Batman vs. Daredevil: Who Would Win in a Fight & Why?

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Marvel and DC comics feature a wide variety of heroes, some of who don’t possess superpowers, and perhaps none are as popular as Batman and Daredevil. Batman, otherwise known as The Dark Knight, is the vigilante protector of Gotham City and one of DC’s most prolific heroes. Daredevil, also known as the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen is an attorney by day known as Matt Murdock and a vigilante at night. In a world that loves pitting heroes against each other, one can only wonder who’d win in a fight between Batman and Daredevil.

Batman would win in a fight against Daredevil. Even though it would be a close fight thanks to Daredevil’s enhanced super senses, Batman would ultimately win because he is stronger, faster, more intelligent, and has more weapons and equipment at his disposal than Daredevil.

This article will explore the abilities of both Batman and Daredevil to give a clear picture of who’d be the victor if they were embroiled in a battle. While they’re somewhat similar in terms of their abilities, you’ll discover that one is likely to best the other in a fight. So, make sure to read on till the end for what will certainly be an enlightening article!

Strength and Speed

From the time he was young, Batman underwent intense training, a specialized diet, and meditation that transformed his body into the pinnacle of human physical ability. While he doesn’t possess any supernatural abilities, Batman’s physical attributes are far greater than even the best Olympic athletes to ever exist.

Batman possesses what can be described as peak human strength. He’s one of the strongest non-metahumans alive and this is usually evident in the many feats he’s displayed over the years. For example, Batman leg-pressed a 2500lbs train car, held up a collapsing 1000lbs ceiling, overpowered multiple men at once, tossed a man several feet in the air with one hand, snapped high-strength cuffs, and even punched Bane through a steel door.

Batman also possesses peak human speed which allows him to run and move at speeds greater than the finest human athletes. In combat, he displays his speed with the agility of his movements which is usually enough to defeat his enemies. He has shown he can outrun a speeding car, dodge bullets, catch arrows mid-flight, dodge blows from speedsters, and even match Deathstroke’s combat speed.

Batman and Superman Fighting
Batman is strong and fast enough to battle the supremely powerful Superman.

Matt Murdock may not be a mutant or superpowered being but one thing he does have is peak human conditioning. Through his many years of martial arts training and incredible control over his central nervous system, Daredevil was able to attain incredible strength, being able to lift close to 450 pounds or more. He can tip over a limo easily, curl and use a 400lb barbell as a staff weapon, punch through concrete, and casually pick up and toss a man.

He also possesses peak human speed that allows him to sprint two city blocks in a matter of seconds and moves faster than an Olympic sprinter. This speed combined with his senses and reflexes makes him a formidable opponent.


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While both Batman and Daredevil boast peak human conditioning that gives them incredible strength and speed, this round has to go to Batman. Unlike Daredevil, Batman has pushed and continues to push his body too far more extreme lengths which makes him stronger and faster. This is evident in his strength and speed feats that outclass Daredevil.

Point: Batman (1:0) Daredevil


Through meditation and years of extensive training, Batman has acquired peak human senses. His five senses are extremely fine-tuned and this combined with his awareness and instincts make him an instinctive fighter matched by few. His senses allow him to be extremely alert to danger.

Batman has some feats to back all this up. For instance, he was able to hear a sniper load his weapon across the street a block over, hear an alarm three blocks away, see extremely far that Robin had to use binoculars, detect slight shifts in the air enough to fight an invisible person, even sensing the Flash coming behind him at super speed.

On the other hand, Daredevil’s senses are unmatched and almost superhuman. Daredevil lost his sight during the accident which transformed him, but this gave him the advantage of heightening his other senses to extreme lengths such that he became better even without sight.

Daredevil’s sense of touch is so strong he can feel the faint impressions of ink on a printed page allowing him to read by touch. Even with his other senses blocked, he can feel the presence of a person simply by detecting their body heat and disturbances in the air.

His sense of smell is so strong he can identify a person by their smell alone no matter how they try to camouflage their scent. It’s also so acute that he can differentiate identical twins from each other. He can also recreate events in space by just sniffing around.

He also has superhuman hearing that allows him to hear a person’s heartbeat from twenty feet and identify them by the rhythm of their heartbeat. He also uses this acute sense of hearing to create a three-dimensional picture of his surroundings.

Daredevil Radar Sense

All in all, Daredevil can use his senses to perceive the world in 360 degrees. He, therefore, wins this round quite easily. While his eyes cannot see, I don’t think he’s really blind and in a fight with Batman, this ability would give him a huge advantage.

Point: Batman (1:1) Daredevil


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Batman is widely regarded as one of the smartest heroes of all time. His IQ is arguably over 200 which means he’s more than a genius. He has knowledge in multiple fields including biology, technology, Physics, mythology, history, and so on. He is unmatched in his skills as a strategist, scientist, tactician, and leader, with an unmatched keen analytical mind.

He is so intelligent it’s practically a superpower. Given his lack of superpowers, he usually relies on his mind to find ways of defeating his enemies rather than just outrightly fighting them.

Batman’s technological knowledge, attention to detail, tactical awareness, and keen detective skills give him a great advantage in battle- it’s the reason he regularly defeats some of DC’s greatest powerhouses including Superman.

Even before the radioactive accident that transformed him, Matt Murdock’s intelligence was always apparent. He’s an accomplished lawyer with unparalleled knowledge in the field and in addition to this, he’s an expert self-taught detective who uses his incredible intellect to solve complex problems. He has an encyclopedic memory that allows him to recall in detail what he hears or reads. He may not the smartest person on the planet, but he’s certainly quite intelligent.

Very few in the DC Universe can match Batman’s intellect. So, he wins this round.

Point: Batman (2:1) Daredevil

Weapons and Equipment

Very few can ever compare to Batman’s weapons and equipment. He has his Batsuit that is made from Kevlar and titanium. The suit is bullet-proof, resistant to falls and explosions, and various other types of attack. The cape is light and can allow him to glide while the face mask shields his face from X-ray while incorporating infrared night vision, auditory sensors, and sonar.

Batman also has his utility belt which contains gizmos like explosives, nerve toxins, batarangs, smoke bombs, grappling hook guns, and other gadgets. He also has a highly advanced Bat computer more developed than anything else in the world. I will be remiss if I didn’t mention the Batplane and the Batmobile.

Daredevil doesn’t boast that many weapons and equipment. Other than his enhanced senses he relies mostly on his Billy Club which is a multi-purpose weapon. Other than using it as a sort of nunchucks, it has a microphone, tape recorder, retractable blades, grappling hook, and can fire projectiles. Other than this he has an advanced suit. The horns on his suit are antennae that can pick up radio waves. Additionally, the suit is fully bulletproof, fireproof, and electricity proof.

Batman wins this round. Not only is he a genius inventor, but he’s also a billionaire which means he has access to unimaginable weapons and technology.

Point: Batman (3:1) Daredevil

Batman vs. Daredevil: Who Wins?

Batman undoubtedly wins in this battle. It would be a close fight to call because these two vigilantes are somewhat similar in that they both have peak human conditioning. However, Batman is stronger and faster than Daredevil. This combined with his superior intellect and access to high-tech weapons and equipment would likely hand Batman the win. Daredevil would put up a good fight, but ultimately The Dark Knight would triumph.

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