Author: Marija Prekodravac

Marija Prekodravac

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Marija Prekodravac is a writer based in Rijeka, Croatia. Currently, she is a student at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Rijeka. Marija’s expertise includes The Marvel Cinematic Universe and DCU. Before working at Comic Basics, she was a writer for her high school newspaper, Semper Magis, and one of the writers for her university newspaper, Speculum. Marija has recently watched and covered most mainstream Marvel and DC movies and TV shows. Her love for comics started very early when she discovered her father’s Alan Ford collection. She then moved on to Marvel when the Marvel Cinematic Universe exploded. Her favorite Marvel character is Silver Surfer, and her favorite DC character is Batman. Marija loves to explore everything there is to know about why and how a movie or TV show is made. From what inspired the author to how the director decided to present that to the audience and the technology behind the final product. She believes that there is something for everyone to enjoy in comics, TV series, or movies. Those art forms help us find a way to make our everyday life more magical.


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