Who Are Loki’s Love Interests in the Comics? Explained

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There has been a lot of buzz around Loki’s sexuality, but in the first season of the Disney+ TV show Loki, we see Loki falling in love with Sylvie. Sylvie is an alternative version of Loki in the show, and she is an original character created for the MCU. This is the first love interest for the God of Mischief we see in the MCU. But who are Loki’s love interests in the comics?

Loki had several love interests in the comics over the years. He had a lot of one-night affairs, but he only had a notable relationship with only five characters. There is Angrboda, known as a sorceress, witch, and shapeshifter. Next, there is Sigyn, the goddess of fertility and bonds, that was tricked into marrying Loki. Amora the Enchantress and her sister Lorelei had a complicated relationship with Loki. In the more recent comics, when Loki reinvented himself as a child, he had a relationship with Hela’s handmaiden Leah.

Every one of these relationships is mischievous and villainous, just like Loki himself. Keep reading to learn more about Loki and his tumultuous relationships with each of these characters.

Loki and Angrboda

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Angrboda is a character that appeared in Marvel comics in 1985. She doesn’t often appear in the comics but has a very important role. Angrboda is a Storm or frost Giant. She is one of Loki’s oldest mates, if not his first mate. She is the mother of Loki’s offspring Fenris Wolf, Jormungand the Midgard Serpent, and Hela. You heard that right; Hela is Loki’s daughter, not Odin’s in the original comics.


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Angrboda is a sorceress or a witch who is also a shapeshifter. This is important to know because it is implicated in the comics that they came out as a serpent and a wolf because they took the form of the animal each of their parents assumed at the movement they were conceived.

She only appeared in the comics once, and even then, she was depicted in Hel. Since then, she was never reincarnated in any new Ragnarök cycle, but her children always persist, and they are well-known to every comic reader.

Loki and Sigyn

Sigyn and Loki embrace in Marvel Comics

Sigyn’s “love” story with Loki is not very nice. When Loki met her, she was engaged. But this didn’t stop Loki from pursuing her. He did the only logical thing: he killed her fiancé and used an illusion to take his form and trick her. And then he tricked Odin into marrying them.

When Odin realized his mistake, he tried to annul the marriage but couldn’t. Then he exiled Loki, and Sigyn had to go with him because they were bound in marriage. This all shows us how loyal Sigyn was. In return, Odin made her the Goddess of Fertility and Bonds. Their marriage was marked with spousal abuse. Loki was so despicable to her that he sometimes pretended to return her love, only to mock her. On top of all that, Loki cheated on her, but she never left his side.

Ultimately, Loki released her from the marriage, and she could finally leave him. Since that, she hasn’t appeared in the comics. She can be presumed dead because she never returned after one of the Ragnarok cycles.

Loki and Amora the Enchantress

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Amora the Enchantress is one of the characters Sylvie from the TV show was based on. She is basically Loki. Untrustworthy, mischievous, and outright evil. She seduced a lot of men, but there was only one she wanted- Thor. Honestly, there is no real evidence they had a full-blown love affair, but there are implications. Amora is too smart to get romantically involved with Loki, but there were partners in crime. They collaborated on adventures occasionally and may have had a fling, but this was never confirmed.

But nothing is that simple with Loki. To spite Amora, he created a mortal called Sylvie Lushton. She was basically a copy of Amora, and he did this to mess with her. Amora was pissed with this, but it didn’t end badly for the mortal. Amora herself tested Sylvie, and she passed her test, so Amora let her use her name and powers in the end.

In the newer comics, Loki and Amora get a second chance. Loki, now known as Ikol, is trying to improve and have better relationships with everyone. A spell turns Loki and Amora good in a comic event called AXIS. During this event, they grew closer, and they started a proper and affectionate love affair. But, this didn’t last long because Amora hasn’t become a better person like Ikol has. He has too much guilt over his past misdeeds to let anyone in.


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Loki and Lorelei


The story of Lorelei is a twisted one as well. Lorelei is Amora’s younger sister and isn’t interested in sorcery like her sister. But she shared one thing with her sister; she was obsessed with Thor. She and Loki had a few adventures together, where Loki used her to control Thor and gain power. But Amora had different plans for her sister.

She believed that if her sister fell in love with Loki, it would destroy her. And she was right. Amora cast a spell that made Lorelei fall madly in love with Loki, and she got stuck in an emotionless, abusive relationship. After some time, Loki got tired of Lorelei, and her current location in the comics is unknown.

Loki and Leah

As I said in the recent comics, Loki was reincarnated as a child. His daughter Hela gave him her handmaiden Leah to accompany him on his travels. They had a lot of adventures together, and it is heavily implied in the comics that they had developed real romantic feelings for each other.


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They even almost kissed on one of their journeys. The real testament to Loki’s feelings for her was how much he was hurt when she disappeared. Loki needs to protect Leah from his old self as soon as he takes over his young body. Leah was sent to the ancient past, and before she disappeared, she told Loki she would hate him forever. This crushed him, and Loki cried uncontrollably while Hela had to comfort him.

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