10 Best Fighters in DC Comics

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Before we begin, know that this list doesn’t include Batman. And why you ask? Simply because he’s just a little too obvious for my liking. If this question were surveyed to 100 people on Family Feud, Batman would be the top answer. 

So instead, I’m choosing to focus on those not as obvious. Yes, as you read there may be one or two or even three that you might have guessed but that’s because they have to be there. Anyways, without further adieu, here are the 10 best fighters in DC Comics.

1. Black Canary

Black Canary

Black Canary is not only one of the best fighters in DC Comics, but she’s also one of the most proficient. She has gone toe-to-toe with some of the deadliest villains in existence (Bane, Black Adam, Harley Quinn) and still lives to tell the tale. 

Further to that, it probably doesn’t hurt that Dinah Lance has been trained by the who’s who of DC women…Wildcat, Lady Shiva, and Wonder Woman to name a few. And if she suddenly finds herself on the not-so-good end of a battle, all she has to do is unleash her Canary Cry and watch as her opponents writhe in pain.

2. Nightwing


The most famous of all the Robins, Dick Grayson is deserving of this list. 

Dick Grayson spent his childhood in the manner that most children could only dream of. He was groomed, trained, taught, and mentored by none other than Batman himself, Bruce Wayne. While under Bruce’s care he learned Capoeira, Taijiquan, Kendo, Jeet Kune Do, Jujitsu, Boxing, and enough other styles to do a whole new Top 10 list on.

When coupled with the fact that he spent his young years as a part of the aerialist/acrobatic act The Flying Grayson’s, Dick Grayson has become a literal representation of every form of the word ass-kicking. Eventually, Dick left the watchful eye of Batman and set out on his own as Nightwing. It was here that his abilities and styles were finally allowed to manifest the way that he wanted them to.

3. Damian Wayne

parents damian wayne

What happens when you are the grandson to one of the oldest and most fierce fighters to ever grace the pages of a DC comic? What happens when that same person is the son of a person capable of inflicting unheard-of pain with just a flick of the finger? Now, what happens when that same individual has an attitude that makes him believe he’s the best at what he does? Damian Wayne happens.


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The grandson to Ra’s al Ghul and the son to Batman, Damian Wayne was brought up in a manner that very few are ever brought up in. Trained by Ghul from a young age and shaped by Batman, Damian Wayne, no matter his age, is one of the best fighters in DC Comics. He is bold, brash, and unafraid of anything. It is this more than his pure fighting abilities that makes him such a dangerous adversary. 

4. David Cain

David Cain

Widely regarded as one of the, if not the best assassins for hire, David Cain is one of the best fighters in DC Comics. 

As it goes, David Cain is responsible for teaching and training a very young Bruce Wayne. Of course, the best form of flattery is for the student to outperform the teacher and that’s exactly what happened. If that doesn’t speak to his credibility as a fighter I’m not sure anything else I say will.

David Cain is proficient in hundreds of martial art forms, weapons of all kinds, espionage, and, of course, explosives. Cain is responsible for giving DC arguably its best assassin in his daughter, Cassandra Cain

5. Bronze Tiger

Bronze Tiger

When a group called the League of Assassins kidnaps you and forced you to wear a tiger mask, you know that you’re a pretty good fighter.

At a young age, Ben Turner realized that he had an uncontrollable rage within. Granted, this rage stemmed from the fact he watched as his parent were killed but a rage nonetheless. Afraid of what he might do, Ben turned to martial arts as a way to control it. Unfortunately, his Sensei only wanted to use him for his own bidding. Eventually, he would find and train under a proper Sensei.

Seeing the power he possessed, the League of Assassins came knocking, gave him a mask, and the rest, as they say, is history. Don’t let the fact that he possesses no superpowers fool you. The Bronze Tiger is said to be on par with the likes of Lady Shiva.

6. Lady Shiva

Origin of Lady Shiva

Speaking of which… Not only is Lady Shiva a martial arts Grandmaster but she is a highly sought-after assassin who prefers to kill her opponents with her bare hands. Believing that Richard Dragon was responsible for the murder of her sister, Sandra Wu-San trains to become someone capable of defeating him. While training, she becomes fully aware that she is a martial arts prodigy who is able to learn styles and forms quickly. 


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With an arsenal of fighting styles under her, she begins to go by the name Lady Shiva. What makes her so dangerous (aside from her fighting abilities) is that she is able to read and react to the body language of her enemies. That is, she can read body language with such accuracy that she is able to react before they even do anything.  If that doesn’t impress you, know this. Batman has stated that “she may well be the best fighter alive”.

7. Richard Dragon

Richard Dragon

The same Sensei who took in a young and lost Ben Turner (Bronze Tiger) took in the teenage thief, Richard Dragon. For seven years the two learned and absorbed everything their Sensei taught. And when he felt like there was no more to teach, he walked away leaving Dragon to figure this thing called life out.  

Like so many others on this list, Richard Dragon possesses no real superpowers. Instead, he prefers to use what he has been given. This, of course, includes martial arts, athleticism, his mind, and his patience. Above that, when he touches the jade pendant that was given to him by his Sensei, it is said that his spirit and body become near unbreakable. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that he taught most of the fighters on this list.

8. Karate Kid

Karate Kid

Let’s put it this way. The man knows every form of martial arts that have been developed up until the 30th century. And has developed his own form of fighting simply called Super-Karate. If this doesn’t sound awesome remember this one thing.  He applied to and was accepted into the Legion of Superheroes without possessing a single superpower. And how did he do this? He stood toe-to-toe with Superboy and lived to tell the tale.

9. Casandra Cain

Cassandra Cain Stealth

The daughter of the aforementioned David Cain, Cassandra Cain is, as David has admitted, his greatest creation. And get this. She isn’t only the daughter of David Cain, she’s the daughter of Lady Shiva as well. 

While just a girl, Cassandra was trained by her father in isolation. Further to that, during this time he kept her away from spoken language. He did this so she would learn how to read and understand the people around her through their motions. This form of training gave her near superhuman body reading abilities. 

When just eight years old, David took out Cassandra on a mission. While on the mission she was to carry out an assassination. She did exactly what she was told and ripped the man’s throat out. Tragically, due to her impressive body reading ability, she watched and felt in horror as he died. This event changed Cassandra and she fled her father. At eight years old Cassandra was able to rip a man’s throat out. Now an adult, imagine what she’s capable of.

10. Connor Hawke

Connor Hawke

The son of Oliver Queen, Connor Hawke belongs on this list.

Raised by his mother, Connor grew up with an explosive and unfortunate temper. As a means to curb his temper, his mother sent him to the same monastery that his father, Oliver once attended. This, of course, was the Ashram Monastery in Napa Valley. While there he fell under the tutelage of the same monk who helped his father, Master Jensen. 

Master Jensen instructed him in Zen Buddhism, Aikido, and archery. Even though Connor grew more patient as he aged, Jensen knew that he was destined to follow in Oliver’s footsteps. Oh, and it probably helped that he often found him reading about his father’s exploits. 

Eventually, Oliver made his way back to Ashram and learned that Connor was his son. Not only is Connor one of the best fighters in DC Comics, he also possesses a healing factor, rarely becomes physically tired, has a pain tolerance that would make contortionists jealous, and performs at peak human levels. 

And that’s it, that’s our list. Not all big names have been included, but we’ve decided to include some lesser-known names on the list for a change. While you’re at it, check out our list of best fighters in Marvel comics.

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