Both Loki & He Who Remains Might Return in Future MCU Projects, According to Rumors


‘Loki’ Season 2 finale delivered a fitting end to Loki’s arc within the MCU. From prime Avenger villain to The God of Stories, his arc is rounded up, and the threat of He Who Remains is seemingly under control as TVA still exists, but not to prune “dangerous” timelines but rather to hunt down his variants

Near the end of the finale, Loki finally utilizes his godly abilities to dismantle Time Loom and replaces it with something else, himself, creating the Yggdrasil, a sacred tree from Norse mythology that was present both in the source material and in the real-life mythology.

Loki is now doomed to spend the rest of eternity alone, serving as the heart and the source of power for Yggdrasil. By the looks of it, it seemed simultaneously as if Loki would be a huge part of the MCU going forward, or he would never show up again due to his tragic destiny. 


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Now a source of prime scoops and leaks, Alex Perez resurfaced on X with a rumor that both Loki and He Who Remains might appear in future MCU projects. 

We don’t know in which form this will be; he might be referencing some kinds of flashbacks or short cameos, but they will return. 

Remember that Kang the Conqueror is supposed to be the prime villain in the next few phases of the MCU, and while he is definitely set to make an appearance, the question remains whether the specific variant of He Who Remains will show up.

There’s also the issue of Jonathan Majors being arrested for the alleged assault rumors; if Marvel Studios is unable to recast him, they can certainly minimize his role in the upcoming projects, which would definitely affect the appearance of He Who Remains as well. 

Hiddleston has been playing Loki for the past 15 years, and there is still no confirmation whether he remains Loki in the MCU

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