‘Blade’ Reportedly Undergoes a Round of Major Rewrites as the Studio Is Looking for a New Writer

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Marvel has plenty of projects bound to be released in the next few years, and we know that most of these projects have been stuck in a sort of limbo due to the historic SAG-AFTRA strike that paralyzed the whole industry as a whole, causing plenty of projects to be both delayed or altogether canceled. 

One extremely anticipated Marvel Studios project that had problems way before the strikes began is ‘Blade.’ It is an MCU-based movie following Eric Brooks, the most notable vampire hunter in comics, and a reboot of the already highly popular ‘Blade’ trilogy that contributed to paving the way for the MCU that we know today

We’re covering ‘Blade’ project on a weekly basis, mostly with bad news, and now another round of rumors points in the project being rewritten once again. According to Daniel Richtman notable industry insider and leaker, the film is undergoing significant rewrites and is in search of a new writer. The story idea and shooting details are locked in, with filming scheduled for Fall 2024 in Mexico or Brazil. Casting for a new main villain (male) is underway, but further details remain undisclosed.

‘Blade’ had hellish production so far, and it was delayed who knows how many times. The most recent rumors indicate that the movie will be delayed once again. This time from November 7, 2025 release to unspecified 2026 release.

The film is expected to feature the Ebony Blade, which made its first appearance alongside Blade in ‘Eternals.’

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