‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ Already Has 24 Both Rumored & Confirmed Variants & Cameos Ahead of Release

Deadpool rumored

‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ is one of the most exciting upcoming projects. It’s the only MCU movie bound to be released in 2024, and judging by the opinions of people who already saw parts of it, it’s going to be an MCU saver and restore the faith of fans in the franchise overall.

Just like with every anticipated project, plenty of rumors are going around about potential cameos, variants, and elements of the movie. Some have been confirmed like Garner’s Elektra, and some remain under speculation, with more and more evidence stacking to support them. This is why we decided to overview all confirmed (and rumored) cameos & variants that are supposed to be included in the movie.

1. Aaron Stanford – John Allerdyce/Pyro (Confirmed)

John Allerdyce Pyro

Aaron Stanford was only rumored to make a comeback, as well as some other minor X-Men villains. His appearance was ultimately confirmed with the release of the trailer. He is seen only briefly on-screen, but we can’t mistake him for anybody else due to his costume. Earlier this year, he denied having part in the movie.

2. Toad (Confirmed)


Toad was likewise rumored to be in the movie, and his appearance was confirmed via leaked set photos, however, we can’t confirm whether Ray Park will return to reprise his role. Toad is associated with Fantasticar seen on the set. It’s likely that he will be connected to Cassandra Nova and The Void.

3. Tyler Mane – Sabertooth (Confirmed)

Tyler Mane Sabertooth

Sabertooth was revealed via the same set of images as Toad. The images depict Sabretooth engaged in a fight with Wolverine, with Deadpool subsequently holding his decapitated head high. It seems that the version of Sabretooth portrayed by Tyler Mane in 2000’s ‘X-Men’ will appear, although there is speculation about whether Liev Schreiber’s portrayal from ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ will also make an appearance.

7. Dogpool, Babypool, Kidpool and Headpool (Confirmed)


Leaked ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ merchandise already offered us a glimpse of several Deadpool variants that are supposed to appear in the movie, Dogpool, Babypool, Kidpool, and Headpool. Dogpool even has his own social media accounts and is frequently featured on Reynolds’ Instagram.

8. Lady Deadpool (Rumored)

Lady Deadpool

Lady Deadpool is one of the most notable Deadpool variants in the comics and this is most likely why she is frequently associated with the movie as well. Going by the official merch, however, her variant is constantly absent from promo materials. Lady Deadpool is frequently rumored to be played by Taylor Swift or Blake Lively.

9. Henry Cavill – Wolverine variant (Rumored)

henry cavill

Recently rumors broke that Cavill will be portraying a variant of Wolverine in the movie. According to the source, this is also a one-off thing and Cavill will not reprise his role in the MCU as Wolverine, but might still show up as a different character altogether due to the Multiversal nature of the movie.

10. Jennifer Garner – Elektra (Confirmed)


Jennifer Garner’s return as Elektra in ‘Deadpool 3’ came as a surprise to many fans. Known for her portrayal in 2003’s ‘Daredevil’ and its spin-off, ‘Elektra,’ Garner’s role in the film is rumored to be a cameo. Details on how she’ll join other legacy heroes from past Marvel films in the MCU remain unknown.

11. Patrick Stewart – Charles Xavier/Professor X (Rumored)

Professor Xavier

The rumors that Stewart will reprise his role as Professor X are somewhat quieter than for most of the characters on this list, still, he was told to be on the “standby” if he is needed to reprise his role in the MCU.

12. Ian McKellen – Magneto (Rumored)

Ian McKellen Magneto

There’s speculation that Ian McKellen might return as Magneto in ‘Deadpool 3,’ alongside the rumored appearance of Professor X. This would mark McKellen’s first portrayal of the character in the MCU. Interestingly, Patrick Stewart mentioned plans to reunite with McKellen as their mutant characters in a February 2023 interview. Considering McKellen’s ties to Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine and Patrick Stewart’s Professor X, as well as his potential cameo in ‘Doctor Strange 2,’ his appearance in ‘Deadpool 3’ wouldn’t come as a huge surprise.

13. Halle Berry – Storm (Rumored)

Halle Berry Storm

Storm is by far among the most popular rumors, not just regarding ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ but other MCU and animated projects as well. MTTSH sparked rumors of Halle Berry returning as Storm in ‘Deadpool 3,’ her first appearance since 2014’s ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past.’ With Berry’s five previous portrayals of the weather-controlling mutant and her recent haircut resembling Storm’s, her potential role in the film gains credibility.

14. Channing Tatum – Gambit (Rumored)

Who Is Channing Tatum Playing in Deadpool 3 Is It Gambit

Channing was supposed to get his own solo movie playing Gambit until the movie was ultimately canceled and Tatum was left heartbroken. Recently, Jackman and Tatum teased his role in the MCU via Instagram post.

15. James Marsden – Cyclops (Rumored)

James Marsden Talks His Return as Cyclops in Deadpool Wolverine Yeah This is a little bit of a Pandoras

Fans hate how ‘X-Men’ never properly gave justice to Marsden’s Cyclops, this is why they would very much like for him to appear in the upcoming movie. In a recent interview, Marsden neither confirmed nor denied that he is taking part in the movie but he did mention that he was shooting his latest movie ‘Sonic the Hedgehog 3’ near where ‘Deadpool 3’ was filming.

16. Famke Janssen – Jean Grey (Rumored)

Jean grey x men movies

The Famke Janssen rumor was huge when it was initially released to the public, and many fans agreed that it would make sense to include her. Recently. Famke denied taking part in the movie, so that’s likely not happening.

17. Daniel Radcliffe – Wolverine variant (Rumored)

radcliffe cast in deadpool wolverine

Just like Henry Cavill, Radcliffe is rumored to play a Wolverine variant by Daniel Richtman a long time ago.

19. Natalia Tena – X-23 Variant (Rumored)

natalia tena joins MCU

A couple of weeks back it was rumored that Natalia Tena was cast in an MCU role, and had already filmed her scenes, last week confirmation came that she had been cast as the X-23 variant. For 100 % confirmation, however, we’re going to have to wait for the movie.

19. Callisto (Confirmed)


Cassandra Nova resides in the colossal decomposed head of Ant-Man. Several characters, including Callisto, are visible in a wide shot, hinting at them being in the movie. Callisto, known for her rivalry with Storm in ‘X-Men: The Last Stand,’ is recognized by her features in the shot. We can assume that she will be played by Dania Ramirez.

20. Lady Deathstrike (Confirmed)

lady deathstrike

Kelly Hu is set to reprise her role as Lady Deathstrike. In the 2003 film ‘X2,’ she portrayed a brainwashed mutant assisting William Stryker. Despite being injected with Adamantium by Wolverine, which was lethal, it appears she has somehow recovered and may be in the film to either kill Wolverine or aid the anti-heroes.

21. Azazel (Confirmed)


Jason Flemyng is set to reprise his role as Azazel. His return has been confirmed via trailer, and fans are eager to see the mish-mash of mutants in Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman’s movie.

22. Hunter B-15 (Rumored)

hunter b 15

Ever since ‘Loki’ series finished its run, we knew that some of the TVA characters would reprise their roles, now according to Cosmic Circus that character will be Hunter-B15 played by Wunmi Mosaku. It’s unknown whether it will be a smaller role or only a cameo. Could go both ways.

23. Human Torch (Rumored)

Human Torch

One more rumored cameo, and as much as it sounds outlandish, it’s really possible. We did see Fantasticar on the set and in the trailer, and Evans, the version of Human Torch set to appear in the movie, does make frequent appearances in Reyndols’ movies.

24. Sticky Fingaz as Blade (Confirmed)

Sticky Fingaz as Blade in Deadpool Wolverine

Recently released stills from the film revealed that Blade will indeed appear in ‘Deadpool & Wolverine.’ It’s not Wesley Snipes who embodied the role in three movies and it’s also not Mahershala Ali who is still waiting for his ‘Blade’ reboot to go into production, it’s the third Blade and the one that maybe not all fans are familiar with – Sticky Fingaz.

This confirmed cameo further proves that the movie will be all about different variants from various Marvel-based movies over the years.

Have someone to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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