Benedict Cumberbatch Explains the Possible Origin of Portal in ‘Deadpool & Wolverine: “Maybe It’s an Acolyte of Mine”

Benedict Cumberbatch Explains the Possible Origin of Portal in ‘Deadpool Wolverine Maybe Its an Acolyte of Mine

‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ trailer dropped about a month ago, and fans were over the moon. The trailer showed (and confirmed) some of the cameos and variants set to appear in the movie. It referenced some neat stuff from the comics, and at one point we even saw Deadpool & Wolverine using Strange’s Sling Ring to presumably escape.

A Sling Ring is a small mystical ring worn on two fingers that has the ability to create a dimensional gateway to another location or even a different dimension. It was created specifically for the MCU and it is used by Doctor Strange and other masters of mystical arts, so how did Deadpool come across it?

Despite the resurgence of plenty of fan theories, Cumberbatch who portrays Doctor Strange was asked to weigh in on the origin of the portal, and he had a humorous response:

I don’t know … Maybe it’s an acolyte of mine or someone I’ve thrown out there to do my dirty laundry.

Back when the trailer first dropped rumors appeared that explain perfect where Deadpool managed to acquire the Sling Ring. According to rumors Cassandra Nova herself stole it from a variant of Doctor Strange who was Sorcerer Supreme of that reality.

Plenty of fans assumed that Wong would make an appearance in the movie, and this still might happen, but the rumored explanation seems far more plausible, especially when we take into account Cassandra’s comic history of blood, violence, and genocide.

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