15 Best Damian Wayne Comics You Need to Read


One of the most polarizing figures in the history of DC is Damian Wayne, who we know as Bruce Wayne’s biological son and is the current character wearing the Robin costume. The reason he can be polarizing is that he doesn’t have the same kind of easygoing demeanor that the other Robins have, as he comes with the smart mouth and the temper of an al Ghul, considering that he is the son of Talia al Ghul. Nevertheless, he is one of the most skilled Robins in history and arguably has the highest potential, considering that he is the son of two extremely strong and skilled fighters.

While Damian isn’t the most favored Robin in existence, he does have a lot of different great moments in the comics, as some of them can be quite funny and entertaining despite the somewhat serious tone that this character usually comes with. So, with that said, let’s look at the best Damian Wayne comics that you need to read if you want to appreciate this complex character more and understand what makes him tick.

15. Batman: Son of the Demon

What It’s About: Batman: Son of the Demon is one of the first comics to reference Damian Wayne, even though it was released in the 80s while Damian was just introduced in the 2000s. This was supposed to be an Elseworlds tale that was never supposed to be a part of the continuity. However, because it was received well enough, Grant Morrison made Damian Wayne part of the Batman canon.

Why You Should Read It: The reason why Batman: Son of the Demon is a comic you should read goes back to the fact that it was the first to reference Damian Wayne. As such, it should form part of every Damian Wayne fan, even though it may not be a canon comic book. After all, it’s great to know how the foundations of this character were set before Damian became a canon character.

14. Batman: Gates of Gotham

What It’s About: Batman: Gates of Gotham focuses more on Batman than on Damian Wayne. It tells how Batman formed a group of detectives to help him solve a mystery as old as the entire city of Gotham itself. In that regard, Batman and the detectives try to solve the mystery behind this enigmatic challenge. Of course, Damian Wayne is one of the characters featured in this storyline.


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Why You Should Read It: While Damian isn’t the focus character of Batman: Gates of Gotham and is more of a background character, the thing is that he has a lot of great moments in this storyline. In a sense, his appearances in Gates of Gotham are high-quality, as the author made sure to make the most of his limited page time in this comic book series.

13. Batman & Son

What It’s About: Batman & Son is the storyline that allows us to understand the origins of the newest Robin in town. That’s because it starts with Talia al Ghul surprising Bruce Wayne with a ten-year-old boy that was introduced as his son, Damian Wayne. In that regard, Batman has to struggle with the fact that he is now a father who needs to raise a boy he never knew he had.

Why You Should Read It: Batman & Son is the storyline you need to read if you want to understand the origins of Damian Wayne and if you want to take a good look at what kind of a rocky start Batman had with his son. It forms the foundation of the entire Damian Wayne storyline in the comics.

12. Batman and Robin by Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely, and Philip Tan

What It’s About: Batman: Batman and Robin by Grant Morrison allow us to see Dick Grayson taking on the role of the Dark Knight himself as he is the newest Batman on the block. But the thing is that Damian isn’t exactly one to accept Dick as the one to wear Batman’s cowl as he became a grumpy sidekick to the first Robin. Nevertheless, they eventually formed a connection only found between brothers.

Why You Should Read It: Fans have always enjoyed storylines between Dick and Damian more than those featuring Bruce and Damian. That’s because Dick is more of a rival and a brother figure to Damian than a father that wants to control him. As such, this comic book allows you to see the foundations of the bond between Dick and Damian as they become partners who trust and admire one another.

11. New 52: Batman and Robin

What It’s About: Batman: In the New 52: Batman and Robin storyline, Bruce Wayne is back in action as the Dark Knight after getting stuck in time for a while. In that regard, he re-establishes himself as Batman even though Damian doesn’t entirely agree that his father is now back to wearing the bat’s cowl. In that regard, you see a new dynamic between Batman and Robin in this comic book storyline.

Why You Should Read It: Reading New 52: Batman and Robin will allow you to understand more about how different Damian’s dynamic is with Bruce and how different of a Robin he is compared to Dick and the others. Of course, it also allows you to see how Damian’s carrying the Robin cape differs when he is around Bruce compared to when Dick is wearing the bat’s cowl.

10. Batman/Superman # 77

What It’s About: Often referenced as Superman/Batman, this comic book allows you to see the Dark Knight teaming up with the Man of Steel in a partnership between the two most iconic DC characters ever created. Of course, while the comic book’s title revolves around the two icons, this comic book is actually more of a team-up between Damian Wayne and Supergirl.

Why You Should Read It: This is a comic book you should read because it allows you to see an entirely new dynamic involving Damian Wayne and another character. As such, you would see a different side to Damian and his unlikely partnership with Supergirl in this one-and-done storyline.

9. Batman Incorporated

What It’s About: Batman Incorporated follows the story of Bruce’s return to Gotham as he established Batman Incorporated, a global organization he funded to fight crime. In that regard, we follow different characters from the Bat-family going worldwide to take on different villains. And the fact that Damian is a part of the Bat-family makes this a comic book that should be quite fun to read for fans.

Why You Should Read It: The best reason you should read Batman Incorporated is that Damian Wayne goes through a deep character transformation and growth that allows him to develop into a better person. He adopts a series of different pets, including the popular Bat Cow. However, this comic book series also features Damian’s death. Don’t worry because Damian comes back to life.


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8. Batgirl #17

What It’s About: Batman: Batgirl #17 is a comic book that focuses on the pre-New 52 version of Batgirl, who we know as Stephanie Brown. As such, the comic book focuses more on Batgirl and her different adventures as the titular character. But issue #17 sees Batgirl working alongside Damian Wayne in an interesting and unlikely standalone partnership between the two Bat-family members.

Why You Should Read It: If you are tired of reading stories involving Damian’s dynamic with Bruce or Dick, then Batgirl #17 should be an interesting read for you because of how it allows you to see the dynamic between Damian and an entirely new character that he had never worked with before. It is similar to how he had an unlikely partnership with Supergirl, as Batgirl is also an unlikely partner for Damian.

7. Robin: Son of Batman

What It’s About: Robin: Son of Batman is a different storyline that focuses more on Damian Wayne’s story instead of making him a secondary or even a background character. In this storyline, Damian sets out to right the wrongs he committed when he was still a member of the League of Assassins as he realizes his actions were wrong. It is also an interesting story that shows Damian working with an unlikely creature he named Goliath.

Why You Should Read It: The best reason to read Robin: Son of Batman is that it finally gives Damian the spotlight he deserves as this storyline focuses on him. Of course, we also like how the story allows him to team up with Goliath, a dragon bat that he adopted as a pet after he killed all of the dragon bats that guarded the scepter of the kings in Bialya. Because he couldn’t kill the infant dragon bat, he adopted it and named it Goliath.

6. Li’l Gotham

What It’s About: Li’l Gotham is probably the weirdest comic book on this list, as it doesn’t take place in the normal DC universe. Instead, it is a very lighthearted comic book that seeks to make fun of the Bat-family. As such, it is a whimsical take on the Bat-family storyline, which usually takes on a dark approach. 

Why You Should Read It: Li’l Gotham is a great way to break from the usual serious atmosphere that Batman and Damian Wayne comics usually have. It has a fun approach that is certainly entertaining and quite funny. Of course, it also allows you to see a new pet in Damian’s roster of weird pets. This time, the pet is a Turkey that he named Jerry after he saved it from Thanksgiving.

5. Teen Titans: Team Building

What It’s About: Teen Titans: Team Building is a comic book storyline that focuses on the entire Teen Titans group but also heavily features Damian Wayne. This was when Damian finally joined the Teen Titans but ended up looking to take the leadership role in the group because he didn’t want to work with the rest of the Teen Titans on an equal level. 

Why You Should Read It: Of course, Teen Titans: Team Building allows you to see the usual pompous nature that Damian Wayne comes with as he initially thought of himself as someone bigger than the other members of the Titans. Nevertheless, this comic book also shows how Damian grows and develops into a character who understands teamwork’s value.

4. Robin Wars

What It’s About: Batman: The story of Robin Wars follows Damian Wayne’s return to Gotham, where he finds out that his father is missing and the Court of Owls has taken over the city. In that regard, the Court of Owls made it illegal for anyone to wear something related to Robin. This forces Damian to team up with his Robin brothers and a group of street kids to take on the Court of Owls together.

Why You Should Read It: Robin Wars is great because it puts Damian under the spotlight as the hero Gotham needs to combat the Court of Owls. It also has a way of giving Dick Grayson a bit of the spotlight because he was the one who worked to take the Court down from the inside when he offered to join them. In a sense, it gives readers a refreshing experience that sort of departs from the usual Batman-centric comic books.

3. Gotham Academy #8 and Gotham Academy: Second Semester #11

What It’s About: Batman: Despite these comics being single-issue stories, they still belong on this list due to how entertaining they are and how they are worth the read. In these stories, Damian is only featured briefly but ends up forming a good friendship with a supporting character named Maps. As such, we see a new dynamic between Damian and a new friend he becomes protective of.


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Why You Should Read It: While Damian only has a brief role in Gotham Academy, it is memorable as you see how he becomes a good friend to a new character. In that regard, they work together to bring down evil statues that appear in Gotham’s oldest prep school.

2. Batman & Robin Annual #1

What It’s About: Batman: Batman & Robin Annual #1 is a great story highlighting Damian Wayne. This time, there is no Batman in this storyline, as he has the entire Batcave all to himself. That is where the entertainment factor comes in, as it allows you to see how Damian is still just a kid.

Why You Should Read It: While this may only be an oversized standalone issue, Batman & Robin Annual #1 is a great way for you to see Damian in a different light as he acts like a kid that has been left in his house all on his own and is looking to do everything he always wanted to do because no parent figure is there to stop him. As such, Damian is truly a child in this comic.

1. Super Sons

What It’s About: Super Sons is a comic book series that follows the sons of Superman and Batman working together. While we know that Superman and Batman have worked together dozens of times in the past, this is the first time that Damian Wayne and Jonathan Kent work together, as they initially start on the wrong foot but become best friends. As such, they must work together to bring justice to a world in trouble.

Why You Should Read It: The best reason to read Super Sons is the banter between two children who hate each other but are still best friends. You get to see how Jonathan acts as the ray of sunshine to Damian’s gloomy personality. Of course, it is nice to see Damian finally having a friend he cares about.

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