Bob Iger Mentions ‘Captain America 4’ & ‘Fantastic Four’ as 2025 Releases, ‘Daredevil: Born Again’ Still Listed as 2024 Release

Bob Iger Mentions Captain America 4 Fantastic Four As 2025 Releases Daredevil Born Again Still listed as 2024 Release

A couple of months ago Bob Iger announced that Marvel Studios will most likely change its output in terms of quantity to focus a bit more on quality following disastrous box office results for 2/3 MCU releases. Disney is aware that what used to work no longer works with the general public and just because a superhero movie has a Marvel Logo stamped on it it’s not a guaranteed box office success.

‘Deadpool 3’ is the only movie to be released in 2024 in addition to Disney+ shows, and the movie is already being hailed as the savior of the MCU as the studio counts on it to reignite some of the flame and appeal that high-budget superhero productions held prior to the release and during release of their last superhit “Endgame.” Now Iger recently discussed ‘Captain America 4’ and ‘Fantastic Four’ as the only movies being released in 2025.

As a reminder, ‘Captain America: Brave New World’ was supposed to come out in 2024, the movie even switched release dates with ‘Deadpool 3’ at one point but due to the SAG-AFTRA strike and extensive reshoots and rewrites the movie was postponed a whole year. Iger’s release schedule aligns with the “quality over quantity” mantra, but it’s most likely that he mentioned only those two movies due to the popularity of Captain America and Fantastic Four. If you look at the official Disney release plan ‘Thunderbolts’ and ‘Blade’ are still listed as “2025 & Beyond” but this can be interpreted in several ways.


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What’s interesting is that according to this release schedule ‘Daredevil: Born Again’ is still planned to be released in 2024 despite official sources widely reporting that the show will come in 2025 at the earliest, once again due to extensive reshoots and rewrites. The only other project that made it to the list is ‘Agatha: Darkhold Diaries’ with no mentions of other animated projects that were supposed to be released like ‘Marvel Zombies’ and ‘Eyes of Wakanda’

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