linda’s case, what was once DC’s main universe).

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