15 Best Deadpool Variants Ranked by Awesomeness


Deadpool is one of the most popular Marvel characters in recent years. His humor and approach to “crime-fighting” are legendary. And just like many other popular characters, Deadpool has numerous versions across the multiverse. Some are extremely powerful, some are evil, but the best of all is all versions of Deadpool are awesome. We decided to explore numerous Deadpool variants and handpicked the coolest of them all. Let’s see the best Deadpool versions of all time.

15. Galactipool

Galactipool appears to be the merged version of Deadpool and Galactus. Galactipool succeeded, where the mainline version of Galactus failed. He managed to consume Earth. He was eventually recruited into the Deadpool Corps but was killed when Lady Deadpool crashed Bea Arthur into his head.

14. Mimepool

Deadpool became the Avenger on Earth-20110 but would eventually remain the sole survivor of the team. His previous teammates were eventually resurrected as zombified versions when mind-controlling berets fell from the Sky. Deadpool Corps intervened in this and managed to wipe out most of the team until one beret landed on Deadpool’s head, transforming him into Mimepool.


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13. Wadey Wilson

Wadey hails from Earth-1610, Ultimate Universe, and he was a veteran of the Wakandan Wars, where he suffered horrifying injuries at the hands of his enemies. Allegeldy, he had no face, and even portions of his skull were missing. The only thing that gave his face a human shape was a clear plastic helmet underneath his mask.

Wadey eventually outed himself as a human supremacist, and he gladly hunted down mutants on behalf of the Genoshan government on live television as a part of a reality show.

12. Kidpool

This version of Deadpool is much younger than we would have anticipated. He hailed from Earth-10330 and lived at Xavier Orphanage for Troubled Boys. He was most notable for his inability to fit in with the other super-powered students and his eventual isolation from both his peers and the teachers.

Looking for friends, Wade convinced Scott Summers to escape detention with him, promising to assist Scott in setting him up with Jean Grey in return for payment. However, their escapade at the school prom resulted in chaos and a confrontation with Logan and other students, leading to Deadpool feeling humiliated and deciding to permanently leave the Orphanage. Just as he made this decision, Wade was recruited by Deadpool into the Deadpool Corps, embarking on a mission to save the Multiverse.

11. Dead Man Wade

Driven by an unhealthy obsession with pain, ‘Dead Man Wade’ Wilson joined Apocalypse’s Pale Riders, a deadly group led by Apocalypse’s assassins. Amid their mission to track down Nightcrawler and destroy the sanctuary of Avalon, Wade’s teammate Danielle Moonstar’s sadistic treatment of him worsened the relations within the team, leading to Moonstar’s death at the hands of another teammate, Damask.

As they launched their attack on Avalon, Damask turned against Wade, resulting in Nightcrawler ultimately cutting his head off. Though resurrected as part of the Alpha mutants and later recruited by Deadpool, Wade, and the Evil Deadpool eventually lost their lives in a clash between the Good and Evil factions of the Deadpool Corps.

10. Wolverinepool

The dynamic between Wolverine and Deadpool is legendary, and luckily, we’ll get more of that in the upcoming Deadpool 3. However, one version of Deadpool brought that friendship to another level. Hailing from Earth-1949, Wolverinepool is the version of Deadpool that underwent the Weapon-X program just like the Earth-616 version did, and he got bonded with the Adamantium skeleton just like Wolverine. He was eventually involved in the conflict against Deadpool Corps.

Wolverinepool died gruesome after a Deadpool assaulted him with a grenade that released a swarm of insects that devoured every physical part of him, leaving only the Adamantium skeleton and the claws behind.


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9. Zenpool

To counter the threat of the Red Onslaught, Magneto enlisted Deadpool as part of a team of supervillains to aid the heroes in battling the enemy in Genosha. Their combined efforts shifted the balance in favor of the heroes, leading to the inversion spell being activated by Scarlet Witch and Doctor Doom to alter the Red Onslaught’s mentality.

Unfortunately, the spell affected Deadpool as well, causing his pacifistic persona, Zenpool, to take control of his mind and body. In this altered state, Wade attempted to reason with Apocalypse and aided the Astonishing Avengers in stopping the inverted X-Men. Ultimately, by convincing Apocalypse to assist in preventing the Axis from harming the White Skull, and with the subsequent reinversion spell, Deadpool regained his original persona.

8. King Deadpool

Staten Island has turned into a hunting ground for the King of Monsters. The newest kingdom has Deadpool as the chief monster hunter going after the head of the aforementioned King. King Deadpool displays suave diplomatic skills, charisma, and lots of unhinged humor as he tries to navigate his newest adventure.

7. Lady Deadpool

Wanda Wilson from Earth-3010 was known as the Lady Deadpool of her Universe. Driven by a longing for acceptance and a sense of purpose, she found herself aligning with a rebel faction opposing loyalists in the United States. Wanda believed the conflict started from the obstruction of rights and fascist ideologies within the federal government, leading to a rift in Congress, military leaders picking sides, and states proclaiming independence, ultimately shaping the current state of the United States.

Lady Deadpool, like many other versions of Deadpool, joined Deadpool Corps, and she took part while Mimepool was killed and singlehandedly took down Galactipool with Bea Arthur.

6. Deadpool 2099

On Earth-16356, Warda Wilson is the resident Deadpool. Warda, the daughter of Wade Wilson and Shiklah, grew up unaware of her father’s identity and her mother’s existence. When Shiklah disappeared, Warda confronted Wade and Emily Preston, revealing her true identity and demanding answers about her mother’s whereabouts.

Frustrated by Wade’s lack of knowledge, Warda took him captive, subjecting him to continuous torture by forcing him to watch C-SPAN endlessly. In a twist of events, Warda assumed Wade’s identity, transforming herself into Deadpool and amassing a legion of followers called Bobs.


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5. Beard of Beespool

Okay, I’ll admit this version ended up on the list because it’s so ridiculous I just had to tell you about it. So, the Beard of Beespool was created by a bored Zeus from the samples of Deadpool’s urine.

We don’t wanna know how he collected that urine. Anyway, the bees were supposed to stay in perpetual combat due to their regenerative abilities. Beard of Beespool eventually joined both Deadpool Corps and Evil Deadpool Corps but was discovered as a spy and killed by Evil Deadpool.

4. Venompool

On Earth-TRN517, the Collector once made a horrible mistake by leaving the Battlerealm in the care of Deadpool. During a mock cooking show, Deadpool combined himself with the Venom Symbiote to create the chaotic entity known as Venompool.

However, Venompool’s destructive nature led him to break free and almost destroy the Battlerealm. In order to restore order and prevent the Collector’s wrath upon his return, Deadpool enlisted the assistance of Summoner to catch and subdue Venompool.

3. Pool Captain

This bizarre version of Deadpool appeared in ‘Deadpool: The End’ #1. It’s set in a distant future where superheroes and the world in general has become hopeless and nihilistic. Deadpool (who appeared very similar to The Batman Who Laughs) merged with Captain Universe to restore Universe to its original “setting.”

After the reset, Universe was once again hopeful and fun. I’m not sure that this version of Deadpool is the most awesome, but it’s definitely among the most powerful versions.


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2. Evil Deadpool

Now this version of Deadpool is truly gruesome, and it starts with Ella Whitby, a psychiatrist that developed an unhealthy obsession with Deadpool. Deadpool is known for his healing factor, of course, and it’s pretty common knowledge that it is possible for Deadpool to reform even if entire parts of his body are amputated.

Ella, you see, collected various parts of Deadpool over the years that he left behind during his numerous exploits, and she kept them as personal memorabilia in her freezer. Deadpool eventually discovered her evil and disgusting secret. He reclaimed his discarded body parts and threw them in a dumpster. The sudden change in temperature caused the different parts to thaw, and considering that his body parts also had a healing factor, they fused and formed the Evil Deadpool.

1. Dogpool

Dogpool hails from Earth-103173 and has a pretty tragic story. He was known as Wilson and was part of an animal testing program for Mascara X, a bizarre piece of cosmetics that replenished itself, preserving its color after only a single application. After toxic Mascara-X changed Wilson at a molecular level, he developed the healing factor just like Wade Wilson.

Wilson, the dog was eventually dumped in a dumpster, but his healing factor revived him, and he bit through the garbage bag to set himself free. He lived as a stray dog until he was hit by a circus truck whose driver noticed that he had amazing death-defying abilities. From now on, he was the main circus attraction. At some point, Dogpool was recruited by Deadpool for his Deadpool Corps.

What is your favorite version of Deadpool? Let us know in the comments!

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