10 Best Madame Web’s Quotes From the Comics

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Although ‘Deadpool 3’ will be the only MCU movie fans are getting in 2024, it won’t be the only Marvel movie we’re getting. Next month already, Sony is giving us ‘Madame Web’ – a movie about Cassandra Webb and an all-female superhero team of Spider-Women.

Comic book fans are more acquainted with Madame Web and her different versions, but for movie fans, she is a completely new character, as she never appeared on the big screen before. So, to get you to know Madame Web a bit better, we’re bringing you the ultimate list of the ten best Madame Web quotes from the comics.

Best Madame Web quotes from Marvel Comics

“Do not help me. I have seen the future, and it is one I would prefer not to live through.”

This quote from the first Madame Web, Cassandra Webb, came in ‘Prowler’ Vol. 2 #4. It perfectly depicts both Madame Web’s powers and her demeanor. The future is an intricate, ever-changing concept that is affected by even the tiniest decisions. Sometimes, however, the future appears clearer to Madame Web than others.

In this instance, Madame Web sees the future with her amazing precognitive abilities that allow her to see deep into the intricate Web of Life and Destiny, but instead of trying to alter the future as many others would, she would rather choose not to be a part of it. This was actually the second time Cassandra Webb’s Madame Web passed away, this time for good.


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“I have not heard from her in quite a while and I cannot see her in the astral plane. More importantly, more terrifyingly, I cannot see her future.”

In ‘Alias’ Vol. 1 #17, Madame Web briefly collaborated with Jessica Jones on trying to find Mattie Franklin – one of the variants of Spider-Women. This was the exact moment where Cassandra displayed considerable concern for Mattie as she couldn’t see her on the Web of Life and Destiny. It showcased Madame Web’s soft, caring side that she always had despite such great power.

“You are much too bright to be asking such stupid questions.”

madame web spidey stupid question

The first time we’ve seen Madame Web appear in the comics was in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ #210, where she meets Peter Parker. In the story, he was following a lead about someone with alleged powers of precognition. Spidey thought he was after a phony at first, but he soon realized that Madam Web was the real deal.

During their initial encounter, he asks her if she is Madam Web, which is actually quite obvious, so she returns with this particular quote. If you think of it, it’s quite a revealing quote. Firstly, she revealed that she actually knew who was behind the Spider-Man mask, and secondly, she demonstrated that she is a very straightforward person.

The two quickly became close allies after this particular encounter.

“How can you not see what’s happening? How can you not see how wrong this all is?!”

We arrived at the point where Julia Carpenter – the former Spider-Woman – took over as Madame Web after a dying Cassandra Webb transferred her precognitive powers and responsibilities onto Julia – including her blindness.

Despite her blindness, however, Madame Web usually sees things more clearly than most – even the likes of Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel, who is the epitome of justice.

“But this thing between me and you? It is not forgotten……and it’ll never be forgiven.”

This quote yet again came from Julia Carpenter’s Madame Web in ‘Ms. Marvel’ Vol. 2 #14, where Madame Web told it to Carol Danvers. Despite both being on the same side regularly and despite the fact that Madame Web is overwhelmingly righteous, she is not a person who will forgive being crossed that easily.

“She has the power of a god! I did this. The one time I blindly interfered. And now… I’ve doomed us all.”

Throughout Madame Web’s comic book history, you’ll learn that, despite her unfathomable power, she tends not to interfere and meddle with the future, as it tends to have consequences worse than just letting it flow. She is usually there not to interfere but to guide others – mostly Peter Parker – and let them know how their next course of action can affect the future.

However, in ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Vol. 1 #671, Julia did interfere – something she usually doesn’t do. It resulted in giving Adriana Soria god-like powers. I won’t get into too many details not to spoil, but I found it interesting because, well, it seems that Cassandra Webb in the upcoming movie won’t shy away from meddling with the future…


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“I am Madame Web, and I cannot see the future. Because there is no future.”

I loved this quote from ‘Spider-Man’ Vol. 4 #4 because it perfectly summarizes what Madame Web stands for, and how her powers work. You see when we talk about the future, we talk about it as a constant singularity. But in reality, it is an ever-changing web, weaved by each and every tiny decision one makes. 

There is no future as we understand it. There is only a long line of actions and consequences that alter the future accordingly.

“To wear the symbol of the spider is to become a totem. Team or not, all of us are connected by the Web of Life and Destiny. Our paths are tangled together. Usually that means little. Spiders are, by nature, solitary. But sometimes something happens that brings us together.”

In the comics, there is something called the Order of the Web. You see, every spider-related character in Marvel Comics is actually connected through the Web of Life and Destiny – their fates intertwined. It is something we kind of saw in the Spider-Verse animated movies – and something we will definitely see in ‘Madame Web.’

“These blind eyes can see beyond normal sight. In short, I am clairvoyant – a soothsayer, a psychic, a witch if you will. Furthermore, I am able to nurture these powers in others!”

madame web clairvoyant

This was yet another quote from Spider-Man’s first-ever encounter with Madame Web. It’s the perfect quote if you simply need a quick rundown and explanation of the character’s main powers. She’s a psychic and can make others the same way.

“I’m fine. But the jackpot question is, for how long…?”

Lastly, this particular quote came in ‘Spider-Verse Unlimited Infinity Comic’ Vol. 1 #31. Despite her fragility, this quote sums up perfectly Madame Web’s resilience and willingness to help and contribute for as long as she can – even if she knows her time is coming…

After reading all these quotes, I hope you have a bit of a better understanding of who Madame Web is and what you can expect from the character in the upcoming film. That is, if the writers decide to follow the character profile from the comics, of course.

‘Madame Web’ drops in cinemas on February 14, 2024. Have something to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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