Batman vs. Homelander: Does The Dark Knight Have What It Takes to Win in a Fight?

batman vs homelander

Batman is one of the most popular fictional characters of all time. Homelander is one of the rising fictional characters, becoming quite prominent thanks to The Boys’ live-action version of his character. That said, between Batman and Homelander, who would win in a fight?

Homelander would win in a fight against Batman. While Batman has superior wits and combat skills, Homelander would use his superhuman strength and speed to easily dispatch the Bat. What’s more, Homelander is more durable and has more stamina than Batman, which plays to his advantage.

This article will pit both characters against each other to see who’d be the victor in a fight. So read on for this and much more.


One of Homelander’s main powers is his incredible superhuman strength. According to Jonah Vogelbaum and Stormfront, he is the strongest man in the world. He was experimented on before birth with Compound V, which granted him tremendous strength in addition to other abilities.

This great level of strength allows him to effortlessly overpower any opponent he meets in battle. He is capable of easily tossing a fighter jet with just one hand, carrying a car with four occupants while flying, and even holding up bridges. 

Some even argue that Homelander is more powerful than Superman. 

Batman possesses what can be described as peak human strength. Ever since losing his parents in the dark alleyway, Bruce Wayne trained his body, pushing it to extreme limits and attaining his maximum potential.

He is stronger than the average human and has performed some impressive feats of strength. These include bench pressing over 1000 pounds in his regular workouts, holding a collapsing 1000-pound ceiling, karate chopping an assault rifle to pieces, and flipping Solomon Grundy with one hand, among others.

Point: Homelander (1:0) Batman


Homelander is a fast flier, able to catch up with an airplane easily. On the other hand, he can move equally as fast, if not faster on the ground. As a kid, Homelander was already able to move so fast he could break the sound barrier. He can dodge bullets fired at him and dodge attacks from multiple attackers before they can even think of reacting.

Homelander was able to save the Butcher from the explosion of bombs that were strapped to Stillwell’s body. For those of you who are unaware, the blast from a C4 bomb can move at speeds approaching 8,000 m/s which is 23 times the speed of sound.


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Batman is faster than the average after years of conditioning his body to its maximum potential. He’s much faster than an Olympic athlete and can clock running speeds of up to 30mph. In the comics, we’ve seen the Caped Crusader show just how fast he is. For example, he outruns a speeding car, outruns Huntress, easily evades bullets and arrows, as well as evades blows from speedsters.

Point: Homelander (2:0) Batman


Homelander is incredibly resistant to physical injury. He is bulletproof and unfazed by explosions that would injure even a super-powered character. Homelander is invulnerable to almost all kinds of weapons, and only his clone is the only thing capable of destroying him.

While he can be injured, this happens extremely rarely, thanks to his superhuman durability. When Queen Maeve tried to cut him with a sword, the weapon broke on impact. This shows just how durable he is.


Batman is virtually a human being. This means his durability isn’t at par with some of DC’s superheroes like Superman and he can easily be killed. However, he is quite resilient, and even super-powered individuals have found it hard to defeat and kill him. Even if he’s killed, we have seen him find some contrived way of coming back.

Batman has his ass handed to him quite a lot. But despite this, he always seems able to find a way of winning his battles. He recovers from injuries incredibly fast and can ignore serious injuries to go on fighting. With the Batsuit on, he becomes extremely durable.

Point: Homelander (3:0) Batman


Batman’s only superpower, so to speak, is his genius-level intellect. He has an estimated IQ of 192, and we have seen this mental aptitude on display in both the comics and movies on several occasions.

He has immense attention to detail, technological and tactical prowess, and situational awareness that almost always help him win his battles. No matter how powerful his opponents are, he manages to create plans that allow him to defeat some of the biggest powerhouses like Superman and Darkseid.

Homelander is genetically more intelligent than the average human, thanks to the Compound V he was exposed to before birth. This allows him to display an uncanny prowess in his battles that an otherwise less smart individual wouldn’t. Despite this, he does struggle with mental stability sometimes. For example, in The Boys storyline, he gets supremely frustrated if he doesn’t get adoration from the public.

batman intellect

Although Homelander is genetically smart, he doesn’t compare to the level of intellect that Batman has shown us over the years in all his fights.

Point: Homelander (3:1) Batman

Combat Skills

Batman is hands down one of the greatest combatants in the DC Universe. He has mastered multiple fighting styles. He relies mostly on this mastery to help him win his battles. He’s practically unbeatable in close combat, having trained since he was a kid.

Homelander is no slouch in terms of combat skills. He was trained in several respects of close-combat fighting but he’s never really been a great fighter, mostly relying on his physical attributes to dispatch his opponents.

Point: Homelander (3:2) Batman


Homelander possesses superhuman stamina that allows him to physically exert himself past the normal limits. His muscles produce no fatigue toxins and he can withstand moving at superhuman speeds and performing feats of superhuman strength for long periods without tiring or becoming weak.

Batman loses this round for the simple fact that he’s human. Just like us, his body produces fatigue toxins that prevent him from physically exerting himself for long periods. His stamina is a bit above that of a normal human as he has been shown to ignore serious injuries and still go on fighting.

Point: Homelander (4:2) Batman


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Batman vs. Homelander: Who Wins?

In an all-out battle, Homelander would undoubtedly win. He can easily use his superhuman speed and strength to defeat the Bat. Batman would still put up a fight thanks to his inventions & intellect, and superior combat skills. However, Homelander, with his superhuman strength and durability, would carry the day. 

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