Batman vs. Hulk: Can the Bat Defeat the Green Monster?

Batman vs. Hulk Can the Bat Defeat the Green Monster

Both Batman and the Hulk are iconic characters in the DC and Marvel comics, respectively. While the Hulk could be described as a powerful being, the same cannot be said for Batman. Don’t get it twisted. Despite Batman being “just a human,” he does have his fair share of abilities that come in handy in many battles, as we see in the DC comics. That said, who would come out on top in a fight between the Hulk and Batman?

Hulk would win in a battle against Batman. The Hulk’s physical attributes would give him a massive advantage in a fight with Batman rendering him impossible to beat. The Hulk has superior strength, speed, adaptability, resilience, and armor. However, with enough preparation, Batman still stands a chance.

At first glance, it may seem obvious as to who would win in this fight. However, the decision isn’t as clear-cut as you’d imagine. This is why we’ll go into detail comparing both characters and how they’d match up against each other.


When it comes to strength, one wouldn’t necessarily describe Batman as having super strength. In the comics, he’s described as having peak human-level strength. He has performed impressive feats of strength though, including leg-pressing a 2500-pound train car, breaking a tree in half, defeating Killer Croc while having a shoulder injury, and holding up a collapsing 1000-pound ceiling.

Batman’s extensive martial arts training must have greatly impacted his strength because there isn’t a normal human on Earth who could repeat these feats.

On the other hand, the Hulk’s strength is immeasurable. His limitless strength is tied to his rage. This means that as he gets angrier, his strength and power increase, and he emits even more gamma radiation. He has absolute strength, and at his peak rage level, he can level cities and break apart continents which is the premise of the World Breaker Hulk.

Some of the feats of strength he’s performed include lifting a 150-billion ton mountain range, holding 270 undecillion tons of a black hole to rescue himself and the defenders, destroying an asteroid twice the size of the Earth, and briefly lifting and throwing Mjolnir.

Even at his base level of strength, the Hulk is tremendously stronger than Batman.

Point: Hulk (1:0) Batman


Batman is no ordinary human, which explains why he’s incredibly fast. Thanks to his training, his superhuman agility allows him to scale buildings in moments and to run at full speed along zip lines. He can go from fighting one enemy to the next without breaking a sweat. For someone with such a large frame, this is quite impressive.

Batman’s reflexes are also at peak human level, which is evidenced by his ability to dodge bullets, catch arrows mid-flight, and evade blows from speedsters. This doesn’t mean he has superhuman speed. He’s just quicker than the average human.


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On the other hand, don’t let the Hulk’s size fool you. He’s deceptively fast for someone of his stature and in addition to this, he boasts amazing reflexes that allow him to move and fight at blurred speeds, as is the case in “Indestructible Hulk #1”.

He can run at eye-blurring speeds and move faster than a blur alongside Thor’s Mjolnir. He’s more than twice as fast as a fighter jet and can overtake it with just a leap as if it was stationary. In “Tales to Astonish #92” he could keep up with the Silver Surfer who could travel around 500,000 light-years in seconds while fighting.  Without breaking a sweat, he took out a demon-possessed Quicksilver who could move beyond the speed of light (Mighty Avengers #23).

Batman couldn’t stand a chance against the superhuman speed of the Hulk.

Point: Hulk (2:0) Batman

Gadgets and Equipment

Batman is human. Because of this, he has some limitations compared to other superhuman characters in the DC and Marvel comics. He, therefore, often makes use of special equipment that gives him an edge against his superhuman opponents.

Most of the time, he prepares these pieces of equipment ahead of a battle. For example, when he fought Superman, he used a mechanical suit, Kryptonite bombs, and a spear. Most of the equipment he makes usually allows him to maximize his opponent’s weakness.


On the other hand, the Hulk, on most occasions, has his fists as his only pieces of equipment. In some instances, he does put on armor and use special weapons but very rarely. He simply doesn’t need gadgets.

With enough time, Batman would be able to create some piece of equipment that would allow him to defeat the Hulk. In the comics, the Bat once used knockout gas to put down the Green Monster while protecting himself with a Bat-Respirator. He was relieved to see the Hulk knocked out just before the giant reached him.

So, the Bat wins on this occasion.

Point: Hulk (3:1) Batman


Batman’s adaptability can in no way match up to the Hulk’s. After all, he’s merely a human being. This doesn’t mean he cannot perform extraordinary feats. For example, he has a great lung capacity that allows him to hold his breath underwater for 4-7 minutes. He can also survive in an airless environment for 45 seconds.


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On the other hand, the Hulk can adapt to any environment. He can survive the inhospitable vacuum of space, the Earth’s core, underwater environments, and even a black hole. S.H.I.E.L.D. explains that his mutation alters his body to adapt. It’s believed this ability is influenced by his rage and the angrier he is, the faster his body adapts.

Point: Hulk (4:1) Batman


For an ordinary human, Batman is quite resilient. On lots of occasions, he does get the snot beaten out of him by his rather formidable superhuman foes. The surprising thing is how fast he seems to recover from serious injuries like strong blows, stabbings, and broken limbs.

He has used several methods to resurrect himself, like using Ra’s Al Ghul’s Lazarus Pits, time travel, and The Atom to jumpstart his brain. However, there’s only so much damage his body can take.

hulk durable

In contrast, the Hulk is an indestructible force of nature. He is resistant to injury and damage and can regenerate almost instantaneously. He’s resistant to shrink rays, ultra-sonic booms, unwilling teleportation, time manipulation, reality-warping, nuclear and radiation-based attacks, and soul-based attacks.

For the most part, he is almost immortal and on the odd occasion he is killed, he manages to come back angrier than ever. Without a shadow of a doubt, the Hulk wins this round.

Point: Hulk (5:1) Batman


One of the most widely acknowledged “superpowers” of Batman is his genius intellect. He has a recorded IQ of 192 and his attention to detail, technological and tactical prowess, and situational awareness afford him an advantage in battle. If the brain is a muscle, he has mental super strength. His genius allowed him to defeat the entire Justice League. No matter how exponentially stronger his opponents might be, he’s capable of creating plans to defeat the biggest powerhouses.

batman intellect 2

Despite his depiction as a savage monster, the Hulk is actually smart. He never falls for the same trick twice. He is smarter when he is Bruce Banner or when Banner’s brain is harmonized with the Hulk’s physical abilities. Even so, he’s only smart in a scientific manner but not in the strategic way that combat requires.

All in all, Batman comes out on top in this battle of wits.

Point: Hulk (5:2) Batman


Batman’s armor is quite strong. It’s a combination of plastic and Kevlar armor. It is highly resistant to knives and gunfire. The most powerful version of the Bat-suit is the Hellbat Suit which was designed by the members of the Justice League. It was forged to enhance Batman’s physical abilities. However, the suit isn’t completely impermeable and in the greatest combats could be destroyed.

On the other hand, the Hulk doesn’t have armor. He doesn’t need it. His immense durability is thanks to pounds of fortified bone and muscle that can withstand almost any attack. His skin is nearly impossible to permeate. Only two Earth-based weapons have pierced Hulk’s skin in Marvel Comics, Adamantium, and Vibranium.  Hulk’s skin is invulnerable to almost any weapon.

Therefore, Hulk wins this round.

Point: Hulk (6:2) Batman

Batman vs. Hulk: Who Wins?

Batman is the epitome of preparedness. He never goes into combat unprepared. He uses every tool at his disposal to make up for his limitations as a human. On one occasion, Batman was able to beat Hulk by using trickery and knockout gas. This trick didn’t work the second time, though.


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So, regardless of how prepared Batman is, he’d still have to find a way to get around the Hulk’s amazing physical attributes. That said, the Hulk would most likely beat Batman in a battle.

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