FYI: Bucky Barnes Actor Wants To Continue With Marvel If Asked

Bucky Barnes Actor

Avengers Infinity War is here and just in case you didn’t know, we are pumped. This movie…no scratch that…this blockbuster is a decade in the works and is finally upon us. While Infinity War comes with more expectations than just about any movie before it, I have no doubt that it will deliver. What does concern me, however, is the aftermath of the film. Look, its no secret that at its conclusion in 2019 Chris Evans will be stepping down and I speculate that Robert Downey Jr. will do the same. With loads of expectations and certain characters hanging in the balance to step down after these two speculations conclude. One of the more notable characters is Chris Evans aka

I ask you, what happens then?

My answer is one filled with uncertainty. Alas, there is no reason to completely lose our minds. I do know that Sebastian Stan has said that he wishes to carry on as Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier.

There is money to be made

During a recent interview with the Bucky Barnes actor, Stan affirmed that he was very interested in continuing along as the metal-armed anti-hero. In fact, he stated that he was excited in the direction of the character thus far, and can’t help but wonder where the character will continue to go if given the chance.

“I know we had conversations about what potentially might happen, where he would go, and where he wouldn’t go,” Stan explained. “But, it’s just so hard to predict, you know? Because it’s just, over time, it depends on the fans. It depends on all kinds of things. But it’s been a blessing to see it come this far. And like I said, we knew we could potentially do a Winter Soldier movie or any of those things. And so far, it’s been great, so knock on wood, you know? It keeps going.”

Woah, wait a minute

It is widely speculated, and this includes this site, that Bucky will take up the mantle of Captain America when Chris Evans retires the shield. But is that what Marvel wants? Is that what the fans want?

There are those out there that think Anthony Mackie’s Falcon should become the Red, White and Blue Avenger. After all, he has, in the past, taken on the role and done an admirable job of doing so. The widespread success of Black Panther may very well play a roll in determining who takes up the roll.

Once again, Stan described his desire to play the character when he said, “I would love that one day, absolutely.” However, is he the right person for the job? Mackie’s Falcon is more personable, draws a line between right and wrong, and is a patriot of the United States.


Not so much.

  • Traitor
  • Assassin
  • Russian Operative
  • Brainwashing

I guess in the meantime, we can sit back and appreciate Sebastian Stan in the next two Avengers movies and see where they take his character. But where’s the fun in that?

But where’s the fun in that?

Until next time

Where’s the fun?

Right here.

“I’ve been enjoying rediscovering him in the last few movies, including Infinity War, because he started out a certain way and then it was such a hard left with Winter Soldier, it was immediately like a whole different ballgame,” Stan clarified. “So now it’s been fun going back a little bit and finding different things that we discovered in that early movie and putting them back in little by little, finding out where is he now.”

What do you think? Where should Kevin Feige, the MCU,  and company take the Bucky character? Should the Bucky Barnes actor, Sabastian Stan be the next Captain America or is he more interesting as the Winter Soldier?



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